Friday, July 30, 2010

End of edition Ellowyne Wilde specials

The end of edition items for both Ellowyne Wilde and Evangeline Ghastly are 15% off and they ship for free--only through tomorrow night (July 31) at midnight. No promo code is necessary. And unfortunately, this offer is valid for orders shipping within the continental US only.

By the way... did you know Antoinette (by Tonner Doll Company) can share Ellowyne's cool shoes? And some slim bust MSD-sized BJDs can wear her clothing?

Photo property of Wilde Imagination.

Toys R Us sale!

Skip over to your local Toys R Us today or tomorrow and pick up a free Barbie Tote ($19.99 value) when you buy $40 of Barbie dolls, play sets, dress-up or accessories.

This is valid only today, July 30 and tomorrow, July 31, and no coupon is needed. But quantities are limited, and no rain checks will be offered.

Photo property of Mattel.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ryung, with new face-up

Ryung, with new face-up
Ryung, with new face-up
Originally uploaded by alington
Meet Elfdoll Ryung, with her latest face-up, my second attempt. It turns out, even if you practice just a little bit, face-ups get easier each time you practice. And if you tend to be just a little bit obsessive compulsive, that's actually not a bad trait.

I actually like Ryung well enough to keep her just like this for a while. And it will be great to have a doll I can redo when I like. She's very natural now--not at all like when I first got her with her dark black eye liner and red nail polish (oh my goodness, that took me 20 minutes to get off this morning--never going to do it to my dolls). She fits in great with my Peak's Woods girls. And wow--has she got legs!

Check out more photos of her here, original photos of her here, of her blank face here, and of my first face-up attempt (I wasn't happy with her lashes, clumpy eye shadow or brows so much) here.

Focus On Fashion: Andres Courreges

With the popularity of Poppy Parker and a resurgence of interest in 60s fashions, I thought it might be interesting to do a series on some of the designers that help made the swinging 60s swing. I'd like to begin our look into the 60s with the king of the mini skirt, Andre Courreges.

Andre Courreges was born in Pau, in the Basque country of France in 1923. Although he became a civil engineer, he was always interested in architecture and textile design. He found work designing footwear and men’s clothing for a tailor, while pursuing his hobbies of Rugby and mountain climbing. During World War II he was a pilot in the Air Force.

BJD news in a single post

If you didn't have time to visit Den of Angels this morning, here's a quick overview of the news:
  • Soom's monthly doll will be late: the end of August.
  • A new doll company, Doll Hwoo, is selling two new sculpts (both are available as a boy or girl) through nDoll.
  • LaTi Doll has released a new tanned elf limited edition doll, Special Green Teru. (He's a cutie!) Base price is $280.
  • Masterpiece Eyes is offering a 40% discount on any order of 2 pairs or more, only through Sunday!
  • Limhwa has released a new ToYou doll, Mari. She's 27cm, and very close to Barbie size. Sales for her are only through AUgust 8, or may end sooner if they sell out. $280 without a face-up, and add $35 for a face-up.
  • SoulDoll has a new tiny doll called Licht (20cm) and is now selling some heads separately, too.
  • Luts is having its special summer sale. Check it out here. Lutz also offers custom make-up, too.
  • Domuya Life Project Levi, the Water Guardian, is available now, starting at $545.
  • AriaDoll is taking orders for Bianca and Van beginning July 30.
  • Immortality of Soul's August sale of limited release dolls begins August 6-31. Gin, Anos, Yuri and Garsh will be very limited and on sale August 1 till they sell out.
  • Supiadoll has a new sculpt, Emma (59cm) available for sale now starting at $490.
  • DollZone is having a summer event also. You can choose one of the following promotions: A - Buy $200 in DZ items and get a coupon for $20 ($400 - $45, $600 - $70). Use the coupon can only be used toward item total, not toward freight. B - Spend $600 and get a Chinese dragon boy or girl. Spend $1000 and get two. (You choose skin tone, add $50 for face-up, $28 for outfit).
  • DollKot has released a new 60cm boy, Andy. $420 is the base price.
Lots of other news, but this is just a starter for you!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mid-Century Chic by Randall Craig

Randall Craig has an exclusive fashion available only through Marl & B called "Mid-Century Chic". It is retailing for $62 and is a limited edition of 50. To order, click HERE.

