Thursday, December 31, 2009

Melin at Christmas

Melin, originally uploaded by alington.
This is my DollZone Melin (MSD size, about 17" or 43 cm), who is really due for some more photo sessions. With her eyes sculpted nearly shut, she's one of my more peaceful doll sculpts.

Her outfit is pretty fantastic--an Alice in Wonderland reimagined. I just adore her. Though I maybe should change her into some pajamas, if I can find some that will fit her. She's very sweet.

You can see the rest of her photoshoot on Flickr.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lady Bee is on order!

Eeek! So excited... my Christmas money is now officially spent. I have a Peak's Woods Lady Bee on order (from Boutique Doll), and I am so excited, I can hardly stand it! She will be my first MSD-sized Peak's Woods doll, and I've been eyeing her for some time.

I'll be sure to keep you updated when she arrives. Now--off to take some photos...

Photos courtesy Peak's Woods.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sky, body blushed.

Sky, originally uploaded by alington.
Now, with her seams sanded and her body blushed, she's truly become a heart throb. This is Sky, my SD-sized (58cm or 23") Peak's Woods resin girl. I confess, I long to upgrade her lashes to something longer and more glam.

You can check out her entire photo shoot on Flickr. I did take some nude shots (under the moderate safety filter, since they show her breasts), but they are tastefully done.

I used five shades of chalk pastels for her body blushing:
  • white
  • light tan
  • peach
  • fuchsia
  • chocolate burgundy
I chose them based on her face-up shades. I chose to use very subtle shading techniques, and blended them well. I may go back over her body again later, but this layer has been sealed with Mr. Superclear UV Cut, which I purchased from Junkyspot.

When you do your first blushing, be sure you have a large round brush on hand, and a small angled brush, too. Magic Eraser also helps, and a few Q-tips, too.

Just another quick plug for the Junkyspot--they are in California, and got my order to me UPS ground within three days, even just before Christmas. Fantastic service--included a tracking number and everything. I'll have to order again soon, because I see they have a tiny Bobobie I need. And some eyelashes. And more Mr. Superclear. (Now I'll have to do every doll, dang it. I think Goldie is next!)

Considering Bobobies as a first BJD

If you're considering entry into the BJD world, let me recommend Bobobie as your first doll. Here are a couple of reasons:

  1. Price. I know, I shouldn't even bring this up, since it's kind of a taboo subject among doll collectors. But if you don't want a heavy investment, this is a great starter doll to see if you like them. You can get a tiny resin doll (14.5 cm) starting at just $68 without a face-up, and an extra $10 for the face-up. Larger sizes all also available--up to 70 cm--all at very competitive prices.
  2. Versatility. If you already collect dolls, Bobobies are some of the few who can share outfits with them. Isabella (and other 27 cm sculpts) can wear some Barbie clothes. Lan (40 cm) can wear Tyler Wentworth (Tonner Doll) clothing. It's great to be able to swap wardrobes with other dolls.
  3. Quality. Their price point for the quality is very good. The dolls I have so far have not required sanding--I haven't needed to sand a single seam line, which is amazing. I did need to tighten the elastic in Lan when I first got her, but that was easy. 
  4. Construction. It's really a snap to change Lan's eyes and also Isabella's. The way they are sculpted makes it easy. These girls really seem great for beginners (and more seasoned collectors, too).
  5. Customization. The dolls are perfect for customization. When you are ready to get into customization, these dolls lend themselves easily to blushing, sueding and even to face-ups.  Head and body swaps are easy. Plus, your initial (relatively) low investment makes them much less scary to work on than a more expensive doll.
  6. Dealers often carry them in stock. This way, if you are impatient, you don't have to wait for three months for their arrival. (Some of us are more impatient than others, even after all this time.)
Consider these options when considering your first doll. Sure--you should adore the face sculpt. And posing is important. I don't think my Bobobie poses quite as well as my Dollzone girls, or even as my Peak's Woods. But for the price point (and after sueding)... it's worth considering!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bobobie Isabella

Bobobie Isabella, originally uploaded by alington.
Introducing Isabella, my daughter Kate's first BJD. We bought Isabella from the Junkyspot. Our first order arrived within three days of placing it online. I was very impressed! Plus, they added some candy (which Kate, who will be nine tomorrow, very much appreciated) in there as well. Everything was securely packaged, also. I highly recommend them, and I'll be ordering from them again soon. They carry Mr. Superclear, eyelashes and all kind of eyes and wigs, in addition to in-stock dolls, for those impatient collectors among us.

Isabella is 27 cm (a little taller than 10.5"), and she's a white-skin Bobobie. We changed her eyes to green (acrylic by Glib). I applied eyelashes, and Kate added some body blush, after I showed her how. I blushed Morphoa at the same time, and we did them together. Isabella is wearing a Faith wig by Monique Gold (size 5/6, the same size as the 12-3/4" Creedy girls, in fact).

