Ball-Jointed Dolls

Peak's Woods Goldie sculpt BJDs:
left, Val Zeitler/Haute Doll exclusive, Claudine Beaumont
right, normal skin Goldie with default face-up.
I'm thrilled to announce the publication of the Fashion Doll Review's first book: Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners! The retail price is $35, but if you follow my blog, you'll often find coupon codes for special discounts. The book will soon be available on as well. Brand new blog is also live: Ball-jointed Dolls for Beginners. It includes live links to all the information contained in the pages of the book.

Additionally, I hope to add additional information about BJDs here. I already have the following information available for you, and I hope you find it helpful.

What's the hype about BJDs, and why you should care.
Why I personally care about BJDs - me on YouTube - and yes, that's really me - a cute slide show Melissa put together for a class.

BJD maintenance and enhancement
Budgeting for and buying your BJD
Jollyplus Jise, before stringing.
Sewing for your BJD
Online message forums for BJDs

Leave them in a comment for me, and I'll see if I can help you.


  1. This book is a great resource for doll lovers who are interested in BJDs. I have been collecting Tonner fashion dolls for years and have only recently turned my collecting to BJDs.
    The content of this book covers everthing you would need to know to keep your dolls in great shape!

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback, Nancy! I love hearing stuff like this. :)

  3. Love this book! I'm not hesitant about taking my dolls apart anymore! Thank you for taking the time to publish it!!

  4. awesome, couple years ago I beng freak of barbie doll and want someday will sew my own style barbie cloths :) i really recommend some one who love create your own imagination to remake ur doll clothes to read this book, thank you

  5. I believe your book is a wonderful resource for people considering the BJD hobby. I have read your book several times and carry it in my bag when I need something to read. I am interested in joining Den of Angels and I need an invitation. I hope I am leaving this comment in the correct place. Thanks again for writing a user friendly book.

  6. Hi Michelle, to join Den of Angels, you can send an email to to request an invitation. :) I'm glad you've found the book helpful!

  7. SMARTDOLL will be a new field of this size doll.

    1. This looks really cool, and I love Danny Choo's taste!

  8. Hi Alison! As I am brand new to BJDs, I bought your book (recommended by a friend) and read it avidly. However, I've run into an issue for which I can't find an answer. I just received a pair of leather boots for an EID Iplehouse doll and cannot get them on the feet. They are the proper size, but have no back zipper, so I can only force them half-way on. Is there a resin-friendly lubricant I can use on the feet to help?
    Much thanks!

    1. Hi there,
      I'm not aware of any lubricant that is actually wise to use on resin--I might suggest using baby powder--if you could possibly, without making a huge mess. Also--as with vinyl, you can sometimes wrap your doll's feet with saran wrap first before putting the shoes or boots on and this sometimes helps.
      Are your dolls wearing socks or tights? And are the boots sized for EID woman or man? The woman's foot is a lot smaller than the man's foot--by a significant amount. And if you're trying to put a a woman's boot onto a man's foot, that's not going to work. Also--even so--there have been some body changes over the years. But to my knowledge, the foot and leg sizes should have stayed about the same for this (EID) body. I know the YID body is hugely different in the woman size.
      My best advice is to try another shoe--resales are pretty good for this size--and be honest in the fact that you couldn't get it on your doll's foot. I personally wish there were standard sizes for these dolls, but unfortunately, there aren't. (Unless it's an IH product--in which case, you may be able to get some help. I'd contact Iplehouse directly and see if there are issues. I know Den of Angels has a thread on shoes for EID dolls.)
      Is your doll on EID man or woman? :)

  9. Hi! I'm new to BJD dolls, although I've collecting many other types of dolls for years...and years...and years. :O So far, the doll face molds and paints I'm most interested in have been the male dolls from Iplehouse. In the previous post you talk about Iplehouse dolls and shoes, and in your book you comment on the resin hooks used in Iplehouse dolls. Are the Iplehouse dolls a big problem with collectors, or are they just a bit more high maintenance?

  10. Thankyou so much for writing this book! I'm new to this hobby and have been so scared to touch my 2 dolls as I was scared I would ruin them. Your book has given me so much confidence and now I can really enjoy my dolls to their full potential. Livia :)

  11. Thank you so much for writing books on Ball Jointed Dolls. Specially for BJD maintenance and enhancement tutorials.

  12. I never knew they put such an amazing amount of effort into creating and dismantling dolls!


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