Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Popular fashion doll photos from 2014

Urban Safari Fashion Royalty
Here are the top ten fashion doll photos (sorted by number of favorites) on Flickr. Above, it's On the Rise Elise Jolie, taken at IFDC in July. She was displayed in the Integrity Toys booth. This photo has 30 favorites.

Urban Safari Fashion Royalty
Elise was popular this year, and one of the dolls I did not order from the collection. This photo has 28 favorites, and was also taken at IT's display booth at IFDC.

Urban Safari Fashion Royalty
On the Prowl Eugenia was another favorite, coming it at #3 with 25 favorites. She too was on display. I didn't add her to my collection, either.

GAW Saturday Luncheon
Interestingly, this photo of the yellow dress Barbie Look Red Carpet collection doll (I think with the Louboutin face) comes in at #4 with 25 favorites (and fewer views). I took this photo at the Grant A Wish convention in April.

GAW Saturday Luncheon
A second Grant A Wish photo from April comes in at #5 with 24 favorites. This Barbie Look Red Carpet doll uses the Lea face and is wearing a silver gown.

GAW Saturday Luncheon
Those sneak peeks of the Barbie Look collection were quite popular this year. This doll takes the #6 spot with 22 favorites. She uses the lovely Aphrodite face.

Urban Safari Fashion Royalty
Weirdly, this dark photo comes in at #7. It's another photo from the IFDC convention, at Integrity's booth. Elusive Creature Natalia Fatale has garnered 21 favorites.

GAW Saturday Luncheon
A blurry shot takes up spot #8, also with 21 favorites. This showcases the Mackie, Aphrodite and Lea sculpts of the Red Carpet Barbie Look collection previewed at the Grant a Wish convention.

Poppy Parker
Agent Lotta Danger (Poppy Parker) was manufactured by Integrity Toys, and displayed at IFDC in July. She comes in at #9 with 18 favorites.

French Kissed Tulabelle is a 16" Integrity Toys doll. She comes in at #9 with 17 favorites. I actually ordered just the fashion from this doll, and it's amazing.

Urban Safari Fashion Royalty
Finally, coming in the 10the place with 17 favorites is Vivid Encounter Adele Makeda. I ended up ordering this doll, and she is great! I think her dress is amazingly detailed, and I really like her makeup.

After perusing these photos myself, I realize two things: 1) I should continue to attend conventions and doll shows, and 2) I need to take some more photos of dolls that are actually in my collection.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cult of Doll: taster to be published on New Year's Day!

Dear readers and doll fans--

It's what you need to start off 2015 with a bang: a chance to preview Cult of Doll with an exclusive taster of this wonderful almanac on New Year's Day!

Go subscribe to the blog today, so you won't miss out.

What is Cult of Doll? It's an eclectic collection of short stories featuring the dolls and characters that the Cult of Doll members have created over the past year. Read, for example, this preview, about Miss Araminta and her Curiosity Shop, a character created by Yve Hooson and Grace Garton:
Miss Araminta's Curiosity Shop sits quietly among the other shabby retailers on Goldfinch Lane in Whitechapel. This well trodden thoroughfare's once genteel aspirations are now just a mocking dream as poverty and vice creep ever closer, the tiny brass bells over the doorways tinkle less frequently and many despair. Not Miss Araminta. She revels in obscurity and finds comfort in the shadows at the back of her establishment. Customers disturb her infrequently and even the weak rays of sunshine that permeate the grimy window panes enter here cautiously, tentatively picking out the glint of a glass eyeball or twinkle on the matted fur of the Taxidermy tableaux which sits on the desk beside her armchair. Miss Araminta knows that this shop finds those who need it. As for the rest? She gives not a care.
Don't you want to know more? I do!

Additionally, you can preview Hally Levesque's story, "Nefarious Nelle," also titled, "A Cautionary Tale of Sweet Revenge or How Nelle Grey Arrived at the Notion that Sometimes Learning to Love Thy Neighbor Can Be Murder."

Don't wait--subscribe now, and be the first in line for a free preview!

Steffie of the Day: City Shine Barbie Look - Gold Dress

City Shine Barbie Look - Steffie

The latest Bill Greening Steffie is really a cutie, and I'm relieved to see a new Steffie in Mattel's 2014 line-up--just barely, as she hasn't reached shelves on the west coast yet. She is for sale for $19.95 on Barbie Collector, or perhaps a little more from your favorite Barbie dealer. (I used my quarterly discount toward my purchase!)