*Photo is property of Randall Craig*

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Alex" styled by Jason Wu

Well, Madame Alexander has put up there new Fall 2010 line of Alex dolls for sale.  These new dolls are styled by Jason Wu and they are limited to 150 pieces each.  The dolls are 16" tall and are due to arrive in September and they retail for $149.95 each.  If you'd like to check out all 4 dolls or preorder them, please go to Madame Alexander's website HERE.

*photo is property of Madame Alexander*

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tonner Doll's booth at San Diego Comic Con

Originally uploaded by alington
I stopped by Tonner Doll's booth at Comic Con, and saw several dolls in person that looked quite good. Galadriel, shown here, is still the prototype version, but lovely.

Unfortunately, I only had my iPhone with me, so please forgive the photo quality. You can see some other photos, including the gorgeous Strider doll, on my Flickr photostream.

Toys R Us finds

2010 Holiday Barbie
Originally uploaded by alington
I recently found several new-to-me dolls at Toys R Us while shopping for a gift for my son, who just turned 11. (No, he didn't get a doll, but I did have to check out the Barbie aisle while I was there.)

I saw both versions of the 2010 Holiday doll, plus several new Fashionistas. Check them out on my Flickr photostream.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tonner Shipping schedule update

Sorry for the delay--Tonner updated its shipping schedule July 15, and here are the updated shipping status:
  • Starlight - end of August
  • Mood - end of July
  • Escapade - end of July
  • Fanfare - end of August
  • Lilah - end of July
  • Prince Dastan - end of August
  • Kermit the Frog - middle September
  • Princess Tiana - end of July
  • Jessica Rabbit - end of July
  • Browncoat - end of August
  • Incendiary - middle August
  • Sweet Somethings - end of July
  • Alice Cullen - middle August
  • Birthday Blood - middle August
  • Distant Devotion - middle August
  • Sterling Nights - end of July
  • Power Play - end of August

Style Icon: Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker was born Freda Josephine McDonald on June 3, 1906 in St. Louis, Missouri, the daughter of Carrie McDonald and vaudeville drummer, Eddie Carson. Eddie abandoned them shortly afterward, and Carrie married a kind but perpetually unemployed man named Arthur Martin. Their family eventually grew to include a son and two more daughters.

Josephine dropped out of school at the age of twelve and began cleaning houses and babysitting for wealthy white families. She got a job waitressing when at thirteen, and while waiting tables she was briefly married to Willie Wells. While it was unusual for a woman at this time, Josephine never depended on a man for financial support. Therefore, she never hesitated to leave when a relationship soured. She was married and divorced three more times, to American Willie Baker in 1921 (whose last name she chose to keep), Frenchman Jean Lion in 1937 (from whom she attained French citizenship) and French orchestra leader Jo Bouillon in 1947 (who helped to raise her 12 adopted children).

Focus on Fashion: Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli was born in 1890 into a wealthy, distinguished Roman family and grew up surrounded by scholars and artists. She was a headstrong girl and loved shocking her staid family. She rebelled against her Catholic upbringing and studied philosophy; she scandalized her family by publishing a book of sexually suggestive poetry; and she caused outrage by attending a ball in Paris wearing only a length of fabric wrapped around her body--which promptly unraveled. 

In her early twenties, she traveled to England to work in an orphanage. In London, she met and married Count William de Wendt de Kerlor. When World War 1 broke out, William's income from his philosophical talks dried up, and the couple lived on Elsa's dowry on the French Riviera before moving to New York in 1919. William couldn't settle down, and his affairs continued. When she was 29, Elsa gave birth to her only child, a daughter, Yvonne, nicknamed Gogo. A few months later she divorced William, and supported herself working as a translator and scriptwriter. She returned to Paris in 1922, and quickly fell in with the city's artistic elite, befriending artists such as Cocteau, Picasso, Picabia and Stravinsky, and she resumed friendships with artists she had met in New York, including Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Limited edition Peak's Woods prices are up!