Here, and in the rest of my Flickr photo shoot, she is dressed in an older Fashion Fever dress (made for Barbie by Mattel).

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sky in Love 'n the Ice

Sky in Love 'n the Ice, originally uploaded by alington.
Peak's Woods Sky (white skin) wanted a chance to try out the newest DollHeart outfit, too. So we did some clothes swapping. She's wearing the long blonde wig--she really makes an excellent blonde, I think. (Maybe I need a high quality wavy blonde wig from DollHeart--they are my favorite!)

The outfit is called Love 'n the Ice. At first, I thought it sort of had a pirate theme--now, I think it's more saloon girl. Lots of great details, with the grommets, beads, cameos and tassels.

Also, since these photos were taken, I have sanded down every last one of Sky's seam lines. (She came with quite a few, and I've had her since April.) And what a difference does that make! I started with wet/dry sandpaper--at a 220 grit size--and worked (wet to minimize dust) in very small circles (not pressing too hard), up to finer paper (320, 400 and 600 grit), so I wouldn't leave scratch marks or leave her shiny. She looks much better, sealed now with Mr. Superclear UV Cut and is ready for blushing, which I will start today!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dollzone Baby

Dollzone Baby, originally uploaded by alington.
Here is a better close-up of the Dollzone baby who arrived last week. She was a gift-with-purchase with my Melin doll (a Christmas gift that I opened in November).

The baby came blank--I think she is a normal skin baby, though she may be white skin. I added all-over blushing with pastels and sealed (and primed) with Mr. Superclear (LOVE it), and my very first attempt at a face-up.

I think it came out all right. I had to go back again the next day to add some more shading and color, because I wasn't quite happy with her. I also used watercolor pencils for her eyes. She's really a fun little grumpy thing.

Now, I'd love to try a "real" face-up!

See more photos on Flickr.

Angelic Dreamz - save 40% off in-stock dolls

Starting today, though January 4, you can save 40% off all in-stock dolls at Angelic Dreamz (except JamieShow). There are lots of great sales, but here are some you should definitely check out:

Tonner Dolls:
Urban Vita:

  • Licorice exclusive $87
  • Edge $72
  • Basic Blonde $33
There are also sales on dolls in stock by Franklin Mint, Madame Alexander, Goodreau Dolls, Pullip,  Delilah Noir, and more.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Souldoll Amy and Baby Grump

My SoulKid Amy makes a good model for the season. (Please notice she has upgraded eyelashes, which I painstakingly put in.) She's dressed in Dreams of Tomorrow, an outfit for DeeAnna Denton (Tonner Doll Company).

She's holding a limited edition resin ball-jointed and strung newborn baby by DollZone, which was a limited edition gift-with-purchase doll when I purchased Melin from the Doll Market. The doll arrived unpainted--the face-up and blushing is done by me.

You can see the rest of this photoshoot on Flickr.

I wish all my readers a very merry Christmas, if you celebrate, and/or happy holidays if you celebrate another holiday! In any case, enjoy the time off with your loved ones.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why you should consider sueding

Morphoa, sueded, originally uploaded by alington.
At the ball-jointed doll convention in San Diego earlier this month, Pam of Dollovely gave us a short and easy demonstration of sueding, using Dr. Scholl's synthetic self-adhesive moleskin. The moleskin goes in the sockets of the joints (the concave parts, so you don't see it) to provide an extra layer of friction between the parts, and therefore gives your doll extra stability and control, limiting your doll's "kickiness."

It was an easy process. Basically, I cut half-circles the size of the joint socket. Then I cut pie slices from the center of the circle out to almost the circle's edge. Next, I peeled off the self-adhesive backing, and stuck it into the joint socket. Cut off any access and make sure there is room for the elastic to string easily. Repeat till the socket is well covered and the joint feels smooth.

I did not unstring my doll for this technique. I found I could gently pull my doll apart and apply the moleskin as needed, working around the elastic string. I did remove her head, however, for her neck joint, and I wasn't able suede her torso. I did her hips and knees, and also her neck, shoulders and elbows.

Morphoa (DollZone) was a great poser before. But now, she has even greater stability. Check out this pose--no hands, no stand! Woo hoo!

Sketch of Kim Lasher's Simply Alice!

Eeek! The sketch is up. I'm so excited it's not even funny.

Simply Alice will be Kim Lasher's first SD-sized doll, and is scheduled to be the first to be released in 2010.

She's a limited edition of 125 dolls, and retails for $780 for the full-set doll, with her outfit, which appears to be a blue dress, and full facial paint. She's 23" tall.

Photos of the prototype doll(s) should be available at the end of January after IDEX.

And ack. I have her on lay-away at Happily Ever After.

