Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Bratter Lovers - a giftset from Integrity Toys

A new arrival from Integrity Toys is The Bratter Lovers giftset, from the Barefoot in the Park collection. Poppy Parker stars as Corie Bratter--though IMDB spells it Corrie Bratter (Jane Fonda plays her in the film). Hmm. I didn't realize it, but Robert Redford plays Paul Bratter--so it looks like I'll be watching this movie sometime soon.

I think this set turned out rather well. The box is gorgeous and quaint--I like the graphics, for example. I've been hearing about a musty smell from IT products lately, which I haven't noticed up to this point. However--I did notice on this box's shipper. I think it's the cardboard. I wonder if it's stored outside?

I wasn't 100% on Poppy's hairstyle or the color, but I love it in person. Even the quirky bangs are cute. Additionally, I realize centered eyes aren't Poppy's most popular look, but she's lovely with blue eyes. Mine has perfect lashes.

The outfit--wow. Well, I think you can tell when designers are working on a product they enjoy, and they really seemed to enjoy this one. I am really impressed with the coat. The bead and loop closures on the front are perfectly done, and the stitching is nicely scaled. I also like her turtleneck and corduroys.  Her shoes are short brown ankle boots. IT went out of its way for some fabulous jewelry accessories for this set--rings, earrings, and a cool bracelet, too.

Now, let's check out Chip, or rather, Paul. I'm not much for boy/man dolls in my collection, but I have to say, I'm impressed with how much Chip has matured in this set. His hair looks fantastic; he shipped with a hairnet, so it stayed in place.

Chip's outfit has lots of layers. From what I can tell, aside from the fact that the collar of his shirt might be a bit bulky, considering how much he's wearing, he looks great. That trench coat is fantastic. I really like that he includes a scarf, as well. To me, he looks like what Ken should be.

Now, unfortunately for me, my collection is currently in an uproar, so to speak. While I think both of these dolls are cute, I'm committed to either. I've been more on a resin kick lately. But this happens to me with preorders all the time. These days, if you think you might want Poppy, you have to preorder her, because she sells out so quickly. (When will I learn?)

So, if you've missed out on this set, you can pick up mine from the DollPage. See additional photos on Flickr.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Poppy Parker in Barbie Coca-Cola fashions

Barbie's Coca-Cola fashions are the perfect style for Poppy Parker. You can find these outfits (with the original Barbie doll) NRFB on the secondary market for $25-$50

This is Portrait in Black Poppy wearing Barbie's 2001 Coca-Cola cheerleader ensemble. Everything in this fashion fits perfectly, even the shoes! The name "Ken" has been shaved off from the right pocket. The letter "C" on the left bodice is ideal for representing Poppy's Guy pal Chip.
A OOAK Poppy by Matt Sutton wears Barbie's 1998 Coca-Cola car hop fashion. The accessories in this set are darling. The dress bodice was a bit too big for Poppy and required some adjusting by jennygrey.

Lastly we have a OOAK Poppy by Rob Thompson. She is modeling Barbie's 1999 Coca-Cola fashion which did not require any alterations.

Love doll photography? Check out Topaz!

All Glamour Sydney Chase Deluxe Basic by Tonner Doll, click to enlarge.
My favorite little plug-in on the market is Topaz Adjust. I love this software! It helps pop my photos' contrast in a way that's smart and fun. I'm seriously a dummy photographer: if it's not easy to do, I won't do it. If it's not fast, I won't use it. Topaz solves these problems!

Through the end of September, when you use the code septadjust, you can get Adjust 5 for $24.99 instead of the $49.99 retail price. You can also try it for free for up to 30 days to see if you like it.

I use it as a plug-in to Adobe Elements (both Mac and Windows compatible), but it also works with the following programs:

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Aperture
  • iPhoto (hmm--I should probably also install it here!)
  • PaintShop Pro
  • Serif Photo Plus
  • Irfanview

I can even install it myself, without the assistance of my personal (computer) administrator. I'd also recommend you try out Star Effects and some of the other plug-ins. They are very fun, and dare I say, addicting!

I've taken a sample of how I personally use Topaz Adjust. Click on the photo for a larger version. On the left, you can see the original version of Sydney. It's not an awful photo; it simply feels a little drab.

The center photo is a result of a single click on the "I feel lucky" button. It's such a cool feature, and it gives you a finished artsy photo with a single click--perfect for those really lazy days. And come on, I must not be the only one to have days like this!

The last photo is one where I actually spent three minutes editing contrast, detail, and color. Plus I added a frame and vignette. Doesn't that one look absolutely spectacular when compared with the original? If I can spend three minutes and get that kind of result, why wouldn't I? I have no excuse. I think I'll go install Topaz in iPhoto now as well!

Go download a free trial--there's no reason not to try it out. I'd love to hear what you think!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Morning Mist

Untitled by alington
Untitled, a photo by alington on Flickr.
One of the new ballet dolls from Tonner Doll's latest release, Morning Mist has arrived. Limited to 400, she retails for $199.99, though many Tonner details are offering a discount. She uses the Daphne head sculpt, who hasn't been seen in Tonner's regular line since Ultra Basic Daphne (a TonnerDirect exclusive) in 2010, and before that, 2009's Evening with Simon.

She's true to herself with light blonde hair and green eyes. Her outfit is surprising detailed--sparking purple tulle with lavender tulle underlayers, micro sequins, and lots of gold detailing. Her sleeves are detached.

She includes sparkling hose, gold stud earrings and purple ballet shoes, plus an extra set of high heeled feet for fashion play.