For internet customers, these dolls will be on sale from August 1-10, 2010 only. Here are the details:

  • Basic limited edition doll (either white or normal skin Sky or Briana, large or normal bust) with face-up, nude, with random wig, 16mm eyes, and extra pair of hands is $612 (compare this to the regular doll price of $582 with a face-up).
  • Add $90 for a tan version.
  • Add $100 if you'd like to add an addition large bust torso (this is also the same as regular dolls).
  • If you want an additional doll in the same sculpt, there won't be any additional shipping charge (for example, you can buy a tan Briana and a white skin Briana, and pay shipping for only one doll).
  • Layaway is also available! 10% down ($61.20) plus shipping, and options (like tan skin, extra torso) from Aug 1-10. 30% ($183.60) from Aug 11-Sep 10. 30% from Sep 11-Oct 10. 30% Oct 11-Nov 10. 
  • The gowns are made of cotton/silk fabric by Soda.
  • The blue gown set is $210, and includes the outer sleeved gown, corset, inner skirt with rose "curtain" trim at hem, white under dress, cotton pantaloons, pannier, stockings, gloves and a ribbon choker.
  • The pink gown set includes is $220, and includes outer gown, corset, inner white skirt with ribbon and pleated details at hem, ribbon tie choker, stockings and gloves, inner white under dress, bloomers, and pannier.
  • Add white satin shoes to either outfit for $32.90.
  • Unfortunately, hats, wigs and fans are not for sale. I recognize one of the wigs as DollHeart wig LW-00096 (Sky's, I think), and I'm pretty sure Briana's is a DollHeart wig, too, but I can't seem to find the exact one.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Comic Con and Doll Collecting

David Tennant from Dr WhoI haven't finished unpacking from IFDC and I'm only half-way through my laundry - it's not that much, I'm just that slow - but tomorrow I pick up my Comic Con pass and bask in what has become an annual tradition for me. San Diego Comic Con International (SDCC) is held at the San Diego Convention Center every year during the latter part of July. It runs from Thursday through Sunday, with a special Preview Night on Wednesday, for attendees who purchased their four day passes at last year's convention.

Several doll manufacturers and retailers will have booth space in the Exhibition Hall. The Tonner Doll Company will be at booth #4148. They are offering the SDCC exclusive Jonah Hex character Saloon Lilah in the likeness of Megan Fox. She is a limited edition of 200 and retails for $149.99. Additionally, Tonner will premiere their newest dolls from the Twilight series at SDCC. They're making available a few each of Alice Cullen, Distant Devotion Edward, and Bella's Birthday. Each character retails for $139.99. While at the Tonner booth, don't forget to pick up your free TONNER silly band and enter their drawing for a set of five DC Deluxe Character Figures.

Monday, July 19, 2010

IFDC 2011 information and registration.

Registration will be open for the 2011 International Fashion Doll Convention on July 10, 2010. This event is limited to only 250 people, and will be held at The Orleans Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, July 6-9, 2011.

The registration fee is $295. The 2011 theme is Wizard of Oddz!

Here are the details according to Jim Faraone, one of the convention's organizers:

Why we love some dolls and not others, Part V: Trade Report, by guest blogger Milady Blue

Milady Blue, special guest blogger, continues on her narrative of loving dolls, and what to do when you don't exactly love the ones you've waited so to arrive.

Why We Love Some Dolls and Not Others
Part V: Trade Report

by Milady Blue
Special Guest Writer

My good friend Jane has had a very rough year. I met her through the Cheery About Agnes Dreary discussion group, and she and I have a lot in common. A miles long “wantits” list, where more dolls we like are being produced than we can reasonably afford, is probably our most common trait.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

LE The Glamour coming soon from Peak's Woods

Thank goodness my husband decided to pick up a new hobby this weekend and splurge on an expensive new bike. Because Peak's Woods is sneak-peeking two new limited edition dolls (I hope they are really full-set dolls--ACK!) in The Glamour collection on their website. No prices, dates or edition sizes are listed yet, but we can assume it's going to be pretty steep, and I will keep you posted (possibly after I order mine).

Table decorations at IFDC

One of the fun contests at the International Fashion Doll Convention (IFDC) is the table decoration contest at the various meal events. Each table has a table host or co-hosts and those hosts either create displays or coordinate with their other table mates to create displays for their table. The displays usually try to illustrate the theme of that particular meal event. Prizes, which are given to each table mate, are awarded at each meal event for the best table decoration.

