Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fantasy Masquerade Sydney Gift Set on sale

2011 20th Anniversary Convention Exclusive
Have you been looking to add the 20th Anniversary Convention Exclusive, Fantasy Masquerade Sydney to your collection? It's on sale now, just a few damaged boxes, from Tonner Direct. It's a limited edition of 350, regularly priced at $350, for just $250. What a steal!

You can see the box damage on the listing at Tonner Direct as well. I have this doll and she is oh-so-lovely. She is wigged, and includes two wigs, two outfits, a plastic bustier, a mask, one pair of shoes, and a stand. And her wig really does look like the promo photo. She's gorgeous.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cherished Friends Chrys & Rose exclusives on clearance!

If you're an Antoinette or Cami&Jon™ fan, check out the clearance sale at Cherished Friends!

  • Rose (Suzette sculpt), brown eyes, bloom skin tone and blonde hair - regularly $99.99, sale $64.99
  • Chrys (Stella sculpt), green eyes, cameo skin tones and brunette hair - regularly $99.99, sale $64.99
  • Exclusive Up and Out fashion, regularly $119.99, sale $59.99

It's a great deal!

Photos property of Tonner Doll Company.

Exclusive Rose Basic Blonde - Suzette sculpt on Antoinette body
Exclusive Chrys Basic Brunette, Stella sculpt on Antoinette body

Up and Out fashion, exclusive to Cherished Friends
Designed for Antoinette body

More auctions on eBay

Sun Lovin' Malibu Christie
I've decided to go through my doll collection on a weekly basis, and I've begun the screening and sorting process.

I've got a couple more auctions ready to go, and they are now listed on eBay. You'll find several hard to find dolls, including nine Steffie-faced girls, as well as DeeAnna Denton Bye Bye Baby for sale. Some are priced to move, and a few are priced at their current list value. (Well, a little below.)

Please check out my listings when you have a chance!

Monday, August 29, 2011

How To Post Your Barbie For Sale!

How To Post Your Barbie For Sale!

This is a fantastic resource for those of you looking to sell your Barbie collection. You can post links to your eBay auctions, DollPage listings, Craigslist auctions and other for-sale listings with photos on the Barbies4Sale blog.

You all should subscribe to Ken's blog, too--first, because he's a great guy. Second, because you're bound to find something you "need" for your own collection on here. And it's free! Both to post and browse. You can't beat that.

Give it a try. And don't forget to click on the ads while you're there. (It's only polite.)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

JAMIEshow anyone?

I know I'm a little late to the game here, but there are some fantastic sales on JAMIEshow dolls at Angelic Dreams--only a few left!

I'm super tempted by Kyra, listed at just $295 for the dressed dolls. She's just gorgeous. There are only six left as of this morning! Her gown looks like an Atelier Soda creation, which in the BJD world goes for no less than $210. It's fabulous!

There is a friend in our doll group, Shirley, who has two of these dolls--and I have to say, they are very versatile and quite lovely. This would be an ideal time to pick up one of these lovely ladies!

Two hours left on eBay!

Pop Life Kelly by alington
Pop Life Kelly, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Take a peek within the next two hours on my fabulous eBay auctions - some of the dolls still don't have a single bid, and start at just $24.99, including this fabulous pivotal body Steffie-faced Pop Life Kelly.

Others include DotW India, German, Peruvian, Hispanic Barbie (she is really gorgeous!), Happy New Year Barbie from 1995 and 1996 (in the red and pink kimonos), and the 1982 Barbie & Friends gift set, including a hard-to-find PJ, screened just like Dream Date PJ, only dressed in fabulous 1980s era casuals.

All are NRFB with varying box conditions, from my smoke-free and cat-friendly home. Most of my devoted readers know I have a generous return-policy as well.

Thanks for looking, and thanks for your support. I'm hoping to find extra-special homes for my special Steffie-faced girls!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Barbie & Friends 3-doll set

Barbie & Friends 3-doll set by alington
Barbie & Friends 3-doll set, a photo by alington on Flickr.
My latest eBay listings close tomorrow--only one day left to bid. Several of the dolls don't have any bids on them yet, and this is a great chance to get some had to find Steffies at good prices!

