Monday, August 25, 2008

Found more photos from the latest Tonner Event

Be sure to check out these fabulous photos from the Tonner Event by Terri Gold, featuring even more gorgeous photos than the ones on Tonner's blog!  I particularly love the shots of the American Models and Ellowyne Wilde collection, which I actually have yet to see in person (I'm very afraid).  Enjoy these gorgeous shots!

Just a note--it turns out Terri Gold is a fashion doll collector and a photographer, and she has a blog!  Check out her blog--it's amazing!

I found this site while doing a search for more photos of the exclusive Rapunzel (FAO Schwarz) doll.  She still has not been released, but it should be with the next Fall/Winter catalog.  She will definitely need join my collection!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

More new releases on Tonner's website

I was thrilled to find more new releases (and photos) on Tonner's website this morning!  Here is a list and a few photos, but visit the Fall/Holiday 2008 catalog for their full line:
  • The DeeAnna Denton™ collection -- Using the athletic Lara Croft 17" figure with high heel feet, this brand new line features glamorous fifties fashion and both basic and dressed dolls.
  • Sleeping Beauty -- Based on Disney's classic movie, Aurora is offered in both her pink ball gown and as Briar Rose.  Maleficent is still one of my favorite villains of all time, however!
  • Marley Wentworth -- New Ultrabasic dolls and adorable outfits will be available soon.
  • New York City Ballet -- In addition to the previously announced Marie and Snowflake dolls, Spanish Hot Chocolate, dressed in gorgeous rich browns, golds and pastel blue is the newest delicious offering.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean -- No photo is available yet, but Tia Dalma has been announced and will be coming soon.
  • DC Stars -- The Women of Power series dolls, exclusive to Tonner Direct, will be coming soon.  These ballroom gala versions of Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Mera and the Black Canary are limited editions, and appeal to both the comic enthusiast and fashion doll collector alike.  I can't help but admire the feathers on the Black Canary's gown.
  • Tyler Wentworth -- Her new fashion lines, Candy & Flowers (LE 300) and Chocolate Truffle are now available for preview online.
  • Jeremy Voss -- No photo available yet, but Penny Lane (LE 250), a new dressed doll, will be available.
  • Regina Collection -- New for this collection, Stella makes a new appearance in Gilt Glamour.  Plus, be sure to check out Carrie's (not Layne's) latest appearance, Kir Royale.
  • Wizard of Oz -- A Basic Wicked Witch of the East makes her appearance to the cast, as well as an en-pointe Emilie, who appears as Dorothy, in Chassé Down the Yellow Brick Road, in this interesting addition to Glinda En Pointe and Dance of the Witch.
  • American Models -- A few new additions, including an adorable shoe three-pack, a Dinner Date outfit (including brocade pants and charmeuse top), and the Little Black Dress.
Enjoy your browsing.  Many shops, including Still Plays With Dolls and Dreamcastle Dolls are offering some great pre-ordering specials, when you place your orders now, so don't delay!  Happy shopping!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Sydneys

I'm thrilled to announce the arrival of several new Sydneys to my collection. I'm surprised at some of the variety, even within the same sculpt.

First, Opening Night Sydney, an Ebay find. I had to steam her dress and shawl, and I washed out the goop in her hair before displaying her. She's gorgeous.

Next, Sydney Panache, a rooted short haired doll, whom I found nude from The Doll Peddlar. She was a steal, and in great condition. I still need to find a decent outfit for her: I just threw on an outfit I had lying around so she would be decent for photos.

Finally, I added Sydney on the Rocks to my collection. She's a limited edition doll, exclusive available through Chelsea's Collector Cottage in Australia. She was listed on sale for just $59.95 (shipping is pretty pricey, though--so buyer beware!) last week. I think she may be my new favorite doll. Her face is rounder than the other Sydney dolls I have, and her skin is very pale. I love her outfit and her dress, though I broke her earrings trying to put them in, and I will need to restring them.

My very first Tonner

In my opinion, the very first doll you receive holds a special place in your collection. Mine, a repainted original straight arm Tyler, was commission for me as a birthday gift from my husband. It's Liv Tyler as Arwen, from Lord of the Rings. She even has sculpted ears.

Now, I have other dolls in my collection wearing finished removable clothing that isn't made from polyester fabric, and possibly with better facial paint. But I was mesmerized by this doll when I first received her. And I still love her as part of my collection, even if she can't pose as well as some of my other dolls.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Devereaux Sisters are here!

