Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Save $50 on the Flying Dragon - today only!

Today only, you can save $50 on Flying Dragon, Ling Lan - a DOLLS Magazine exclusive created by JAMIEshow. The offer is only valid today, October 31, 2012.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! by alington
Happy Halloween!, a photo by alington on Flickr.

Warm wishes for a happy Halloween from us at the Fashion Doll Review, and from my kitty, Nico.

Better late than never - save 15% from Wilde Imagination!

Directly from the promotional email:
It's a Birthday celebration and in honor of this special day, we're offering
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*NOTE: The 15% Off offer EXCLUDES the Wilde Weekend Exclusives from Ellowyne Wilde, Evangeline Ghastly, Amelia Thimble, and Imperium Park. However, every order will receive the Free Gift.
** And don't forget to check out the special sale prices on our Imperium Park line!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Collection Analysis

I am not really a fan of statistics, yet sometimes, statistics do have their place. If you are a greedy, grasping sort of collector like I am - I would guess that not too many Fashion Doll Review readers are like me in that respect - it is interesting to look over one's collection once in a while, and try to figure out your buying patterns.

Has anyone really looked over their collection, and tried to analyze what they have? Yes, of course, they're dolls, but there's more to your collection than that. Once my own collection grew beyond a "reasonable number," and I would like someone to define "reasonable" for me in this respect, it became prudent to keep a file with information on my dolls, so that I could keep track of what I have, rather than having to bring them all up onto my desk, and do whatever analysis or count needed to be done, to make sure I was not buying more than one of the same doll.

I started the file mainly to keep track of which dolls I had. But since I spend so much time on eBay, it also helps me keep track of when I purchased the doll, and when it arrived in my hands. This has been helpful, so I do NOT open a "no item received" dispute on eBay with a seller. I would hate to cause problems for an innocent seller simply because I have had a "senior moment."

There is no question of WHICH kinds of dolls I collect, since most of my friends, both real life and online know that I am a raging Tonner-holic. In addition to, "Believe in the Power of Play," I think Robert Tonner could actually get away with using a paraphrase of another famous slogan to describe my collection, "Betcha can't collect just one!"

There are many ways to analyze your collection, and here are some of the breakdowns I have done with my collection so far:

Doll Statistics, Blue's Collection, current as of October 28, 2012

Condition: This is the state in which I bought the dolls.

New means just that - I bought the doll from a doll store, a fellow collector, or eBay.

Nude dolls come from a variety of sources including doll stores (like Dreamcastle Dolls, which does splits of dolls and outfits), fellow collectors on doll boards I belong to or eBay.

Head Only - Before Tonner Doll doll bodies available for purchase, many people would buy dolls for the outfits and the "latest and greatest" bodies, but then have an extra head. Most of the time, they would either "downgrade" the head to the older body style, or just sell the head outright.

Used simply means I purchased a doll, wearing its original outfit, but it had been played with or displayed by its previous owner.

The gruesome seeming "Half doll" was literally that, meaning I had bought the head attached to the breastplate with arms. Don't ask me what the seller did with the lower half of the doll. I have no clue!

New -   31
Nude -   74
Head only -  17
Used -   5
Half doll -  1

Then, of course, a famous demographic with me, hair color. I have been a collector for - well, more years than I really care to admit to - and blue eyed blondes are the biggest share of the fashion doll market. I know it is a popular hair and eye color combination, but it really, really got old. Telling my dolls apart got to be more and more of a chore, and I finally tapered off buying dolls like I used to, because all I could see available were more blondes.

Along came my Tonner doll obsession, and it is pretty interesting to see the results. The dolls listed as bald, by the way, are a wig doll, and a doll head in need of rerooting, as well as a new body. Another unique doll in this section is the one listed as having "thermal" hair, meaning that it changes colors with the temperature, something I found out accidentally while washing this hair. "Mixed" simply means that the hair colors are a blend, and I really can't fit the hair color into one or the other of the colors.

Hair Colors:

Auburn -   7
Bald -  2
Blonde -   16
Brunette -  38
Gray -   1
Mixed -   2
Platinum -  4
Raven -   38
Redhead - 20
Thermal -  1

Trying to figure out why I am broke all the time took a little bit of thought, so I checked my file, and decided to take a count of how many dolls I was buying in a year. The results REALLY surprised me!

2007 -  1
2008 -  26
2009 -  37
2010 -  25
2011 -   21
2012 -   19 - so far!