Sketch is property of Kim Lasher.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Interview with Cimmi Cumes, Doll Artist and Designer

I recently had the pleasure to interview doll artist Cimmi Cumes from Santa Barbara, California. You can follow her blog at Cimmerii : California, and buy her work Visit her doll blog, in which she discusses dolls and plushies of all types, at The Doll Head.

Cimmi sells her work from a gallery in Santa Barbara, Paul Cumes Fine Art, which she shares with her husband. The gallery blog is In 2010, her dolls will also be offered in several other retail locations, as well.

About the business:

Cimmi started designing dolls in 2003, when she was hired on by Chic Boutique. Primarily, she worked on fantasy 11-1/2” fantasy fashion dolls. Her next employer, Playalong Toys, located in Florida, assigned her to work on Hannah Montana, the Cheetah Girls, Hairspray the Movie dolls, and the Playalong Club. In addition, Cimmi has designed fashions for Cabbage Patch Kids and Taylor Swift (Jakks Pacific), the Beverly Hills Puppy Club (Summit Toys), Whimzy Pets (Blip Toys) and others. The Cabbage Patch Pop 'N Style Kids won an iParenting Award. Her design portofolio is online here

Cimmi has been sewing since she was a child--her mother's experience in fashion school was gladly shared--and she started her own line of soft dolls, plushies and hair accessories in 2007. These will soon be available in her Etsy store. She has been mentioned in Seasons Magazine, 805 Living, the Santa Barbara News Press, and several blogs. Look for her in an upcoming episode of Time Warner Cable's "SoCal's Best."

Cimmi's husband Paul Cumes is also an artist. During the interview, I asked if sharing studio space worked well for them. Cimmi answered, "We do work side by side often!" In fact, she even gave me a link to a YouTube video of Paul, doing paintings of her, while she is sewing. (I watched it, and if that's not love, I don't know what is. Mark, honey, if you're reading this, take a hint!) Cimmi usually does her machine work at home and the finishing at the gallery.

Inspiration comes a variety of sources: California and Japanese street fashion, vintage fashion, Barbie and Blythe dolls, ballerinas and fairytales. She can unblock her creative process with her imagination, the internet, and fashion magazines. Her creation process starts with making blank doll bodies, and then draping them with a variety of fabrics from her stash. All fashions are sewn by hand. Her favorite part of designing dolls is doing their hair, faces and fashions. (Big fluffy tutus, super girly with a touch of punk/emo styling are her favorites.) Cimmi loves upcycling unwearable vintage dresses, leftover fabrics, and upholstery fabric sample swatch books. The most tedious is the turning and stuffing. But each doll is unique, and it's rewarding to do each one herself, from the pattern to the finishing.

The dolls are designed both for younger and older collectors: both to be played with and enjoyed from afar. In addition to classic rag dolls with yarn hair and removable clothes, the newest line, called "Hipettes," have felt hair and sewn-in fashions. The "Fashionable Fashion Kitties" are designed for girls from three to ten. They have flannel bodies, removable clothing and are hand washable. 

After the December 5 "Go Ask Alice" event (you can read about it here), I had to ask about upcoming themes. (I'm a huge Alice in Wonderland fan and just added Alice Plays Croquet to my own personal collection.) There is a nautical/ocean theme in the works for the summer of 2010, and a fairy forest theme for Christmas of 2010. Additionally, Paul and Cimmi are collaborating with his paintings and her fiber art for a room-sized installation, planned for this spring, depicting the Garden of Eden.

About her private collection:

Cimmi has been collecting Barbie for over 10 years, as well as Bratz, Petite Blythe, and other fashion dolls, and she loves Rement. She particularly is drawn to red- and pink-haired dolls. She also used to collect holiday Barbies, too.

The things that attract her most in a doll are her fashion, her facial expression (or attitude), and fantasy. A couple of grails she'd love to add to her collection are a reissue Barbie and the Rockers, Barbie as Joan Jett, and Dal.

I had to ask if she had ever made a doll that she just couldn’t part with and decided to keep for her own collection. She answered yes--there are three: One is her first mermaid doll with wire armature, which took an entire day to make. Another is a red-headed ballerina called Annie, who is currently living in the gallery. Unfortunately, people keep wanting to buy her, but she has to politely decline their offers! Finally, there is Ruth, a "very ugly ragdoll" she made at three in the morning who is now part of the family. (Suspiciously, no photo of Ruth could be found in time for running this article.) 

Currently, Cimmi doesn't sew for her own doll collection, but she may in be leaning in that direction. She'd also love to try her hand at sewing for ball-jointed dolls. I'd like to see that--I'd probably spend all my budget there! And I hope to see some fashion doll one-of-a-kind outfits, too. That would be fabulous!