Picture Taking with Evil Queen
At the end of last year's convention, my friend, Tamara, convinced me to sign up as a table host for this year's convention. I ususally don't do very well under pressure and the thought of possibly winning a prize for my table mates was high pressure for me. I was hesitant at first, but Tamara promised to help me so I signed up. Well, let me just say that Tamara is a fount of wonderful ideas and, more importantly, knows how to execute those ideas. As it turned out, I ended up more the helper and Tamara the creator, but that was more than fine for me.

Focus on Fashion: Coco Chanel

Gabrielle was born on August l9, 1883 in Saumur, France. Her mother died when she was twelve, and her father, a traveling wine peddlar, left her and her sister in a convent, where she remained for six years. The poor girls were kept apart from the paying girls and wore a uniform consisting of a black dress with a white collar. It has been said that with her later designs, Chanel was trying to put all the world's women into the uniform she wore in the convent.

She left the convent at 18 and worked in a tailoring shop. But her true passion was to be a music hall performer and she tried singing. Her nickname "Coco" came from a song she sang about a little dog, though she later said it was a pet name used by her father. The small town of Auvernois where Chanel tried to launch her singing career, had a fashionable and aristocratic cavalry regiment. One of the regiment's officers, Etienne Balsan, a sportsman and horse breeder, soon noticed the young "Coco" and she became his mistress and went to live in his chateau at the age of 25.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sewing tip of the day: cutting out small pattern pieces

Having trouble cutting precisely around those tiny corners and curves of your pattern pieces? Here's a simple, inexpensive tool that makes the job easy!

Rotary cutters come in diameters of 60mm, 45mm and 28mm, as well as 18mm, which I use for doll patterns. The one that I own is made by OLFA and costs about $13. A package of 2 replacement blades can be purchased for about $8. It features a sliding piece to cover the blade while not in use, so you don't slice your finger or anything else nearby!

Elfdoll registration opens + new PinUp doll

Elfdoll is a BJD company that opens up registration for new members about once a year and they just posted that they are accepting New Customer Registration from July 17, 2010 to August 17, 2010. 

For their 5th anniversary they also have up on their site a limited edition special PinUp doll named Barbara. She comes in "real skin" and in "snow skin" versions.  If you'd like to register or just check out their site and dolls you can click HERE.

**Photo is property of ElfDoll**

Friday, July 16, 2010

Superfrock's new releases

A new doll was released this morning on Superfrock's website named "Mantilla".  This was followed closely from the previous release of "Maverick" on July 3rd.  They are both part of the new collection titled "The Gate Keepers" and both use the Venus d'Royce facemold and retail for around 440 GBP (which is about $675 USD). 

If you'd like to check them out either doll can be purcased directly from Superfrock's website HERE.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why IFDC is dangerous

After reading the posts below by our fabulous staff writers here, I thought I'd add a post as well.  Basically this year I learned IFDC can be VERY dangerous to "dolly-holics".  The reason? Because you get to see dolls in person that you would've NEVER considered buying and then when you see them realize you have to have them. And Voila! Now you're collecting another line of dolls. 

For me that new line of dolls are the Momoko dolls by Petworks.  Petworks attended the event and put out a salestable for the first time in the US, so there were lots of happy customers.  On the first night of IFDC after dinner a few of my enabling tablemates (who shall remain nameless) and I went up to Denise & Kazue's room to do a little room shopping.  I was going with the intent of getting a Misaki and some Misaki clothing.  So we're shopping around through the PILES of stuff in that room (where did they sleep?) and I turn around to see my one friend holding up the cutest little red headed doll.  I'm instantly drawn to her and practically trip over myself to get over and see her close up. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Notes from the Integrity Toys seminar at IFDC

Though this may not be news to anyone who is a member of the W Club, I took a few notes from the Integrity Toys Q&A seminar at IFDC last week. Alain Tremblay, David Buttry, and Vaughn Sawyers were the hosts of this evening presentation, and unfortunately, the wine was given to the group prior to ours, and there weren't any leftovers.

Here are my notes from the seminar, which was presented in a guest question, host answer-as-best-as-he-was-allowed format, but I was exhausted:

Back from IFDC

I'm back from the International Fashion Doll Convention (IFDC) and I still have a lot of unpacking to do, but I thought I'd share some things in a couple of different posts first. Since I mentioned earlier that I'm trying to get a handle on my doll collecting, I thought I'd share pictures of my sales table at IFDC.