Available now, exclusively from Tonner Direct, the Devereux Sisters have made their debut. Two basic dolls (open editions), Louise and Renée, both new sculpts, are ready to show off the best of 1920s flapper fashion. Three complete outfits are available to purchase now, with one more coming in mid-September. The outfits are limited editions of 250 pieces. Basic Louise is modeling Song of the Evening in mauve, shown on the right. Two gorgeous dressed dolls are also available, limited editions of 500. Renée is shown below with platinum hair, dressed in elegant black lace and chiffon.

If you love this collection, you can order the Ultimate Devereaux Sisters Collection, the complete line for $679.99, for a savings of $120.

These dolls feature the smaller bustline of the New York City Ballet collection, Euphemia and Sayuri, so they may not be able to share Tyler Wentworth's clothing.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Last update on new product postings...

This is a new line called DeeAnna Denton, deisgned for the 17" athletic female body (larger than Tyler, similar to the Lara Croft body, only with high heeled feet. Her style is glamourous 1950s haute couture.
From the Pirates of the Caribbean line (Disney movie), this is Will Turner, also a production version. I'm pleased to finally be able to see him as well. I bet we'll start seeing Legolas repaints as soon as this doll is released!
From the Harry Potter Series, Professor Severus Snape in his production form. He'll be close to 19" tall, and an excellent likeness.
As the previous line of Tiny Kitty dolls had not been produced, I thought this line had been cancelled. I am thrilled to see they are not! She's back! Here she is in Blue Dream--however, she will now be released on Effanbee's website.
Last we have a Luna Lovegood prototype (which still need approval before production) from the Harry Potter series. Look carefully at the man standing behind Luna--I think it might be Dumbledore!

There are more pictures and movies on the Tonner Doll blog--so be sure to check it out. I posted the items that are of most interest to me. So enjoy--I look forward to reading your comments.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

More new releases: BJDs and Fairy Tales

Continuing on from Saturday's open house, we were able to see some gorgeous candids of the new Tonner ball-jointed dolls. Two are already on sale. Above, Tyler is available through Angelic Dreamz (this place often has great specials) and Cherished Friends (I've shopped from them before, and their service is fantastic). According to the blog, Tyler is showing off the new RTW Floral Truffle Boutique seperates. I just love her hands!
Next on the BJD list is Ashleigh, who is exclusive to Two Daydreamers. (I'm shopped with them before and had a good experience with them as well.) Ashleigh is also modeling seperates from the Floral Truffle Boutique collection. I love the pockets on this coatdress.
Available to pre-order now (exclusively through Bearzabout), this BJD Sydney Chase prototype seems to have maintained her almost haughty pout. I can't wait to see more images of this doll.
My two girls were most excited by this doll--a limited edition FAO Schwarz exclusive Rapunzel. She will be featured in the Fall/Holiday catalog this year, and she features the Breathless sculpt. I'm sure she'll make a great addition to our fairy tale characters this Christmas! (I'm excited to see that she isn't blonde, actually.)
From Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Snow Queen, Tonner Doll's Tess sculpt takes on a wintery ethereal look as the evil Snow Queen of this fairy tale. It was one of my favorite tales as a child--because it is the girl who rescues the boy, and a triumph of love over greed. Plus this doll would be great friends with the White Witch of Narnia.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

More new releases at the unveiling!

This weekend was the unveiling of the Devereux Sisters at the Tonner Company Store. While I wasn't able to attend, I did pick up some of the details from the blog. I'm thrilled with the surprise additions to the current Fall/Winter catalog and some sneak previews for next year. I'll post some photos here, but you should also visit the blog yourself for the full scoop!

Here is the new Kir Royale Layne, which in fact uses the Carrie sculpt. She is wearing the red chiffon dress, and will be a new addition to the Regina Collection.

Next, of course, is the exciting debut of the 1920s Devereux Sisters, Louise and Renée. Both are new sculpts, and these dolls will only be available through the Tonner Company Store direct. I was hoping that their release would mean that they would be available for sale now, but apparently, that is not the case. I saw Angelic Dreamz actually was able to snag a couple of basic dolls and outfits for resale this weekend, and had them up for sale (at what I hope was inflated prices) on their website yesterday, but the dolls are already sold out. I'm really excited about this line!