Photo information:
Ballerina Alice from the Go Ask Alice Show
Mermaid with rainbow hair and vintage sixties fabric fin
Fashionable Fashion Kitty
Yellow dress Hipette with blue felt hair
Red-haired ballerina named Ruth (in the blue tutu)
Mermaid with pink hair who resides in Cimmi's collection
All photos by Cimmi Cumes.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Goldie - and yes, I peeked.

Goldie, originally uploaded by alington.
My birthday present is here!

I peeked again. I'm so bad. My birthday is January 10. My wonderful husband got me a doll--and he's actually a little weirded out by my ball-jointed collection. But he knows how much I love them.

I fell in love with Goldie at the BJD convention in San Diego--Ms. Cholong of Boutique Doll had a normal skin, small-busted girl in stock. But I just couldn't justify the purchase that day. I was so surprised when my husband suggested later that I go ahead and get her!

With the Peak's Woods special (free head with doll order), I checked with Boutique Doll if they would honor the special. Since it was an online only event, Ms. Cholong gave me an even better deal: an in-stock doll (no waiting!), a DollHeart outfit (I chose one of three), and free shipping--all for a no-face-up-doll price. Seriously, she is my new source for DollHeart, Peak's Woods and LeekeWorld. I am hooked. Her customer service is awesome, and she's just so wonderfully nice to deal with!

Well, when a big box arrived today, I had to check to make sure Goldie had all her fingers intact. It's such a rough trip via FedEx from LA to San Diego. (I'm sure!) And once she was open, I couldn't leave her bald and naked! She's such a fine girl. (Those are her stock eyes--aren't they wonderful??)

And while I was at it, I went ahead and took a few photos. She's so pretty. I don't know how I'll be able to get her back in the box! It would just feel so wrong to put her away! Anyway, go check out her photoshoot on Picasa and Flickr.

Tell me what you think... and what you think I should do. Put her in the box? Wrap up the empty box? Ha ha ha!

TonnerDirect factory sale happening today for 24 hours only!

Don't forget: through 9 AM EST, TonnerDirect is offering a factory warehouse sale on dolls with missing shipping boxes, torn tissue paper, etc., with great prices! Check out fashion dolls, child dolls or pop culture items. All are sold as is, not returnable, and they are limited.

A few items to tempt you, which are selling out quickly:
There are lots of superheroes, even items, Tiny Betsy and Fancy Nancy and more. Go check them out if you're in a shopping mood, or need to finish some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One more photo

I couldn't resist! One more sneak preview of Aimee, the soon-to-be released 25.5" Goodreau resin BJD.

Isn't she gorgeous? I like her even better as a raven! I can feel my dolly dollars seeping away right now.

Photo property of Paulette Goodreau.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sneak Preview of Aimee - Goodreau's SD BJD!

Big and beautiful--what else would you expect from doll artist Paulette Goodreau?

The newest (and most exciting) addition to the Goodreau Doll line is Aimee. She is currently in production, and should be available for pre-order after IDEX (the end of January). She's close to the SD16 size, stands about 25.5 inches tall (about 65 cm), and has an immature female body.

The teaser photo is the property of Paulette Goodreau (and was taken by her). Aimee is wearing borrowed clothing (an American Girl dress over an underskirt). No other photos are planned before her release--but I'll be sure to let you know if I see any!

I just think she is wonderful--I can hardly wait!

Photo property of Paulette Goodreau.

New BJD - Youth Dollmore Eve- Fine

A new SD-sized (Youth) ball-jointed doll is available from Dollmore, Eve - Fine. Her name means "the flowers bloom." She stands 57 cm tall (about 22.5 inches). Her base price of $440 includes:

  • no make-up head
  • assembled normal body
  • 16 mm random acrylic eyes
  • random wig
  • white petticoat
  • certificate of authenticity
  • cushion, box
Additional items available:

  • face-up (default or custom is listed at $55)
  • body blushing ($55)
  • sanding service ($65)
Also, Dollmore offers to switch out the "random" wig and eyes for the wig and eyes you prefer, when you state so in the comments section of your order.

I have to confess, I am quite taken with this girl's face. She's lovely! I'll need to add a Dollmore sculpt to my collection very soon!

Evocative is on sale till 5PM EST

Only through 5PM EST, TonnerDirect's exclusive Antoinette Evocative will be on sale, marked down to $199.99 from its usual retail price $249.99.

This is part of Tonner's Doll Days of December, in which a different sale will be happening each day from now through Christmas day. You can get in the know by signing up for their mailing list here.

Photo courtesy Tonner Doll.

Monday, December 14, 2009

24-hour Virtual Factory Sale at TonnerDirect

Beginning Thursday, December 17, at 9 am EST, TonnerDirect will have its first virtual factory sale online. This sale only lasts for 24 hours--it ends at 9 am Friday, December 18.