My current auctions list the following NRFB dolls:
  • Dolls of the World India 1982, starting at $24.99 one bid!
  • Dolls of the World German 1986, first edition, starting at $24.99 no bids!
  • Dolls of the World Peruvian 1986, starting at $24.99 no bids!
  • Dolls of the World Hispanic Barbie 1979, first edition, $26.99, two bids!
  • 1995 Happy New Year Barbie (Japanese), first edition, starting at $24.99 no bids!
  • 1996 Happy New Year Barbie (Japanese), second edition, starting at $24.99 one bid!
  • 2009 Pop Life Kelly (on the pivotal body), starting at $24.99 no bids!
  • 1982 Barbie & Friends gift set - with PJ, Ken and Barbie, starting at $75.00 no bids!
Lots more photos on Flickr, too. My home is non-smoking and cat-friendly. Box conditions vary, so please look at the photos and ask questions.

Thanks so much for your support. If you follow my BJDs for Beginners blog, you might know I'm selling these to help pay for a new tan Lady Bee BJD. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

UFDC Cami & Jon exclusives available at TonnerDirect!

Party All Night Cami
 Limited remaining quantities of this UFDC exclusive dolls (limited to 125 each) are available now from Tonner Direct. Priced at just $149.99, these dolls are dressed in bright party outfits, which are sure to brighten up any collector's collection.

Photos property of Tonner Doll Company.
Party All Night Jon 
Party All Night Andy

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday product release: Tonner Doll Company

Sag Harbor, outfit for Cami & Jon™ and Antoinette
Four new items have been released today and area available to order from your favorite Tonner Doll Company dealer:
  • Sag Harbor, retail $59.99, a new outfit from the Cami & Jon™ collection, arriving early September
  • Uchi-Soto, retail $179.99, a new dressed Aiko doll from the Freedom for Fashion™ line, arriving early September
  • Ms. Marvel, retail $149.99, a new dressed Marvel Comics character figure, arriving early September
  • 22" waist gripping stand for American Model dolls, arriving this week.
The items are available from Tonner Doll, but also available at dealer prices as well.

Photos property of Tonner Doll Company.
Uchi-Soto, dressed doll

Ms. Marvel dressed doll

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fashion's Night Out Exclusive Doll

Jason Wu has done an exclusive doll for Bergdorf Goodman the past 2 years and this year's is up on the website ready for preordering! This is to celebrate Fashion's Night Out that is taking place on September 8th in NYC.  You can purchase the doll there and have Jason Wu sign it as well.

 I don't have any additional info on the type of doll or face sculpt, but if you'd like to order click HERE.

**photos are property of Integrity Toys/Bergdorf Goodman**

Here is the original Jason Wu outfit

Steffies of the day: on eBay!

1979 Hispanic Barbie by alington
1979 Hispanic Barbie, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Please check out my latest eBay listings, if you are a Steffie fan! I've decided to sell off a few of my Steffie dolls--I have them coming out my ears.

My current auctions list the following NRFB dolls:
Lots more photos on Flickr, too. My home is non-smoking and cat-friendly. Box conditions vary, so please look at the photos and ask questions!

Queen V for trade?

Queen V for trade? by alington
Queen V for trade?, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Hello, dear readers--

I thought I'd post a little feeler out there. I've got this gorgeous Queen V Véronique doll--deboxed but complete--and I'd like to trade her for one of your Vanessa dolls:
  • Poesie Sans Couleur
  • Luxe Life
  • Glow 
  • Flame Bleue
Your doll can be removed from box and displayed. I'll probably ask for photos.

I'll consider trading the nude dolls, the doll and her outfit, or the entire set, which includes her lingerie and another pair of shoes.

My home is in the US (but I'll consider international, too), and it's non-smoking and cat-friendly.

See photos taken today on Flickr.

Steffie of the Day: Modern Circle Simone

Simone by alington
Simone, a photo by alington on Flickr.
This is a gorgeous and fun Steffie-faced doll from 2004. She is Modern Circle Simone, the Movie Premier version.

I love that her eyes are sleepy--and she's really got terrific hair (black and lime). She's on a body with articulated elbows and knees, so she's fun to pose.

