Monday, July 28, 2014

NBCC 2014 convention doll

I can't believe I forgot to post photos of these lovely girls on our last night!

By Artist Creations, I can't decide which version I like more. New Year's Eve was the dinner's theme, and both are amazing!

And the Caucasian is another redhead this year! I'm stoked! But I think the African American version rocks the dress even better. How to decide...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The mikes are waaaay too loud, and no, I don't have a hangover. Above is even more chocolate cake with white chocolate logos on them. We also got a teeny bit champagne. The menu is below!

Now, how did lipstick get on DH's bourbon glass? I'm sort of like the taste tester.
For reals, I left next year's registration at our hotel. He went all the way back up to get them for me! Isn't he great? The least I can do is sample the bourbon and make sure it isn't poisonous!
Just a shoutout--Johnny, the bartender here at the Marriott Regency, is a real sweetheart. In fact, most of the staff is great!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Charity auction event

Rather painful charity auction only offered five dolls. It didn't go any faster, though. Next time, I'll be emptying my 401k to participate and move things along. I thought my dear husband was going to poke his eye out with a fork. Beautiful dolls, though!

Ninimomo Statue of Liberty theme - something patriotic - Sherry Martin designed the acrylic display  like always.
Final bid: $3700

Halloween Italy Magia 2000 - spiders are good luck, and represent health and money in Italy. 100s of hours of effort into doll--Swarovski crystal and beading
Final bid: $6000

Matt Sutton - Silkstone brunette, repaint, called Perchance to Dream - silk and lace, sweetheart neck, signature bow sash, sea green eyes with warm pink lip
Final bid: $3500

Artist Creations - Silkstone with black lace over blush, doll inspired by their home city, Rome. Hand embroidered lace and Swarovski Crystal. The Great Beauty.
Final bid: $3400

Untitled Robert Best - Mattel hired Carlyle four years ago, and this is his first auction doll. She was dressed in a black and white dress, deep v-neck, raven hair. (Carlyle is active on Flickr, BTW.) Doll's gown is beaded ombré fringe. She uses the Stephen Burrows sculpt in the peace skin tone with blue and black hair. She is called Evangelice
$3000 starting bid
Plus Bill Greening will deliver first Cherry Pie doll to your door (not really!)
Final bid: $9000

Total auction for Vanderbilt Children's Hospital: $25,600

Sorry--I didn't get photos of the dolls this year. So crowded in the room, and we had nose bleed seats. Can't wait to see additional designs from Carlyle, though! His doll was fabulous.

Friday night dinner: isn't it supposed to be the live auction tonight? Food was great, though I may have gotten regular coffee. I'll find out shortly!

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I forgot to mention I picked up my special bag of BFC goodies yesterday. It included the brunette FAO Schwarz doll, the Superstar journal, an iPhone 4 case, and a rhinestone bracelet key ring.

Additionally--at the valentine's luncheon, each attendee was given a set of the latest (perhaps?) Barbie and Ken Dreamhouse series 2-pack doll sets. I donated mine to the room service maid, as my shopping has gotten a little out of control! ;) Plus, her daughter would enjoy the set much more than I would, I think.

My Funny Valentine Luncheon
Chicken was indeed on the menu, but so was a salad with bleu cheese dressing. The cake for dessert was delicious, and unfortunately, I didn't hear a thing about the center pieces, though it was raffled to a person at our table.
Kmart donated reusable shopping bags as well as coupons that look like they can be used online or in person.

Mattel graciously sponsored the entertainment, and we got a sneak peek at a new reproduction/revival/prequel series starting up summer 2015 called Willows, WI. Cherry Pie Picnic (if I got her name right) is the first in the series and uses the vintage sculpt with golden blonde pigtails! She's wearing denim capris and includes a pie with removable slices. She will be a direct exclusive and oh, was she cute! It was my understanding that photos weren't allowed, so I didn't take any. This is Barbie before she became the supermodel.
Additionally, we were each given a box of shoes (!!), two pink acrylic ghost chairs, a cd of the songs performed during the performance (I couldn't help thinking of Bye, Bye, Birdie), and $50 to spend in the salesroom.
A little more room shopping...