Also, be aware that all items are sold as-is, and have dinged boxes, ripped tissue paper, and are missing outside shipper boxes. No returns, exchanges or order cancellations.

Don't forget - Save $20 from Wilde Imagination

Don't forget the final promotion of the year from Wilde Imagination: use the promo code SMILE09 and take $20 any order of $100 or more. This offer is valid through December 22, 2009 at midnight (probably EST), on orders from the Ellowyne Wilde, Evangeline Ghastly and Pop Goes Oz collections.

Be sure to check out Ellowyne's End of Edition specials, too. There are some pretty good deals there!

Black Hills Doll Designs historical costumes for Tonner dolls

Black Hills Doll Designs has listed some additional historical costumes for 16" dolls on Ebay. The auctions are bid-style listings and close on December 16, 2009. They include:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Amy in Dreams of Tomorrow

Amy in DeeAnna, originally uploaded by alington.
My SoulKid Amy (white skin MSD-sized Soul Doll) is modeling her newest outfit, Dreams of Tomorrow, created for DeeAnna Denton (Tonner Doll Company). The outfit is last season's line, and was on sale for half-off at Cherished Friends.

It's a two-piece night-gown ensemble--in this photo, Amy is modeling just the nightie, which shows off her slender waist. The DeeAnna clothing line has a rich, 1950s-era glamorous feel; and with the lace trim and pleating, this outfit is no exception. I'm very pleased. I love how the aqua color highlights Amy's factory face-up, her new Glib (Ice Tea) acrylic eyes and red (Monique Gold Pretty Girl) hair.

The house coat is full length and ties in front. It's adorable. You can see photos of it (and more) on my Picasa album or my Flickr photostream. Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wonderland Ball

Wonderland Ball, originally uploaded by alington.
She's here! I've waited forEVER to add this doll to my collection. I finally got her on sale from Cherished Friends (she was formerly a Tonner Direct exclusive).

Wonderland Ball is part of the Alice in Wonderland collection, and she fits in great with both my Alice dolls and my Reimagined Fairy Tale theme. She's a mink-haired blue-eyed Shauna/Sweetheart sculpt, with a tiny heart tattoo by her eye.

Now, if you're not a fan of pink, you're probably not going to be a fan of this doll. I, however, adore her outfit. It's pretty wild--a one-piece wonder of ruffles, chiffon and roses, topped off with a faux lace-up corset, oversized trailing bow in the back, and stand-up collar.

Accessories include matching lace thigh highs and fingerless gloves, heart dangling earrings, crown trimmed with pink marabou and pink stones, and pink mules trimmed with bows.

You can see my full photo shoot on Picasa or just a few on Flickr. Love her or think she's an eyesore? I'd love to hear what you think!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New exclusives at TonnerDirect and free shipping promotion!

Use the promo code DECEMBER and receive free shipping on your entire order. International order will get a $9.95 shipping credit when you use the promo code WINTER at checkout. (Offer expires midnight EST, December 13, 2009.)

Tonner Direct has several new arrivals, including two new exclusive dolls:

  • Ultra Basic™Simon Chase™, a limited edition of 300 dolls, is shipping now, and is priced at a reasonable $54.99. No stand or shoes are included with Ultra Basic dolls.
  • Madame Myst, a limited edition of 150, is the fortune teller from the Sinister Circus line. She was created for the Modern Doll Collectors Convention (I think), and is available for sale for $189.99. I love her darker skin tone and gray hair. She is so tempting!
  • It Was a Very Good Decade Tyler Wentworth, LE 150, from Tyler's Anniversary celebration, $295. An auburn Tyler sculpt dressed in a gold sequined gown lined in purple. 
  • A Perfect Ten Tyler, LE 200, from Tyler's Anniversary celebration, $195. A gorgeous brown-eyed blonde (up-do), in a fancy black couture gown.
  • Flexi-Pose™ Agnes Dreary™, LE 200, on sale for $112.
  • Cut Your Losses, LE 150, $159.99. From the Sinister Circus line, Hal Jordan head sculpt, scaled to match Matt's 17" body, knife-thrower themed outfit.
  • Bon Voyage Joan Crawford, LE 150, from the Hollywood Ahoy convention, on sale for $149.99. Brunette doll dressed in a pale blue traveling suit, "fur" coat, and oversized hat.
You can check out all the exclusives here. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Peak's Woods 6th Anniversary Event!

This is truly going to be the death of me.

For the month of December, all customers who buy one full FOC doll, you may choose an FOC or FOB head for free.

Customers who buy one full FOB doll may choose an FOB head for free.

There is also a Bitten body (the one released in Haute Doll--a body with bite marks on the neck) which is available as a standard option, and it's available for purchase separately now, too, or with any FOC doll.

If you ordered from Peak's Woods in November from the website, you will be offered a free head (you'll be sent an email separately).