Finally, this might be a bit controversial. I have been guilty of loudly complaining about the doll companies mass producing dolls featuring only a limited number of face sculpts. This was before I found out anything about the manufacturing process, and how long it takes to have an artist sculpt a new head, make the master molds, and produce the dolls. The process has, since I was a kid collecting dolls, become a lot more streamlined, and more profitable for doll companies to make more than one sculpt. But I was still curious, for the lovelies of my collection, to see how many of a particular sculpt was repeated in my collection. As you can see, Tonner's Angelina sculpt is leading, since she is one of my favorites.

Angelina Ruiz - 11
Sydney Chase - 9
Kit -  8
Emilie -  7
Stella -  7
Daphne Dimples -  5
Marley Wentworth - 5
Tyler Wentworth - 5
Antoinette - 4
Jane -  4

Anyway, these are different ways I have tried to analyze my collection. There are so many different ways you can look at your collection, and try to figure out what you are spending your hard earned money on!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

OOAK Australian designer Integrity Toys dolls

Limited edition Alannah Hill POUT doll, courtesy Chadstone
According to a recent newsletter from Integrity Toys, there are a few OOAK couture dolls available for auction on eBay Australia. I'm not sure they ship outside of the US--but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Here are IT's notes on the doll:

Earlier this year, we participated in an exhibition of our dolls in Australia called POUT which featured a selection of 50 Fashion Royalty dolls created by the Integrity Toys design team since the start of the collection in 2001. Also part of this exciting exhibit, selected top Australian fashion designers where invited to replicate some of their creations in miniature and were each given an FR: Monogram doll to display their OOAK creations. These mini-couture models where also put on display at Chadstone.

These OOAK dolls that the Australian designers created are now available in a charity auction on eBay. The charity that benefits from these auctions is the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne.
Please note:
  1. These are one of a kind fashions crafted by various Australian designers. As such, they may have different levels of detail and quality.
  1. While we wanted to alert you to this auction, Integrity is not involved in any aspect of it and cannot answer questions, etc., so please direct them to the auction seller.
  1. Please note that none of the props shown in the photos are included in these auctions. Only the dolls with their fashions are included in the auction. If you have any questions about these dolls, please contact the auction seller.
A link to the auctions can be found here. The auctions start at AU $100 (currently $103.87), and have 3 days and about 7 hours left. I have to admit--I'm tempted!

Save 25% at Mattel!

Use the promo code FAMILY25 and save 25% off your order from This promo code expires today - October 25 - so don't delay!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tonner Doll Grail alert!

Check out Two Daydreamers Special Event page for some fabulous Tonner Doll deals - I was able to pick up Celebration for a fabulous deal. They even have Lady G right now!

Perfect Morning Cami - brunette promo photo posted

Tonner Doll has posted Perfect Morning Cami - Brunette promotional photos on their website. This doll is limited to 500 and retails for $119.99. She is available for preorder from your favorite Tonner dealers.

Photo is property of Tonner Doll Company.

Top sellers from Tonner Doll Company

These are Tonner Doll's top selling dolls for the week ending October 20.
Tonner Top 12 - Best Sales Tonner Doll Company | Oct 20
View more lists from Tonner Doll Company

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dolls and me - then and now

I got to thinking about how long I have associated with and collected dolls while reading this article in Cafe Mom. While I am not a mother, I do like checking this site from time to time, because there are some genuinely funny and touching stories to be told. In this particular post, a woman was wondering about the effects of Barbie - whether or not the hysterical controversies that crop up around Barbie are warranted. Specifically, if the doll would have any sort of effect on her seven year old daughter. Read the article, the answers this young girl gave her mom are surprising and honest.

This is the reaction that many, many hysterical critics of Barbie have received from young girls who apparently have a better grip on reality than they - "It's just a doll."

But even well-meaning and otherwise intelligent parents, like my late father, were a little confused by the implications of a doll that could be seen as a role model of the "ultimate girl." I was the only child of a man who left his native country under fire, and was never able to return, after the government branded him a traitor. To say that I was sheltered and spoiled as a result is probably a huge understatement.

I was something of a mystery to my poor dad, despite his being the eldest of three, and the only son. Boys behaved in certain ways, and played with boy's toys, (cars, trucks, toy guns and so forth) while girls behaved in a different fashion, and played with girl's toys (dolls, tea sets, and make believe jewelry). Dad had never encountered what people here in the US call a tomboy - meaning a girl who behaves as many believe a boy should behave. I liked playing with cars, trucks and toy guns. Unlike the "girly girls" I went to school with, I was highly uncomfortable in the frilly dresses in pastel colors. I liked wearing dark colors or jewel tones, and I liked wearing pants.