A gorgeous enhanced FR:Nippon Amelie by Rob Thompson that I've been ogling since the FR convention. Yes, her hair is periwinkle. So glad I was able to add her to my collection!

OOTB Designs is one of the most exciting new design teams I've met this year!

They've bravely debuted their collection here, which took two years to create, with price points ranging from about $200 to $700, the average piece $300-350.

Mine, OOTB1015, was inspired by Chanel's runway hair bows. Her collar is actually pins--pointing away from her body like a cage. Her faux leather dress is cut and designed from a single piece of fabric, with all beading (and jewelry) done by hand.

What really impressed me by Jean-Huy and Shay Miller is their transparency. They track the cost of each item for each doll doll, as well as (rather depressingly) the number of work hours that go into each doll.
The certificate guarantees my doll is truly a one-of-a-kind--no color or sculpt variation will ever be made. If they do, they promise to refund the original customer (me!) the full original purchase price.

This design team wants to keep their work in-house--they need to know where the design originates, which supplies are used, and so forth. They look at their dolls as true works of art. As do I. It's hard not to, especially once exposed to them in person.

OMG! I own a Paintbox!

I just don't know why she called my name!

True, a model muse--and the silkstones go like hot cakes. But this one--oh. Perfect!
In the salesroom:

Do you recognize her? Western Stampin' Tera Lynn! Formerly with lots of frizzy wavy hair, styled in a super chic perfect long classic swirl ponytail! I had to pick up a second (third in my collection) in the salesroom today!

I see a future Mattel designer here. Amazing!
Room shopping last night

Is it Johnny Jay? $50 includes a full reroot in the "color she should have been. Kathie saw her and picked her up for me!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Registration bag goodies:

Be sure to check out pg 31 of Haute Doll magazine for an interesting article, which include two of my photos. So now you know... You should be on your best behavior if you see me taking notes or with a camera in my hand. ;) The pin is cute this year, too:

My daughter will be thrilled with this record player, I'm sure!

I wish my dolls had less expensive taste! ;)
Did you know my dolls collect vintage Barbie cases and licensed products?

One very good sport

The best Ken here, and sorry, ladies, he's taken. :)
Patita Taylor fashion

Fashion photo pj--unbelievable price from AMC collectibles!

Let the room shopping begin!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Back from IFDC

Poppy Parker

Poppy Parker

These two (Agent Lotta Danger and Spy-A-Go-Go) are shipping this week. And I'm off to Barbie! Feel free to check out my photos on Flickr.

I used a lighter camera this year, as I'm still recovering from neck surgery, and I just couldn't carry my usual heavy-weight camera with me as usual. I'm terribly disappointed with the quality, but I just didn't have time to learn.

Yep, I really did just blame my drug-induced state on the different camera. ;) My advice--while it's nice to have someone else make your bed, I have a hard time saying no to any activity at convention. I don't know if attending a doll convention was so very smart for my recovery. I'm absolutely exhausted!

At any rate--you can see the collection of IFDC photo here.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Jamieshow Marlena

This is Marlena. She was one of the sculpts introduced last night (1 of 5 dolls available for purchase) by JAMIEshow.
To stay up to date on what's going on here at IFDC, check out my tumblr account! I'll be posting from there as "live" as I can get.

Monday, July 7, 2014

If I worked for Mattel... Betsey Johnson Barbie #2

Betsey Johnson Barbie #2

Betsey Johnson floor length evening gown / Betsey Johnson black high heel shoes / Betsey johnson tote / Betsey Johnson bracelet watch / Betsey Johnson vintage crystal necklace / Betsey Johnson flower bracelet / Betsey Johnson vintage heart jewelry / Betsey johnson perfume

Yep. I'd do two versions of this Betsey Johnson Barbie, if I worked for Mattel. This one would have more of a punky, evening vibe--featuring a floor-length, polka-dot tulle gown (without glitter, thank you very much), sparkling vintage-feel jewels, and a little spice with (neutral) leopard print.