She has rooted lashes, brown eyes, and the LA Tan skin tone. I think the combination is quite pretty with her hair. I can't wait to take her out of the box and restyle her.

Also, her dress is not quite as bad as I was expecting. I have to confess, glitter isn't really my thing, and this is a really glittery dress. The good news is that it doesn't look like the glitter will just flake off over everything--like that saying about glitter goes. And the structured style is pretty modern. It's better than lamé would have been, I think.

Her plastic jewelry isn't too bad, either--considering it's plastic. She uses a Model Muse body, of course--super slim, not very posable, etc.--but her skin tone looks very close to several Liv body donors, I think (just for you Frankensteins among my dear readers). I think she'd be a great candidate for a hybrid!

You can see a few more boxed photos on Flickr. I'll hopefully be taking her out of the box soon.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Virtual Factory Sale at Tonner Doll Company!

15 Years! Tyler Wentworth dressed doll
It's going on now--don't delay, as it's one day only! I think it's happening now through tomorrow, noon, EST.

Here is the link. While supplies last. And based on my last post--check out Tyler Wentworth, 15th Anniversary convention exclusive for just $99!

Happy 15th Anniversary, Tyler! (Dedicated to Carolyn!)

Signature Style Tyler
Tyler Wentworth, Robert Tonner's signature fashion doll, is one of the founding models and dolls of his company. She has a large fan base, and also a signature style, as you can see in this doll, Signature Style Tyler from 2009. She wears a white blouse (this one sateen with rhinestone buttons) and a black skirt. She has celebrated her fifteenth anniversary this year.

Soir de Fete
Classic doesn't get more classy in Soir de Fete, a Theatre de la Mode style from 2002.

Reflet d'Argent
Also from 2002, Reflet d'Argent is a second Theatre de la Mode fashion. I adore the ballgown and the silver beading on the dress and gloves.

Metro Styl Tyler was a convention exclusive (from the 2006 Metropolis luncheon) with gorgeous black curls and a lovely red and black outfit. She includes two skirts, I believe, for multiple styling options.

Mademoiselle A La Mode Tyler
Mademoiselle a la Mode Tyler is a Paris Fashion Doll exclusive from 2008, limited to 100 dolls. She was in my collection for quite a while, and just a lovely lady. Her softly blushed cheeks always did something special for me.

Fire Opal Tyler
Fire Opal Tyler is a wigged dressed doll released in 2011. I love her bright matte lips, and that she retains a classic style, even in her edgier fashion.

All Glamour
In 2013, Tyler and Sydney were released as wigged basics. I love Tyler's peachy brown shade. It sets off her bold blue eyes.

Tyler in Enlightened
You can't mention Tyler without bringing up the controversial 2.0 sculpt. To many collectors, this will never be Tyler, but I've always loved her face. My favorite issue is Au Milieu de l'Hiver, a 2008 limited 100 edition from the Paris Fashion Doll Festival.

  Celebration a Paris
Along the same lines, in 2009, Celebration a Paris was released with short blonde curls. This Tyler 2.0 is simply adorable, and is also limited to 100.

Wonder Woman 52
Wonder Woman 52 uses the new Tyler 2.0 sculpt on a heroine body, but I never dress her as a super hero. Her hair is soft and full--right out of the box--with minimal styling needed, which I appreciate, as most of my regular readers know. She's dressed in a slightly too small Theatre de la Mode gown called Amethyst, and jewels handcrafted by my friend Tracy.

OOAK Resin Tyler
Tyler also made an appearance (several, in fact) in resin. This is the first, Ultimate Basic Tyler. Mine has had a faceup by Overnight Flight, which really softens her features.

Monday, December 15, 2014

12 Days of Christmas sale - Wilde Imagination

All Natural Lizette

Essential Ellowyne basic redhead
Check out the Wilde Imagination website today only--all Essential Ellowynes, blonde or redhead, are just $59 each, All Natural Lizette is just $79. Plus, you can find a few outfits for just $45 each.

This is a one-day sale--valid only today, December 15, 2014.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tonner Doll convention registration is open now!

You can register for the Tonner convention which is being held (surprisingly) in Dallas, TX from May 29-May 31, 2015. The cost is $399 per person, which includes a souvenir doll and extra goodies, I'm sure.