You can pick her up NRFB for fairly good prices. Susan's Shop of Dolls has her (and the original Make-Up Artist version) one sale for just $22.99.

Monday, August 22, 2011

High Tide Vanessa

Vanessa by alington
Vanessa, a photo by alington on Flickr.
A recent addition to my Vanessa Perrin obsession, this is High Tide. I love her 1940s pin-up look, and I can't wait to redress her.

She's in the Navy, apparently!

Friday, August 19, 2011

W Club Exclusive Sweet Confection Poppy Parker is announced

Sweet Confection Poppy Parker, W Club exclusive
Her edition size is yet to be determined, but I bet she'll be a great seller: Sweet Confection Poppy Parker is simply gorgeous. She's an exclusive doll for W Club members, retails at $125, and is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter this year.

This blonde haired, blue-eyed girl has applied eyelashes (hooray!) and a tan skin tone, which is new for Poppy. The dressed doll includes a cute turquoise and white belted mini dress with button detail at the front. She also includes lace tights, turquoise mary janes, and a white faux leather coat. She also includes some fantastic accessories: headscarf, sunglasses, purse, silver necklace and hoop earrings.

Club Members could order their doll beginning Tuesday, August 16.

I'm just thrilled to see Poppy with applied lashes! I can't wait.

All photos property of Integrity Toys.

Sweet Confections accessories

Close-up - look at her eyelashes!

With head scarf, glasses and faux leather coat.

Sure, I like most Poppy Parkers, but she's fabulous, don't you agree?

Tan skin tone, seen for the first time with Poppy Parker sculpt!

New items and sales at Wilde Imagination

Free shipping now (within the US and new orders only--no promo code needed) at Wilde Imagination - and you can check out the latest markdowns and save even more.

Lots more in limited quantities can be seen here

Additionally, there a brand new Amber - A Dark & Stormy Night - who is available for $160. She has long red hair and green acrylic eyes, and she's dressed in a bodysuit layered under a jacket with a ribbon tie, black ruffled skirt, patterned tights, shoes and matching jewelry.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Steffie of the day: Matthew Sutton

50th Anniversary Gala Tribute Barbie, Steffie sculpt
A recent arrival to my Steffie collection, thanks to Kathie, is this lovely Steffie-faced doll designed by Matthew Sutton. She's is one half of the 2009 both Anniversary Tribute Barbie gift set, which you can see here.

Her body is actually similar to a Silkstone body with posed legs and arms and heavy vinyl feel. I love her simple and classic face paint--no eyelashes and very basic. The screening is lovely and dramatic, without being too harsh. Her hair is the perfect mix of blonde and platinum, pulled back in an undo of curls, and secured with a black satin ribbon.

Her removable strapless cocktail gown has a bubble skirt, and crafted in lace over satin. The oversized bow has a lovely rhinestone pin on the front for detail. Simple black sling backs and gloves finish her look.

I highly recommend Kathie--she can find anything doll- or Barbie-related for you, and if you're patient, at just the price you want to pay. She's awesome!

See more photos on Flickr.

A full-length shot of her bubble gown.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fire Opal Tyler

Fire Opal Tyler by alington
Fire Opal Tyler, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Fire Opal Tyler reminds me of why I love Tyler: she's just lovely! She's my first wigged Tonner, too. I can't wait to play with her a little more.

Her gown is actually more of a dark red--not as bright as my photos show--and it's gorgeous. The more structured bodice is a nice fit with the flowing soft skirt. The skirt has raw edge ruffles throughout: chiffon, lamé, and even a little velvet, I think.

Her shoes--I need to get a shot of them--there's no place like home! They are red glitter strappy sandals.

Again, my one complaint would be no earrings, but the way her wig is styled, maybe that's OK for her.

See Flickr for more photos!

Fire Opal Tyler, front view. 
A blurry view from the back. Lots of sparkle in her skirt!

The world's most excited seller?

The following description is one I copied directly from an eBay auction for a Tonner doll or dolls. I am obscuring some of the details, because I do not wish to be accused of trying to sabotage this seller’s efforts to sell this/these items.