Here's a link to the Event message.
Photos courtesy of Peak's Woods.

Ball-jointed doll wish list... I'm such a dreamer!

So... before the holiday season is upon us (and yes, my birthday is in January, too), I thought I'd better post an updated (and terribly optimistic) wish list of ball-jointed doll up here.

First on the list is Aren, a Mini Gem by Soom. She's shown here in a full-set, which I'd love to acquire as well. Mostly, I'm interested in Mini Gems because they are about 11-12" and can wear Barbie clothes. (Fun, fun!)

Second, is a Bobobie MSD doll. The photo I have here is one of Lan, a girl, though I haven't decided on a face yet. I may even decide on a fairy--they have quite a few fun fairies. She's interesting because of her super-slim size, which allows her to share clothes with Tyler Wentworth (Tonner Dolls). I think that would be fun.

Third, I'd like to add another YoSD doll to my collection. The one shown here is a Leekeworld Vanilla. I just love her. I also like Hucky, the new YoSD size by Peak's Woods, Hucky. Shoot--I just noticed Peak's Woods is having a free event--nuts! Which leads me to my fourth doll...

Wake-up Goldie, normal skin, by Peak's Woods. I'd also want to get an extra head for her, an regular Goldie head, so I could swap them out. I know, the Peak's Woods bodies don't pose as well as some double-jointed bodies do. But still--I am in love with these dolls. I just adore them! Their serene face sculpts just fascinate me. New post shortly on the event!
Photos courtesy of Soom, Luts, Boboie, and Peak's Woods.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cookie in Aster

Cookie in Aster, originally uploaded by alington.
This is full-set Cookie (by Island Doll), redressed in Aster (by DollHeart), wig and shoes also by DollHeart. Isn't she a sweet thing? Cookie is a normal-skin YoSD resin BJD, and she's got new gray acrylic eyes (just a tad too large, in my opinion, but a better color for this look, so we made do).

The outfit is fantastic. Purchased from BoutiqueDoll (from Ms. Cholong herself--she's SO sweet!), I thought Aster looks like a pink version of Alice in Wonderland. It includes white bloomers with lace and ribbon trim, a petticoat, pink dress with lots of pleating, apron, socks (which are really shaped!), a white collar (not shown here) and purse (also not shown here).

She was dressed by my daughter Kate, at the BJD convention. Kate is 8, and so I didn't add the collar of purse upon her request. The shoes are a perfect fit, as is the YoSD wig.

You can see more photos of her on my Picasa album, or in my Flickr photostream. Enjoy!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Lucine from Sinister Circus

Lucine from Sinister Circus, originally uploaded by alington.
She's here--and I'm smitten. Lucine is a Sinister Circus doll, from Tonner Doll Company's Reimagination line. She's a limited edition of 1000 dolls, so she's still readily available, and she's the Sister Dreary head sculpt on a convertible (flat-footed) Tyler Wentworth regular bust body.

Lucine even fits in with my unusual holiday decor. I love her smokey eyes and neutral lips--it's both gothic and macabre. Her hair could use a rinse at some point, but it's a nice texture for her overall look, I think.

The outfit is to die for: a metallic pleather bustier with shirring at the top and tiered layers of lace and chiffon in mauve, burgundy and chartreuse. She's wearing lace leggings underneath, and a single armband, plus black fingerless gloves, a black hairband, black "suede" boots which zip up the back, and metallic fishnet sock (and pantyhose). She also included a waist-gripper stand, which she actually doesn't need, since she can stand on her own.

You can see more photos of her on my Picasa album and on Flickr. She's just a really fun and unusual doll. I was thinking I might have some buyer's remorse for her--but I really love her. I think I'll hang onto her for a while. She's very fun!

Tonner Company Store holiday display

Just because she's beautiful, I'm sharing an image from TONNERDirect's Facebook's photo album. If you're on Facebook, get on over there and become a fan! (Friend me, too, while you're at it! Send me a line that you're a follower of my blog, so I know who you are.)

This is Sylvia, a full-scale Adel Rootstein mannequin dressed as "Starlight," which was designed by Joe Petrollese. She was put on display to greet visitors to the Tonner Company Store specifically for the holidays. Isn't she gorgeous?

I would love to see this outfit in production on a Tyler Wentworth-scale doll at some point in the near future--I sure hope it's in the works!
Photos courtesy of Tonner Doll.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

BJD Convention in San Diego

BJD Convention

Yesterday (December 5) was the first ever BJD Convention in San Diego. It was held at Mission Bay's Marina Village in the Coral Room from noon to 5 PM. The theme was Oberon's Ball: Steampunk and Fairy. I have to say--it was a lot of fun--and it was my first BJD convention. I really enjoyed myself!