To my surprise, the next new line is Disney's Sleeping Beauty, featuring Princess Aurora and Maleficent, the evil fairy. While I was always partial to Sleeping Beauty's blue gown, I'm thrilled to see this movie added to the collection. While no other outfits were previewed, I can foresee the addition of a blue gown and a peasant-style Briar Rose outfit, plus Prince Phillip and a spinning wheel, and a bed as props for this collection! According to the blog, Aurora uses the Lana sculpt, which was new for this year. I think that's an interesting choice--I really like this sculpt: it's older than some of the other sculpts, which gives Aurora a serene look. I'd love to see a version of this doll that is asleep, similar to the Sleeping Beauty Sydney that is on my Grails list.

More to come in my next blog post--enjoy!
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Devereux Sister Unveiling...

If you can't be there in person, be sure to visit the newest Tonner blog to get your name entered for a drawing for free product!

August 9 is the big day!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tyler Grails

Now that I'm on the subject of grails, let me move onto Tyler grails. Here's a list of Tyler dolls I'd love to have at some point, but ones I will probably not add to my collection anytime soon!

Vienna Waltz, 2001 LE 350
Just love her gown, blue eyes and red hair. This is an original body, straight arm Tyler. She's from the Collector's United Nashville convention. Again, she'd fit in with my historical dolls.

Romance, LE 500 - Gown only
I already have the signed doll, I just need the outfit. One of my first Tylers, she's one of my favorites.

La Mode 1920s - Violette and Bordeaux LE 250
Two more girls from the Paris Fashion Doll Festival in 2002, these 1920s ladies would fit in with my historical collection. They have the original arms. I have to say, I've never seen either of these dolls for sale.

Midsummer's Night Dream LE 300
This Modern Doll Collectors Convention doll will go great with Titania Sydney in my fantasy collection.

Autumn Weekend Tyle Centerpiece LE 300
From the 2005 Collector's United Atlanta convention, this Tyler needs to find a home with me mostly because of her adorable hair.

Another doll from the 2007 Paris Fashion Doll Festival, I've seen this beauty for sale ranging from $500 to $900. I don't think she will ever make it into my collection--but wow--that's what puts her on my list of grails! Mademoiselle a la Mode
This Tyler dolls was created for the 2008 Paris Fashion Doll Festival, and was limited to 100 pieces. I've seen her ranging in price from $300-600 as well. Right now, I see her listed at Two Day Dreamers for $350, and I am tempted. (Am I crazy?) I figure she would make a terrific lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette.
Update: September 30, 2008: She's been added to my collection. I found her for way less than that price directly from the Doll Expo in France. She's even more gorgeous in person--and her gown is celadon green, not gray.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

My Sydney Grails

Every doll collector has to have a few grail dolls on her list. The "grail" requirements are that the doll:
  1. is hard to find.
  2. is expensive.
  3. would fit into your collection perfectly.
While poking around on Tonner's archives, I found a few Sydney dolls I consider grails. Here they are:

Sleeping Beauty Set
She was a special edition from the 2006 IDEX show. It doesn't say on Tonner's site how many of these were actually made--but I have never seen one for sale. Isn't she gorgeous? She would fit in with the Blue Fairy and White Witch I have in my fantasy collection.

Stroke of Midnight
From the 2005 Modern Doll Collectors convention, I may have seen this doll for sale on Ebay at one point. Convention dolls are always listed for a lot of money--since collectors often try to earn back convention fees. This Sydney/Cinderella would also fit perfectly in my fantasy collection.

Titania Sydney
She was limited to 300, this doll occasionally shows up for sale on Ebay as well--never in my price range. She's a Modern Doll Collectors convention doll from 2004.

Sydney of the Seasons #1 - Autumn Sonata
From 2005, this doll is from the UFDC National Convention, limited to 350. I love her chic short hair! The elegant draping of her chiffon gown would fit in nicely with my more modern dolls, such as Dreams.
Haute Coleures Sydney
Limited to 200, this doll if from the 2006 Paris Fashion Doll Festival. She would also fit right in with the Dreams doll (as well as Autumn Sonata). I've seen both of these dolls for sale at the Doll Peddlar, though not exactly at prices I want to pay!

Sydney DecoDance
This special edition doll was created for the Rosalie Whyel Museum. She'd fit in with my historical dolls. I just think she's gorgeous!
Update: August 2008: Sydney made her way into my collection, directly from the Rosalie Whyel Museum. I figured her cost was a donation to a good cause--to the museum.