The theme sounds really fun--Guilty Pleasures. So tempting!

A new 16" fashion doll will be returning to the collection, which I find interesting. I wonder who it is? Maybe Tyler? Wouldn't that be great to see her again? Or maybe even Brenda Starr?

Hmm. I'm intrigued!

Tonner ballet dolls on sale - last day!

All of the ballet dolls in Tonner Doll Company's current collection are on sale for just $89 each. That's a pretty good bargain--but a little annoying for those of us who bought these from the dealer at full price.

There are three available--and they include both ballet feet and high heel feet:

Classical - Tyler head sculpt
Spring Time - Daphne head sculpt (real life photo of my doll is shown here)
Starlight - Kit head sculpt

These dolls would make a great gift for the dancer in your family. And they sure are priced right!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

New FR: Nippon from Integrity Toys!

I'm personally rather thrilled to announce two new additions to Integrity's FR:Nippon line--these girls go on sale December 9, 2014 at the FR:Nippon site. This is on Tokyo Time, so keep this time difference in mind.

The dolls are limited to just 300 each, retail for 17,000 Japanese Yen (about $140 plus shipping), and to order, you'll want to email Chiaki, whose email will be listed on the website. (For other IT collectors--these girls share the same body as Poppy Parker.)

Above, it's Darling Girl Misaki. She's an adorable brunette with rooted eyelashes and blue eyes. She will ship next week (the week of December 15). She's dressed in a rather fantastic striped chiffon dress, lace-trimmed coat, tights, red shoes, bag and silver hoop earrings.

Party Girl Amelie also makes an appearance with her friend Misaki. She's got auburn hair, and green eyes with rooted lashes. She's wearing faux leather shorts over fishnets, a turtleneck sweater neck under a cute patterned jacket, and has a nice purse, boots and silver earrings.

She too is available to preorder (probably later today) and will ship December 15.

IT Update - shipping and more

Edge, Vanessa Perrin
Ombres Poetique, Mademoiselle Jolie
Integrity has announced the approximate shipping times of several dolls (better for budgeting, I guess--especially over the holidays):

Edge, Vanessa Perrin: week of December 15, 2105

Ombres Poetique, Mademoiselle Jolie: week of January 5, 2015

Nicely, IT will be offering combined shipping for those of members who have ordered both dolls.

Jem an the Holograms fans, be on the lookout for the 30th anniversary celebration of Jem in 2015. Members were offered a sneak peek of one of the first dolls to be offered in this line (she can't be ordered yet--more info will be coming soon). The hint, for you collectors, is that, "We hear she's pretty good at conducting interviews and has her own hit Rock TV show."

I'm just going to say it--I'm shocked to hear that Jem is turning 30--I thought she was much younger than that! I didn't grow up in the US, and I'm not familiar with this doll from my youth, though I remember seeing the dolls on return visits to my grandparents and family. I had no idea I was 12 when she was released! I guess I probably was a little beyond cartoons at that point--though I still loved Barbies!

Integrity Toys: Victoire Roux!

Integrity Toys continues its Dolly Doys with the release of two new Victoria Roux, both priced (quite reasonably) at $99 each, LE 600.

Above, it's A la Maison, Victoire is dressed in casual capris, a lovely blouse, and diamond stud earrings, with her platinum hair loose. Accessories include Beauté magazine, silver open toe shoes, a pillow, and a scarf belt. She is in stock and ready to ship today.

Départ Pour l'Orient has red hair and brown eyes, and is dressed in an interesting a kimono-inspired gown. She includes a hat, white gloves, matching shoes, and pearl jewelry. She is ready to order and will ship on Monday, December 8.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Integrity Toys Lottery: That Holiday Feeling Poppy Parker

I can't believe I forgot to post this--but there was a lottery for a limited edition of 800 Poppy Parker doll, That Holiday Feeling, retail $120, who is currently in stock. W club members submitted their names to a drawing, and the lottery will be held December 15. Poppy will ship shortly thereafter.

This lovely doll has the FR white skin tone with black hair and green eyes, and lovely red lips. She's dressed in a wonderful white gown with embroidered bodice and red accents, and includes a red cape trimmed with "fur." She also includes lots of accessories: gloves, pearl jewelry, a clutch, muff, and red kitten heels.


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