Of course, I forgot to bring my camera, so the photos in my Picasa album were taken by my friend Jen. There was a costume competition with three categories: best fairy, best steampunk and best owner/doll combo. Unfortunately, it was also my husband's Christmas party weekend, so we couldn't stay for the entire event, and didn't find out who won. But the entries were amazing.

Some of the dealers included Pam of Dollovely (who also gave us a demo of how to suede your doll using moleskin--it was so simple and helpful), Pixiedust Designs (Robin had a wonderful selection of tinies, which were just delightful to see in person), Ms. Cholong of DollHeart USA (oh wow--what a selection she had, including a full-set Peak's Woods Wake-Up Goldie that almost came home with me--next time, I will be sure to save my allowance a little better, LOL!) and more. I just have to say, every vendor was super sweet. Ms. Cholong encouraged me to try the wigs and shoes on my YoSD Cookie doll before buying to be sure they fit, and I liked them. I really enjoyed matching faces to names and avatars on Den of Angels, too.

Also, there was a large range of know-how among the collectors at this convention, from the beginning collector to the expert. Even with the wide range, it was still easy to strike up conversations with the person sitting next to you. I was also impressed by the age range of the attendees as well--my daughters (almost nine and almost six) weren't the only children in attendance, and there were older people there, as well. It was a wonderful, diverse group. I really enjoyed myself! I would love to attend next year!

Soon, you'll be able to see the professional photos at Shutterfly.

Photos by Jen Eugley.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Goodreau News

The doll shown here is Fannie, one of the new resin BJDs Goodreau Doll will be releasing in 2010 after IDEX. Previews will be shown on the website around that time (in late January). You may notice Fannie has a new face-up technique--with feathery brows and different eye lashes as well. I just think she is lovely. The outfit shown is a one-of-a-kind creation by Connie of Marbled Halls. Fannie (shown here) and Zoey will be the last of MSD size (LE 40 each). Two body colors will be light pink and normal peach. All dolls of this size will be retired.

2010 looks to be an exciting year for resin enthusiasts! There will be two new sizes added to the current line: a new 25" inch immature body girl (limited to 50 dolls). Of the larger 25" doll, there will be a very exclusive (LE5 each) Dark Alice and Light Alice full set, which will be created in collaboration with Chatham Village Plush, wardrobes by Wee Wardrobe.

A new 10.5" resin doll is also on its way, with four different heads. Each head will be limited to just 40 pieces.

In addition, there will be new 8" and 5" dolls (one with new hoof feet) added to the current line. All new dolls will be limited to just 60 (or under) in edition size.

The ABC vinyl dolls will also have dolls added to the current line as well, but these won't be released till April, after WonderCon and ComicCon (Chicago), though two new outfits (Dottie and Alice) will be available to pre-order soon.

If you're a not currently subscribed to Goodreau Doll's newsletter--you should be. Go sign up!
Photo courtesy Goodreau Doll.

SoulKid Amy in DeeAnna Denton

SoulKid Amy in DeeAnna Denton, originally uploaded by alington.
To my surprise and delight, I've discovered SoulKid Amy (by SoulDoll) can wear fashions made for DeeAnna Denton, by Tonner Doll Company. DeeAnna is a larger body than Tyler Wentworth--about 17" tall--and called the female athletic body, which is more busty than Tyler. DeeAnna has high heeled feet, and Amy of course can't share her shoes.

This outfit is called Emerald Evening. It's sort of a glamorous 1950s style--like the rest of DeeAnna's wardrobe--and it's very lovely. It's green iridescent taffeta, which reflects red--perfect for the holiday season. The feathered headpiece adds a nice touch, too.

Her wig is by Goodreau, and her new eyes are acrylic by Glib (in Iced Tea). You can see more photos on my Flickr photostream or the full shoot in Mobile Me. Also, for the curious, see DeeAnna modeling the same outfit here. Enjoy!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sydney as Anne Boleyn

Sydney as Anne Boleyn, originally uploaded by alington.
Yes, I still love historical dolls, and I still am nuts about English history. This is a former Sydney on the Rocks doll (she was a Chelsea's Cottage exclusive doll), redressed as Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's second wife.

This Sydney is one of my all-time favorites--her face seems rounder to me than some of the others, and her face-up is very natural. Plus, her dark hair (while not terribly long) is just gorgeous.

The gown and hood are hand-made, one-of-a-kind creations by Jen of JennyGrey. The gown is made of dupioni silk, and it's fully lined. She even sewed pearls along the neckline (and hood) as trim. The sleeves are chiffon, which match the hood as well. The jewelry is from the Elizabeth Swann Court Gown doll (from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection by Tonner Doll).

I have more photos of this gown on another doll on my Mobile Me gallery, but I was only able to get this shot of Sydney yesterday, due to my mischievous kitten, Lily. Enjoy!