Sales Table

You can see more photos of my table on my Flickr photostream.

Selling was a lot of fun. Several of us from our doll club here in San Diego purchased table space and were grouped together. We each had very different things to offer which helped to attract a wide range of customers.

I just realized that I'm not a doll collector!

Here I've been for the last year thinking that I'm a doll collector like my friend, Alison, who got me started in the first place, and like the other wonderful women in my local doll groups. However, spending this last week in Las Vegas at the International Fashion Doll Convention opened my eyes to the truth: I'm not a doll collector!

Before you get too worried, thinking that I'm a fraud and have been lying to you all and don't belong here on Fashion Doll Review, let me explain. As I walked through the IFDC sales room and bought little more than some Ken shoes for fifty cents a pair, I felt out of place. The women (and men) around me were filling bags full of gorgeous outfits and spending weeks worth of income on OOAK dolls that will be carefully transported home and displayed in glass curio cabinets, never to be redressed again. What most fascinated me was staring at amazing doll masterpieces and not only admiring them, but trying to figure out how to make them!

Secret Sale at TonnerDirect

TonnerDirect is having a secret sale in honor of Robert Tonner's birthday. From now until July 16 at midnight EST save 10% off your order and receive free shipping within the Continental U.S. Enter the promo code ROBERT at checkout.

If you live outside the Continental U.S. then use the promo code ROBERT10 to receive a $9.95 shipping credit.

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. This offer not valid on Cami & Jon, Tim Burton's Alice, and Prince of Persia collections.

IFDC update will be coming soon...

In the meantime, please pay a visit to Shuga-Shug's awesome blog, where she has shared the amazing (I really adore them) convention and companion dolls, the Red Queen (Checkmate) and Alice, the debut dolls from a new line called NuFantasy by Integrity Toys, as well as all the winnings she was able to pick up.

I had no idea what a week gone (only two days without me, actually) would do. Plus, we are starting a project this week while my dear husband is on vacation. And it turns out we do projects different: I like to do one step at a time, and he prefers to tackle the entire thing at once. You know how it goes!

But what's really cool is--I had a blast, and I won free registration for next year!! I can't believe it! More to come.

Photos property of Integrity Toys.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Finally, I've found a look I really like for my DollZone Morphoa BJD. I bought her as a full-set, and her make-up is very, very pink. Plus her little flower tear can almost be mistaken as historical style makeup.

The gown is a OOAK creation--just lovely--which I bought from Boutique Doll. The wig is either Leeke or Lutz, and I've pinned up some of the curls to make it look higher. I made the jewelry and hair accessories.

You can see more photos of Morphoa on my Flickr photostream. I love how she can pose, but I'm really not fond of DZ joints. The gown is perfect to cover them up!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bobobie Lan as the Duchess of Devonshire

Allow me to present Lan, a BJD by Bobobie, to you. As you may recognize, she is approximately the same size as Tyler Wentworth by Tonner Doll, though her measurements are closer to Antoinette's.

Here, she is dressed as Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire. She's wearing Court Gown, Elizabeth Swann's outfit, from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection by Tonner Doll.

Her wig actually belongs to one of my daughter's dolls, and we picked it up at a doll show from Bearzabout. It's called Angelic Romance in Golden Fire, and I pinned it up in the back and added a bird from Michaels. (I need to find a ship!)

More photos on Flickr, including close-ups and full-length shots, for the interested.

A note on Bobobie MSD dolls: The only ones I know for sure can fit Tonner Tyler/Antoinette clothes are Lan, Fei, Mei and Ju. Lan is the only one without elf ears.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fairy of Lavender

The last draped outfit in my Fairies of Color collection is Segi, a normal skin, normal bust Peak's Woods BJD. She has a fashion model look, in spite of the birds' nests in her hair.

Her outfit is 100% no sew. I started with a base of plain white flat lace. I wrapped it around and pinned it like a straight short dress. Next, I added iridescent lavender sequins, wrapped around her neck and pinned.

I also found a light lavender beaded trim that I also wrapped around her body. This is what give her outfit a 1920s flapper feel. I added another formal-looking pearl/tulle twisted ribbon to her outfit as well. Segi just wouldn't be happy without her royal purple boa.