Imagine dad's delight when I asked for a Barbie doll for Christmas when I was six!

Malibu Barbie - better known to me as Barb
Imagine dad's surprise when I would discard the pretty, frilly Barbie outfits and take scraps from my mom's sewing projects to make my own costumes for Barb!

Instead of playing house, Barb and I would go on adventures - as the good guys - hunting for treasure, or bad guys to take to jail. Barb, of course, couldn't be out in the forest in a frilly pink dress, because for one thing, it would snag and get dirty - horrors! - it would be hard to run in, if the bad guys came after us, and finally, if we had to hide from the bad guys, neon pink tends to spoil any attempts at sabotage. Barb and I paid CLOSE attention to the movies or TV shows, where someone was almost caught because they were too dumb to know  how to hide properly. I suppose I should also mention that Barb and I watched war movies with my dad, and dad explained the concept of camoflage, when we wanted to know why that guy had all the green stuff on his face, and was wearing that plant costume.

How NOT to be seen
Though it has been years, and I still have Barb - somewhere, in my piles and piles of boxes of stuff I really need to go through - my relations with dolls have changed somewhat. Most of Barb's like-scaled friends have moved on to make room in the cramped apartments I have lived in for the last several years. Barb herself, and several of her cousins, however, are still holding out hope that one day I will at least put them on display in something other than fraying fabric scraps held together with safety pins and duct tape.

Even, today, however, STILL a doll outfit's best friend!

This is back in the day of old school duct tape. None of those fancy dancy colors you kids have today.

Where was this when I was a kid?
I don't "play" with dolls as I did as a kid, because frankly, I am well past the kid stage. But I do still collect dolls, with an almost manic obsession, and at least in computer files, I still go on adventures with them. I was the only child, which means I was something of an outcast, so I spent more recesses in the library than I did on the playground, and I have Southern family on my mother's side, meaning that not only have I heard a lot of stories being told, I also enjoy being a storyteller myself.

Yes, there is a point, and I am getting to it. I still play with my dolls, but in the context  of the stories I am attempting to write. In some cases, I can get past some pretty serious blocks, by bringing out some dolls to fulfill the roles of the characters. What is really odd is that so many of my dolls actually look like the characters I use them for - of course, that is what usually sells the doll or dolls to me in the first place. Only now, instead of scraps of fabric held together with safety pins and duct tape, I hem up quilter's fat quarters, and put my dolls into Technicolor Togas.

All she needs are the scale booze bottles and the lampshade and you have a toga party animal!
Like the young girl interviewed by her mom in the article I refer to above, I like to think I have a pretty healthy relationship with my dolls. While they are quite enjoyable to have around, particularly in my case as  muses, I have never unfavorably compared myself to them. I never wondered why I was not as pretty as Barb. I felt kind of sorry for her that she couldn't do what I could - move freely, change her own clothes, talk, read, or even have a mom and daddy who loved her.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Exclusives from Wilde Imagination Wilde Weekend

Available now from Wilde Imagination (and in limited quantities), you have the opportunity to scoop up a few of the exclusives from A Wilde Weekend, a few of the adorable dolls from the latest convention.

Shown above, Secret Garden Iris, it's Amber with red hair, gray eyes and applied lashes. She's limited to 200 and $185. Oh man, do I love her sour look! She's such a crab!

Secret Garden Daffodil is a blonde Prudence with painted green eyes and applied lashes. She's limited to 200 and $185. So cute!

All in green, Secret Garden Ivy is a dark brown haired Lizette with painted green eyes with lashes. She's also limited to 200 and $185. Lizette is gorgeous anyway--but this one--oh! I love her!

This set reminds me a little of Tonner's birds from the Flights of Fancy collection. Just be careful, or all three might show up in your doll cabinet, sort of unexpectedly!

Decadent Daydream is a resin Ellowyne with interchangeable blue eyes and a blonde wig. She's limited to 125 and $475. I love her outfit. (Whew! I'm so glad I wasn't there in person, since I'm a sucker for resin!)

Diggin Deeper Rufus has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He's limited to 100 and is $160. (Get it? Digging? Isn't he a mortician or something?) His outfit is just adorable.

Graveside Flowers is a resin Evangeline who stands 18.5" tall. She includes a blonde wig and inset blue eyes (I think they are changeable, but it doesn't specify on the website). She's limited to 200 and retails for $475. So glad to see her in resin again.