La Belle Mademoiselle
This doll was produced for the Paris Fashion Doll Festival in 2008. She was a limited edition of only 100 pieces. I'm sure you can see why she's on my my grails list. She also has a companion Tyler doll (Mademoiselle a la Mode) who would also love a home with my dolls!
Update: September 30, 2008: She's been added to my collection. I found her for way less than that price directly from the Doll Expo in France. She's even more gorgeous in person.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Preview: Fall/Holiday Collection from Tonner Doll Company

Be sure to check out the preview of the new Tonner Doll Fall/Holiday collection, now posted on My wishlist is quickly outstripping my budget, but I will add a few of my new favorites here:
  • Tyler Wentworth: Pulp Fiction (Sydney with short raven hair), Sun-Kissed Sophisticate (Shauna/Queen of Hearts sculpt--love this doll), Crimson on the Park (brunette (updated) Tyler sculpt), Belladonna (Sydney).
  • Wizard of Oz: Dance of the Witch and Glinda En Point (two new ballerina, en-point dolls), Witchcraft (Miss Gulch), Goodness and Gossamer (Glinda--she will be joining my collection), Winkie Guard (new sculpt)
  • The Devereaux Sisters: exclusive to TonnerDirect, they will be released in the Tonner Company store on August 9. Gorgeous 1920s flapper sisters, check them out online.
  • Joan Crawford: An amazing likeness! A basic brunette doll, platinum dressed doll, two red-haired dressed dolls, and two gorgeous outfits are available.
  • Agnes Dreary: Sister Dreary Mistletoe Mishap (I hope I can get my hands on this doll), Viktor in Scary Christmas and Agnes in Naughty or Nice
  • The Regina Collection: Opulent Affair (Jac sculpt) and Orchestral Opening (blonde Angelina)
  • Alice in Wonderland: Raven Queen of Hearts with the King of Hearts, adorable Winter Wonderland Alice
  • Re-Imagination: Cynders, Cinderella reimagined (Renee Devereaux sculpt with platinum hair), Mummy Dearest (Supergirl with auburn/white hair)
  • The Snow Queen: Another new line based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, there's a brand new sculpt for the Snow Queen, and two 12" tall children, Kai and Gerda (I'm not sure if Gerda is a new sculpt--she looks a bit like a brunette Alice to me).
  • New York City Ballet: Snowflake (auburn Emilie head sculpt) and Marie (12" Alice head sculpt)
Other dolls of interest:
  • American Models: Basic African-American and Raven, plus La Belle Francaise (red hair) and Chambord (blonde)
  • Friday Foster: A new line based on the 1970s comic strip, and finally a new African-American sculpt: Tonner offers a basic version, two dressed dolls and two funky outfits to start your collection. I love the look (and the patent leather boots) of Thank God It's Friday.
  • Dick Tracy: Dick Tracy (new sculpt, 17", molded hair), Breathless, Tess (both new sculpts) in basic and dressed versions.
  • DC Stars: new additions include Superman, Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman, exclusive to Tonner Direct and available now), and the Black Canary (blonde Tess sculpt)
My personal favorites:
From the Tyler Wentworth collection, I particularly love Sun-kissed (shown above in yellow). Her hair is razor-cut saffron; there's a close-up on the Tonner Doll website. This is the Queen of Hearts sculpt: a mature sculpt, which I just love. I was also delighted to see the new Tyler with brunette hair and blue eyes, which is a hard combination to find. And of course, Sydney is always lovely.
From the Wizard of Oz line, I don't own any Glindas yet, and as much as I've been wanting the Blue Skies Glinda, I think Goodness and Gossamer will be making her arrival into my collection upon her release.
I love Tonner's new historical lines, if I can call them that, with the Devereaux Sisters and Joan Crawford. Since I already have some historical dolls, I'm sure these ladies will find it cozy at my house as well. For the first time, I'm also finding myself intrigued by Mistletoe Mishap (Sister Dreary)--be sure to click on her picture to see the pleating detail of her gown.
Along those same gothic lines... the Snow Queen and Cynders have also both captured my attention from the Re-Imagination line. I just love the details and goth look of their outfits.
I'd love to read your comments, which are your favorites or on your wish list?
Enjoy your shopping--many doll shops are accepting pre-orders already. I give Dreamcastle Dolls an A+ for both customer service and prices--plus, if you like a doll but not the outfit (or the outfit and not the doll) she will offer splits on most dolls as well. It's a great deal all around.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.


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