Also, she is the only one of my fairies wearing socks and shoes (by DollHeart). Her purple wig is done up with birds found in Michaels, and I left her aqua-colored eyes in for a mild pop of contrasting color.

Check out more photos of Segi as the lavender fairy on my Flickr photostream.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sky as Alice

The last banquet at IFDC is "Malice in Wonderland." I'm of course dressing up as a dark-ish Alice, and Sky or Segi is going as Alice. This is Sky, here.

She's wering a wig by Michele Hardy, and shoes and outfit by DollHeart.

I found the cup at Ross Dress for Less for about $6.

See more photos of Sky on Flickr.

Fairy of Flamingos

Hers was my first draped outfit, and also the most simple. Sky is a white skin, large bust doll (and also my first SD-sized BJD), another Peak's Woods. (Can you tell I'm enchanted by these girls?)

She's wearing a DollZone wig, and I kept her eyes aqua for a nice pop. Blushing is by me as well.

Her necklace is beaded trim, wrapped around and tied. Her feathered dress is one length, pinned once at the top and once at the waist.

Just a note: It took me several wraps to get a style I liked best, and if she gets lots of play, I have to be prepared to move the wrap around again. But I wanted her belly to show with a lower waisted skirt, and also her cleavage to show a bit as well.

Morte photos, including close-ups of her lovely sad face, on Flickr.

Focus on Fashion: Madeleine Vionnet

We have talked about the top three post war designers, Jacques Fath, Pierre Balmain and Christian Dior. Now let's focus on the top three pre-war designers. It is interesting to note that before World War II the top Parisian couture designers were all women. In the next few weeks we will look at the work of those women, Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli and Madeleine Vionnet.

Madeleine Vionnet was born on June 22, 1876 in Chilleurs-aux-Bois, Loiret, in north central France. She has been called the "Queen of the bias cut" and "the architect of dressmakers" because of her mathematical precision when cutting clothes. Vionnet is best-known today for her elegant Grecian-style dresses and for introducing the bias cut to the fashion world.

Vionnet began her apprenticeship as a seamstress at age 11. After a brief marriage at age 18, she left her husband and went to London to work as seamstress. She eventually returned to Paris and trained at the well known fashion house Callot Soeurs and later with Jean Paquin and Jacques Doucet. In 1912 she founded her own house at 222 Rue de Rivoli. In 1914, at the outbreak World War I, she closed the house and went to Rome. The house reopened in 1919 after the war. It was during this period, that artist and designer Ernesto Michahelles, known as Thayaht, created Vionnet's logo and also designed textiles and jewelry for the house.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Segi as Rose Red

Segi is another Peak's Woods doll who will be attending IFDC with me as well. For the Fractured Fairytales banquet, she'll be wearing her Rose Red costume.

It's made of silk, organza, ribbon, lace and rose petals. Shoes by Elfdoll, wig by Peak's Woods, and glass eyes by DollZone. The outfit is by me, and it turned out all right, but I don't think it was worth the time it took.

I'm actually going as Cinderella gone wrong. We'll see. I'm wearing mostly blue.

See more photos on Flickr.

Also, if you don't know the story of Snow White and Rose Red, you can read about it here.

Fairy of the Earth

This is Yeru, a normal skin, large-bust Peak's Woods ball-jointed doll. She is the fairy of the earth.

This outfit is 100% no-sew. I started with the brown sequin trim and pins. I wrapped it around for some sort of modesty (with moderate success) and stuck in a few pins. Next, I wove two shades of tiny ribbon around one arm and tied a bow on her wrist.

The chiffon trim came from the trim section at Joann Fabric. I purposely use a variety of browns (or whatever color I am doing) for my monochromatic outfits to give a feeling of depth. The chiffon was a little hard to pin, especially around her leg. I haven't sanded or blushed Yeru's body yet, so I used a little removable tape to hold a few of the leg wraps in place.

Yeru is wearing a Monique Gold wig called Tori. I pulled up a section and tied it off with long ribbon to complete her look.

Check out more photos of her on Flickr.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Villains, Vamps and Tramps luncheon

The next costume event is the Villains, Vamps and Tramps luncheon. Costumes are option here, as well. Originally, I was going to go as Barbie Basic No. 10, but I totally chickened out on wearing the dress.