Weekend at the Manor Mortimer stands 19.5" tall, and he has inset blue eyes and raven hair. He's vinyl with 14 points of articulation. He's limited to 100 and $210. Wow--a new size--and with inset eyes that are actually life size. I'm really impressed!

Phin and Thea make an appearance as well. Both are limited to 150 and retail for $185. You can buy them as a set for $310. Their outfits are just amazing.

Amelia - Ouch! has inset green eyes is complete ball-jointed. She's limited to just 125 and retails for $150. (So sweet!)

Hamish - Little Gardener is limited to 125 and retails for $150 as well. His little gardening tools are included--and wait--do I see an open mouth? Cute!

Izzy - Flutterby is limited to 125 and retails for $150. Limited quantities are available! OK--she is adorable. Darker toned resin is really hard to pour--and it's great to see she's the same price.

Secret Garden Bag - This special doll bag is still available in limited quantities for $30.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Colbear by alington
Colbear, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Last but not least, it's Colbear. We call him Bear for short, since he's so big.

He's looking in the mirror here, and that's Antoinette there behind him. He follows Chanel and me around all day. He's a good kitty.

Nico and Dolls

Nico and Dolls by alington
Nico and Dolls, a photo by alington on Flickr.
One of my more terrifying doll photos--and in case I ever wonder where those runs in my doll photos come from... this is Nico, with Goldie and Alice.

Don't the dolls look nervous?

I can't believe I took this photo. It makes me feel like taking a Xanax.

Why I had to put my doll boxes away

While I'm posting doll/cat photos, here is an older photo of Chanel, our really expensive ocicat.

Really, really expensive now, since she ate a lily leaf--and those are poisonous to cats. Now, we never have anything but mint and catnip in the house, unless it's silk or plastic. Aye!

Did you know they can do blood transfusions between cats these days? OMG. But we just love this girl. She greets people who come to the door.

In this photo, she is lying in a box of doll clothing, which I don't leave out anymore.

Lily Pea, helping, helping, helping

"Generally, cats stay away from my dolls." Unless I get out the camera.

This is Lily, helping herself to a Rement latte. Which reminds me... It's 3:11 PM in California. Is it too early for a martini? If so, maybe I should start with a latte.

I should just add here--I've heard from several friends who have lost a lot of weight lately, just from cutting out calorie-laden drinks. I must say, KUDOS to you! I don't think I would stand a chance at that diet. I can do "lite" drinks, a.k.a., "skinny" drinks, but not water.

Sure, water in addition to what I'm already having. But I'd do much better on a liquids-only diet.

Save me from myself and the news!

Sweet Victory Natalia by alington
Sweet Victory Natalia, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Just kidding. I've posted an updated list of dolls-for-sale on my DollPage Show & Sell site (have I mentioned how great that site is today?), and I've lowered a few prices (including on Loni and Anja, since I'm dying to keep one).

Seriously, people. Take Natalia, Kyori, and Adele off my hands--quickly. I've deboxed by Vanessa and Vero this morning. It was awesome! I have to stop, LOL!

I think I'm on to Dasha next... Someone stop me before the news shows up at my door. (My goodness, how do NRFB-ers live? I could never do it!) I can see the headline:

Mother of Four Smothered to Death by Doll Boxes

Jem and the Holograms - Wave I

Integrity Toys and Hasbro is pleased to announce Wave 1 of Jem and the Holograms, now available to pre-order from your favorite Integrity Toys dealer, like Treasure Dolls. Dolls are estimated to ship November 2012.

First up and shown above, Classic Jem. Limited to 1000, retail $119. She has applied eyelashes, gorgeous pink hair, pink minidress with silver fringed belt, fishnet stockings, microphone with base, and doll stand.

Jerrica Benton is limited to 850 and retails for $119. This is the first time Jerrica (Jem by night) has been seen as a stand-alone doll. She includes a turquoise and white striped shirtdress, matching cap and pumps, purse, and doll-sized Jem album and music industry magazine.

Synergy is limited to 750 doll and retails for $119. This is the artificial intelligence 3D holograph projector, which transforms Jerrica into Jem--if you're not familiar with Jem's story. She includes a gift box containing JemStar earrings for Jerrica, an additional pair of metallic gloved hands and lavender colored hands. I have to say I adore her hair.