Coupon for Wilde Imagination

The last coupon code of the year is here: use the code SMILE09 at checkout and save $20 off any order of $100 or more. It expires midnight December 22, 2009.

Valid on orders place for Ellowyne Wilde and Evangeline Ghastly.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lucine is on her way...

My second pre-order from the Fall/Holiday 2009 Tonner Doll line is on her way to me. It's Lucine, from the Sinister Circus line. I'm quite excited about her, actually. She's a limited edition of 1000 dolls.

Lucine uses the Sister Dreary head sculpt on a regular Tyler Wentworth convertible (flat-foot/high heel) body. She has a mess of dark blonde curls and gray eyes.

Her outfit includes a faux leather body bodice with chiffon shirring at the bust line, and a skirt of chiffon and lace, with a trailing bow of chiffon. Her accessories include a ruffled armband, lace leggings, metallic socks, zip-up boots, fingerless gloves, and a hair bow.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kim Lasher sketches up at her website and Denver Doll Emporium!

Ack--says the Kim Lasher fan! There are three new sketches posted and four new dolls by artist Kim Lasher to be sold in 2010 at the Denver Doll site (and oh--they are taking pre-orders), as well as her own webpage. Photos and prototypes won't be available till after IDEX. But she has released the following information:
  • Most exciting to me, a 23" (SD sized) doll called "Simply Alice." I must have died and gone to heaven! No sketch of this one, yet, but I can't wait to see her. She's a limited edition of 125 dolls, and a suggested retail price of $780, per Lasher's website. She's also first to be released. Hello? Christmas money anyone? Should I? Ack!
  • Lotus is a 16" Asian girl, retail $488, LE 100, tentative release date scheduled for April. Outfit: pale pink, white eyelet... think Lolita. 
  • Azaleah, a 16" elf girl, retail $488, LE 100, tentative release date scheduled for June. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Red floral dress on white, with white fishnet stockings and white chunky mary jane shoes.
  • And oh my, Ivy, a 16" girl, retail $488, LE 100, tentative release date scheduled for August. She's a redhead with green eyes and has freckles. She'll be wearing a gray hoodie, white bleated blouse, red plaid skirt, black thigh highs and black chunky mary janes.
Yippee! I adore Kim Lasher's dolls--I have Anya, and have been sitting on my credit cards for her past two releases. I cannot wait for the next few! They have my name on them!

Sale at JPop Dolls

All Jpopdoll Shoes are 30% off, when you use the coupon code shoes at checkout. (Valid for ten days only--this offer expires on December 12, 2009.)

Also, check out the newest arrival wigs, Kanalong in Autumn Dream and Elle in Nova and White Blonde. And select wigs are listed at 30% off, as well.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2008 Berdine Creedy BJD just $220!

Check out these fantastic deals on Berdine Creedy resin BJDs. If you've been wanting to add these to your collection, now is the time--don't wait!

Destini, Sereniti, Uniti and Harmoni (from 2008) are all listed for just $220 each, down from $292 (their sale price). It's really a fantastic deal. Destini is the one I have with three faceplates (sleeping, serious and smiling). I just adore these dolls!

Plus, the 2009 dolls are listed at 15% off original prices. Precious and Gorgeous are only $250, including shipping. (Gorgeous has been on my wish-list for some time.) And Laughter is marked down to only $150. It's a steal to find resin BJDs for this price!

In addition, all clothing is on sale, too. Outfits originally listed for $50 are now on sale for just $30.

Amazing sales at Cherished Friends!

You must check them out. They have some great, amazing, hard-to-believe prices on many, many items. Here are some of the best deals at the New Jersey store:
  • Hugs, the Berdine Creedy toddler resin BJD, regularly priced at $265, for only $159.99
  • FlexiPose™ Body girls, Golidlocks reg. $99.99, sale $59.99
  • Agnes Dreary reg. $139.99, just $69.99
  • Curiouser and Curiouser and What Big Eyes You Have, regularly $179.99 just $109.99
  • Movie Night with the Girls, a Marley fashion, regularly $74.99, only $19.99
  • Petite Filles dolls, usually $139.99 and $129.99, just $49.99
  • Little Red Riding Hood (12"), regularly $139.99, just $59.99
  • Plus lots of sales on Tonner 15" dolls, Harry Potter and Miss Piggy!
From the Pennsylvania Store:
  • Mod Becky for just $49 (reg. $110)
  • Lots of specials on Antoinette, some nearly half price
  • Exclusive UB Cinderella and Suzettes, only $49.99 (reg. $79.99)
  • Winter Wonderland Ball (Tonner Direct exclusive) $89.99 (retail $159.99)
  • Tyler Deluxe Giftset just $149 (retail $299.99)
  • Lots of great deals on the Devereaux Sisters, Maxwell Smart, and more!


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