You can see additional photos on Flickr.

Friday, September 20, 2013

It's that time again!

The Young Sophisticate Poppy Parker
It's that time again. The kids are back in school, and I'm getting back into the swing of things. Also, I'm going through a major crisis in my doll collection, and working on several books at the same time. Finding my doll budget wanting, I've found it necessary to list a few lovely dolls for sale on the DollPage Show & Sell page again. I hope it's OK to bug you, dear readers, with my first batch of listings.

Above, you'll see I've listed the latest W Club Poppy Parker exclusive. She's never been removed from her box and includes a cute little dog as well.

Irresistible Dania Zarr
Perhaps the tan skin, platinum haired beauty Dania Zarr is more to your taste? She is also NRFB.

Royal Amelie, pink hair version - FR Nippon
A rare find and one I'm not 100% sure I want to part with, I've listed pink hair variation Royal Amelie as well. She's been carefully displayed behind glass, but is complete and has never been redressed.

Captivating Anja - Fashion Royalty
 If fancy jewels and gowns are your style, check out Captivating Anja. She's a steal at $130.

Promenade Amelie - FR Nippon
Another Japanese exclusive and new arrival for me, Promenade Amelie. She's limited to just 300, and she has the same body as Poppy Parker.

Several other items I have listed include Lady in Waiting Dania Zarr, La Reine de la Nuit and Masquerade Magic (Dressmaker Details), both from the NBCC in New Orleans. Check out all my listings here.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bow Jjang in Amelia Thimble

Bow Jjang by alington
Bow Jjang, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Head's up, Amelia Thimble fans! If you like Amelia, you might want to consider the new Monthly Fairies from Peak's Woods in Korea.

You can order them directly or also from Denver Doll Emporium (Denver Doll has Coco Rain and Fiona in stock! I have both of these cuties, too). The starting price is just $110, and a face-up adds only $20. Dolls are sold nude and bald from the company, but outfits and wigs are available separately.

These cute dolls fit Amelia fashions well--down to the shoes. They pose really well and can stand on their own. The expressions are just adorable!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Steffie of the Day: OOAK Birthstone Beauty

OOAK Birthstone Beauty by alington
OOAK Birthstone Beauty, a photo by alington on Flickr.
I picked up this OOAK lime green reroot from Johnny Jay at the Barbie Convention this past August.

I believe this is a former Miss Pearl, June's Birthstone Beauty. I think she's quite pretty--and the only doll I own with hair this color.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hawaiian Barbie

Hawaiian Barbie by alington
Hawaiian Barbie, a photo by alington on Flickr.
A hard-to-find European exclusive Superstar era doll, Hawaiian Barbie is a gorgeous brown-eyed raven beauty. I found this doll during room sales at the Barbie Convention in New Orleans as well.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Steffie of the Day: Arnaldo's PJ

Arnaldo's PJ by alington
Arnaldo's PJ, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Another wonderful find for me from Barbie Convention, and also by Arnaldo, is this gorgeous restyled Malibu PJ. If she only had a flip... this is what she'd look like!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Steffie of the Day: Malibu PJ OOAK

Malibu PJ OOAK by alington
Malibu PJ OOAK, a photo by alington on Flickr.
It's been a while, but yes, I still love Steffie. This lovely one-of-a-kind treasure was a find from the latest Barbie Convention, and was created by Arnaldo's Creations. She is a former Malibu PJ.

I think she's simply adorable with pigtails curled to the front.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Momoko - ae S.T.B. First Love

Get ready for a new honey face Momoko, "First Love."  She has a very natural look with her subtle makeup and long deep blond hair.  She comes with white wedges and a fabulous corset dress.  Personally, I would buy her just for the dress.

She is available for 23,000 yen on preorder.  It is possible PetWORKs will not produce and sell more dolls beyond the number of preorders, so if you want this cutie, you better go get her!  She can be purchased from the PetWORKs Global site.  She will be delivered between April to May 2014. 

Want some special designs for your Momoko?  I provide lots of dolly attire and a pattern book for DIY MegannArt designs.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.
Pictures courtesy of PetWORKs.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Wake-Up Momoko

A few days ago a couple new Wake-Up Momoko popped up on the Sekiguchi line up.  They are WUD017 and WUD018.  Check out the darling short and long-haired ladies, just waiting to be purchased by adoring fans.  You might recognize the outfits since they have been used on a couple of earlier Wake-Up Momoko, just in different colors.

What do you think of these Momoko dolls?

Want some special designs for your Momoko?  I provide lots of dolly attire and a pattern book for DIY MegannArt designs.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.
Pictures courtesy of Sekiguchi with graphic additions by MegannArt.  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Camellia by alington
Camellia, a photo by alington on Flickr.
One of my current favorite and versatile dolls at the moment is Soom Rosette Camellia. She is a slim mini BJD from Korea. She wears a small wig (about a 6/7), and she can wear many different clothes.

Here, she is wearing Tulabelle's Coated in Glamour dress and belt by Integrity Toys. I did have to remove her hands to fit them through the sleeves, but that was easy to do. Her shoulders are a bit large for the coat, however. The purse is also from that same outfit.

Her shoes are by Iplehouse, and the wig is by DollHeart.

Camellia has had a faceup by the talented GamerGirlLexi of 16-BIT Faceups on Den of Angels. I think she's very sweet. When I get up the nerve and patience, I'll add some eyelashes, too.

See additional photos, including a few close-ups, on Flickr.


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