An Integrity release wouldn't be complete without the man candy. Rio Pacheco, Jerrica's boyfriend doesn't disappoint. (Check out those deck shoes!) He includes a pleather varsity jacket, pleated trousers, salmon t-shirt, and OMG a new wave watch (it looks like a Swatch!), duffle bag and backstage pass.

Seeing these photos makes me think of "Saved by the Bell." Like, OH my gaw-! Please tell me I never tried to get my hair that big.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New listings on the DollPage

Lemon Crush Loni Lawrence by alington
Lemon Crush Loni Lawrence, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Check out my listings on the DollPage Show & Sell page -- I've posted a few of the first items from Integrity Toys Tropicalia convention for sale, and there are lots of fun items available, and moving fast.

Check out Kathie's listings as well!

High Point Vanessa

High Point Vanessa by alington
High Point Vanessa, a photo by alington on Flickr.
New sculpt for Vanessa--I have additional real life photos of her uploaded to Flickr. I'd love to hear what other collectors think of her.

  1. Are you a fan of Vanessa (the original or resculpt)?
  2. How do you generally feel about open-mouth sculpt dolls?
  3. Did you like the resculpted version of Vanessa that was released previously?
  4. What do you think of this version of her?

Top sellers from Tonner Doll

Tonner's top selling dolls for the week ending September 29!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Viva Las Vegas MDCC Exclusive American Model

There are a few table centerpiece dolls remaining from the Modern Doll Collectors Convention (Las Vegas) in the Tonner Doll store - this lovely 22" American Model is called Viva Las Vegas and is limited to just 50. She retails for $350, and includes her gorgeous outfit.

Get her while you can!

By the way--this outfit will fit the new Peak's Woods Absolute Beauty Femme body perfectly!

Tonner Doll's Peeta from Hunger Games

Tonner Doll Company has uploaded its promo photos of Peeta, from the Hunger Games. This doll is limited to 1000 and is sculpted on the likeness of actor Josh Hutcherson. He retails for $169.99, and shipping date is still to be determined.

Tropicalia convention collection

The Tropicalia convention collection did not disappoint. Overall, I noticed a lot of nice jewelry accents, lots of great shoes, colorful prints, fun mix-n-match pieces, bold color combinations, and some interesting repeated mesh-over-satin bodices that have grown on me.

Let me introduce each of them to you, and then I'll give you my impressions.

Lady in Red Erin S.
A recently refreshed face, her hair is really soft and her mouth is closed (!). The first thing I noticed about this doll is her eyes. At first, I have to confess I wasn't thrilled with her super-low cut outfit (seeing the under-breast articulation isn't my favorite thing), but she's really adorable.

All White Now Collette D.
Interesting cut-outs on this asymmetric gown, Collette isn't in your basic white gown. Her hair was styled gorgeously on display, and her shoes! Oh my. I think they are my favorite.

Haute Société Véronique Perrin
Classic soft facial screening, Barbie blonde and blue-eyed, Vero's outfit is really lovely. It's a two-piece blouse and skirt, in gorgeous pastels, with the mesh overlay on the blouse that you'll see repeated in the Fashion Royalty line. Chunky jewelry and a fabulous bag complete this look.

Main Event Adele Makéda
Adele's reviews were mixed (from what I overheard in the salesroom), but I adore her wild hair. Again, the mesh overlay is seen on her structured asymmetric dress, and it includes great details, like a belt, and some fabulous hourglass seaming. The softer colors were a lovely surprise.

Peak Season Kyori Sato
Dressed for a casual day shopping, a lovely blonde Kyori (is this a refreshed sculpt?) makes an appearance in higher waisted slacks, and a sleeveless blouse with a mesh panel. Again, we see repeated floral themes in her jewelry, and a fabulous bag.

I have to confess--I'm not usually a huge Kyori fan, but I really love this doll.

Sweet Victory Natalia Fatalé
Bolder red mixed with soft pastels, this outfit is really cute. I love the embroidered on the suit jacket, and the details of the "alligator" purse. Natalia has a softer facial screening in the eyes, I think, and casually styled long wavy hair.

Infallible Dasha FR:Squared
Fabulous accessories and shoes combined with a bold royal blue draped dress give Dasha an elegant feel. Her hair is also surprisingly casual and down--but I think it's a nice overall look. The gown is just amazing.

Hot Dots Poppy Parker gift set
The most highly anticipated doll for me--Poppy didn't disappoint. She looks more grown up and a little more sultry with her hair pulled back and more sleepy facial screening. She includes a shorts set, bag, and swimsuit, plus wedge shoes and lots of jewelry.


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