This doll would probably have pink hair, I think.

I think I might be working in the wrong field, here, at home, doing laundry. ;)

If I could make a Betsey Johnson Barbie...

Betsey Johnson Barbie #1

Betsey Johnson dress / Betsey Johnson intimate / Betsey Johnson robe / Betsey Johnson peep toe pumps / Betsey johnson purse / Betsey johnson jewelry / Betsey Johnson bracelet charm / Betsey Johnson watch / Betsey Johnson drop earrings / Betsey Johnson beauty product

If I worked at Mattel, I'd do my best to collaborate with Betsey Johnson to create a Barbie using her style of products.

Notice a few things:

  • This version uses pastel shades and floral prints--the softer side of Betsey.
  • She includes a floral day dress as well as a set of PJs (robe and nightie).
  • Her jewelry is a little over-the-top and fabulous!
  • Her bag and wedges are almost neutral and would look great restyled with other pieces.
  • She even includes a miniature version of Betsey's signature fragrance, Too Too Pretty.
Oh yes. I see it in the near future!

New Barbie Collector promo code!

Shop during Pink Week at Barbie Collector and save an additional 20% off everything on the Pink Week shelf with the code PW2014 at check out.

Now is the perfect time to pick up Trina Turk Barbie  for $39.99) (and her accessories), and check out the low prices on The Queen of Constellations - she retails at $100, on sale for just $59.99. Have fun!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Barbie - How I'd restyle her.

This is how I'd style Barbie, if I were given the chance. Scroll through the photos below, and you can see the wardrobe I've selected. And why hasn't there been a Betsey Johnson Barbie yet? Wouldn't that be perfect?

I've been staying far away from Polyvore lately, due to budget restrictions and how much I recently spent on Urban Decay products at the Ulta store recently. (Why can't I just have one hobby?) But really... when you change your hair color as often as I do, you sort of need to update your wardrobe and makeup. Right?

Anyway--let me know what you think. And try it out! Polyvore is a LOT of fun. :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tonner's first Pop-Up sale

It starts now--enter the promo code POP14 at checkout and save 25% off your order and enjoy free shipping. I think you can only save the 25% on the items listed at this link. Plus free shipping applies to domestic ground only. Here are the exclusions:
Promo not valid on Renesmee, Twilight Dance, Pink Peppermint Patsy.  Expires 7/2 at noon eastern.  Free Shipping is domestic and ground only.  International friends, email your order number to for a $9.95 shipping credit.  Not to be combined with any other offers.  Please note any discounted or sale items are NOT eligible for Layaway.
So you saw that, right? It expires tomorrow, July 2, at 12 noon, EST.

New Wake-Up Momoko: Azone Specials

Sekiguchi has teamed up with Azone again to release some darling wake-up dolls.  The outfit appears to be the same as the previous Azone special Momoko, just in a different fabric.  Wake-up Momoko after often a great way to do a little more Momoko collecting on a budget, since they typically cost less than most Momoko.  Wake-up dolls come with a basic outfit and no shoes.

Azone special WUD #002 is the young lady with blue eyes and Azone special WUD #003 is the Momoko with reddish eyes.

What do you think of these two ladies?  They are listed at 5,800 yen and will be available in July 2014.  They can be purchased through doll dealers. 

Want some special designs for you Momoko?  I provide lots of dolly attire.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.
Picture courtesy of Sekiguchi.

Momoko: A Cradle of Waves

Cute, cute, cute!  Two new Sekiguchi Momoko are coming out soon, wearing sweet little matching lingerie sets.  Both have short sun-kissed hair and one of them is a tan doll!  The blond is the Ripple version and the tan doll is the Surf version.  It would also appear that their shoes are partly clear. 

Interested in buying one (or both) of these young ladies?  They are listed for 12,800 yen and can be purchased through doll dealers. They should be released in July 2014.

Want some special designs for you Momoko?  I provide lots of dolly attire.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.  

Picture courtesy of Sekiguchi.


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