Instead, I plan to dress up as "Barbie's best friend PJ," in her 1968 Talking PJ costume. It's pretty cute, I think, pink and orange, very mod. She's going to be the ultimate "Frenemy" of Barbie, and she might also "talk," or swear. We'll see.

Sky is coordinated, at least by color. I made the dress, a simple sundress, in similar colors, and found a cute mod-style wig (Cassidy in auburn) and some basic shoes (both by Kemper Dolls). I tied some beads around her neck, and made a little butterfly bobby pin.

See more photos on Flickr.

Why we love some dolls and not others, Part IV: Making it work by guest blogger Milady Blue

Guest Blogger Milady Blue continues her shopping saga with Tim Gunn's Make it work! catchphrase. What happens when the doll you just ordered isn't the dolls you thought you'd love, but you're not a customize her, yet you don't think you can send her on to someone else's collection? 

Why We Love Some Dolls and Not Others
Part IV: Making It Work

by Milady Blue
Special guest writer

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fairy of the Sun

Normal skin, normal bust Goldie, by Peak's Woods, is modeling as the Fairy of the Sun in this photo.

The outfit is another of my handmade concoctions--you should try it! No sewing is necessary. Though in Goldie's case, I did sew the stretch sequins top a la 1983 Dream Date Barbie style, so it would quit dropping sequins all over the floor.

Next, I wrapped a length of yellow decorator fringe around her waist and pinned. I found sunflower trim in my sewing basket. I added a chiffon ribbon bow at her neck, and the birds came from the clearance section at Michaels.

Wig is by DollHeart (it's the blonde Lynea wig), and I've pinned it up with help from the bird alligator clip.

More on my Flickr photostream.

It's a Wee Wee World - IFDC

Two of my Peak's Woods dolls are accompanying me to IFDC this year. I'll be there when this entry is posted, I hope.

The first opening reception's theme is "It's a Wee Wee World," and costumes are optional. I'm dressing up as a German Fräulein, complete mit Bier, I hope. And this costume, assembled from assorted DollHeart and Michele Hardy items, is the best I could do on short notice, as a coordinating costume for Sky.

Sky is also wearing a Lacey wig by Leeke, which I have styled in an up-do.

I'm hoping I will be lucky enough not to have my silly costumes posted online. But if you do, you might recognize me as the one holding the large BJD. Or the one holding a great big beer.

See more photos of Fräulein Sky on Flickr.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fairy of the Forest

Here is my white-skin, Wake-Up Cue, a Peak's Woods BJD, dressed as the Fairy of the Forest. I've made her outfit, which you can see full-length on Flickr.

Her leaf skirt are silk floral leaves sew onto bias tape and ties at her waist. Her top and belt is just fringed beaded trim I've had in my sewing basket for ever. I've draped it around her waist, chest and neck, and pinned it in place.

For modesty concerns, I've added a few white feathers here and there for coverage--however, you may see some blushing poking through in my other photos, due to the breeze.

More to see on my Flickr photostream.

Mirana, the White Queen by Tonner Doll

Mirana, the White Queen
Originally uploaded by alington
She arrived as a surprise to me on Saturday, July 3--a huge gigantic box! (Well, I did remember I had pre-ordered her, but I didn't realize she had been shipped.) She is a new Anne Hathaway sculpt as Mirana, the White Queen, as portrayed in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, from Tonner Doll.

At first, I wasn't thrilled with her large jaw. But she's growing on me--especially with her super-soft gorgeous hair, and her rather freakish make-up. I love her brown eyes and dark lips and nail (and toe!) polish, too.

Her outfit is to die for. Worth every penny. The bodice and sleeves are wonderfully detailed with beading, trim and pleats. Even her white lace-up boots are trimmed with satin. She's simply wonderful.

See more photos on Flickr.

Free shipping at Toys R Us with purchase of $49 or more

Just add $49 or more at Toys R Us and select Standard Shipping during checkout and you'll get free up to a $25 shipping credit when you order. A few ideas for you, just to get you interested:
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    Image property of Mattel.

    Why we love some dolls and not others, Part III: Okay, maybe not by guest blogger Milady Blue

    Special guest blogger Milady Blue continues her saga on what happens when you've received a doll and it leaves something to be desired. When you've decided customization isn't for you, what's next?

    Why We Love Some Dolls and Not Others
    Part III: Okay, Maybe Not
    by Milady Blue
    Special Guest Writer

    Saturday, July 3, 2010

    Theatre de la Mode: Rebuilding Parisian Haute Couture

    “Theatre de la Mode”, the theater of fashion. The name promises images of grand staircases and plush velvet curtains and delicate women adorned in exquisitely beautiful clothes. It certainly delivers on that promise, but it represents much more than just beautiful clothes. It represents hope and struggle and rebirth.

    Imagine Paris, once the center of fashion--now after four years of Nazi occupation and war--a bombed out shell. Fabric shortages, lack of heat, electricity, food and materials left the fashion industry in ruins. Many designers closed their houses, some never to open again. Many of those who did reopen never again enjoyed the prestige they once had. Still others fled Paris altogether. In the end it devastated France, a nation where fashion was the second largest national industry and employer. Materials were in short supply as were the rich clientèle who patronized the haute couture houses. Once Paris was liberated in 1944, there was still the nagging question, how was the industry to recover?

    Fairy of the Sky

    Fairy of the Sky
    Originally uploaded by alington
    One of my recent no-sew OOAK outfits, using pearl/organza trim, feathers, fringe, and some other decorating trim I liked and had in my stash. The little bird came from Michaels. All the trim is just pinned on for a temporary outfit. (More photos on Flickr.)

    My model is a Peak's Woods normal skin, normal bust Lady Bee (16") ball-jointed doll. She's wearing a blue Faith wig by Monique Gold.

    Using items you have on hand is a great way to "make" an outfit and get creative, without the use of many tools or skills. I like the monochromatic look--I have a fun display of "fairies of color" right now--and they look really nice together.

    New 8" ballerina BJDs from Berdine Creedy

    Available only from Berdine Creedy's online store, these adorable 8" ballerina BJD by Berdine Creedy would enhance any doll collector's collection. Two are available in limited editions of 75 pieces: Cos-Mi and Li-Lac. Both include shipping at a cost of $199, as well as the full-set doll, which includes the wig, face-up, eyes, outfit and shoes.

    Lil-Lac looks to me very much like the younger sister of the adorable 10-1/2" tall Jelly-Tot, with her pouty little face. Cos-Mi looks like she could be the younger sister to Candy-Floss. So cute!

    Friday, July 2, 2010

    July POTM: Louis Vuitton

    I don't know how many out there are familiar with La Boutique's Purse of the Month, but they are fabulous miniatures of famous (and expensive) designer purses.  Hey, I don't know about you, but if I drool over a purse I can't afford then of course I need to have it in miniature for my dolls!  Hmmm, of course if I didn't spend so much on dolls then maybe I could afford a designer purse one day.(Speedy Bag $32, Papillon Bag $30 + S&H)

    To order email La Boutique at:  OR

    For more pictures click HERE.

    **Photo is property of La Boutique**

    Thursday, July 1, 2010

    "Venus Secret" Eugenia

    From reading over the previous posts about how people are "collecting", I realize that alot of mine is pretty random, based on what I like at the moment.  Despite that fact, there is one consistent theme throughout my Fashion Royalty collection and that is the character Eugenia Perrin Frost.  I am a HUGE Eugenia fan!  I think it's those pouty lips and that square jawline that just gets me everytime.  Well, today I received THE Holy Grail of Eugenia's.  "Venus Secret" Eugenia was a doll designed for a private label Tawainese lingerie company called "Venus Secret".  This doll was being given to customers who purchased $2000 in custom made lingerie.  Integrity Toys produced the doll using Eugenia's facemold but placing her on a NuFace body.  After seeing the promo shots and hearing what you had to do to obtain her I just tucked that little "want" away in the back of my mind, never thinking I'd ever get her. 

    **Photo is property of Venus Secret**

    Kimonos that create themselves! (well, some assembly required)

    Feeling bored? Or creative? Feeling like your doll needs a new look? Or just want to play "fashion designer" for the day? Grab some supplies and join me for a kimono sewing bee! (Mine was made on a rainy afternoon in Maine, while on vacation with my husband's family!


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