(Rare accessories) included!!! Sell today!!! Today I am offering the (doll set) never removed from box from FAO Schwarz that is sold out and very rare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Other Dolls) are included....brand new, never displayed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All my items are from a smoke-free pet-free home. If you have any questions just email me. I will be happy to answer any questions. I accept paypal. Insurance included with shipping. If you live outside the US, shipping will be more.

Wow, is THIS seller ever excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can just pick up on the energy of how excited this seller is, and how much they want you to buy their item or items, can’t you??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

Were it not for the price tag, I would be unable to resist such a happy, happy seller, would you!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I think this seller either needs to throttle back on their caffeine consumption, or talk to someone about their stuck exclamation point key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Randall Craig Fashions

There were 4 designs that debuted at IFDC that were not part of the convention collection and those are now available at RC retailers!  You can check HERE to see which retailers carry Randall Craig fashions.

The fashions are limited editions of 100 each, so make sure you grab the one you love before they're gone!  Remember, these were fitted to the Monogram body and will fit NuFace, Poppy Parker and Silkstones.

**photos below are property of RC and are taken by Deron Daniels**





Fashion Doll Review's latest doll auctions

Come check out our latest auction listings. I've listed two hard-to-find Fashion Play Barbies (both hispanic version with the Steffie face), Dream Date Barbie and Ken, plus a displayed Tea Party Crasher (the tiny Alice in Wonderland doll from Tonner Doll Company!)

Additionally, you have the chance to pick up a signed edition of my book for just $25!

Shopping with us supports this website and blog. Thanks!

Tonner Tuesday special

A Capricious Beat outfit
Don't forget--today is Tonner Tuesday! There are a handful of good deals available this week:

Photo property of Tonner Doll Company.

Grail Alert: Braniff Air Hostess doll designed by Emilio Pucci

I had a reader email me about this special purchase opportunity:

All four original outfits, designed by Emilio Pucci, plus the original doll (manufactured by Louis Marx) in the original box will be up for sale soon. The set is from 1967, I believe. I don't see the bubble helmet in there, however.

The outfits included are:

  • lime green front zip dress with orange cuffs, matching printed hat, and lime and orange boots
  • red two piece suit with a skirt and zip-front jacket, red pumps, and printed hat.
  • sleek yellow color blocked dress with orange shoulders and neckline and matching socks
  • blue two-piece set with slim-fit turtleneck and relaxed fit puff-legged pants

Visit Susan's website for details. You can see the details and download the PDF with pictures from her site.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tonner shipping schedule update

Aiko Zen outfit only
Freedom for Fashion collection
Several shipping schedule updates have been made to Tonner's new releases list. All items now have an estimated arrival date. Here are some others I noticed:
  • American Model wigged basic - end of August
  • Posh Jacket - end of August
  • all other American Model items have arrived
  • South Hampton - beginning of September
  • Raven - end of August
  • Dove - end of August
  • Rapunzel - end of August
  • Ariel - middle of September
  • Princess Jasmine - middle of September
  • Sleek - beginning of September
  • Aiko Zen - middle of September
  • Jane (Twilight) - end of August
Tonner's latest releases are:

Youthquake Poppy Parker and Twist 'n Shout Darla Daley

Youthquake Poppy Parker and Twist 'n Shout Darla Daley
Two recent additions to my growing Poppy Parker collection are Youthquake Poppy Parker and Twist 'n Shout Darla Daley. I pre-ordered them based on their promo photos last year, and I'm delighted with the set.

As you've probably heard, this particular Poppy has different hair than her promotional photo. It is styled in an unusual style. Upon deboxing, I noticed that her rather long bright red (almost orange) hair is actually styled in a single stiff, super-gelled roll. I've seen some collectors more or less successfully wash this gel out for a more satisfactory look. I haven't done anything with her hair yet; however, I plan to send her to my vintage Barbie restoration artist to have her hair cut and styled into a Marlo flip at some point.

In contrast, Darla's dark hair is softly styled and held back with a white headband. It was a nice surprise to find her hair perfect, right out of the box. In my opinion, buying the two as a set makes up for any hair issues on Poppy.

Aside from Poppy's hair, I don't have any complaints. Both dolls have sleek and elegant facial screening--no painted eyelashes, but the simplicity works. It fits with their sleek hair and 1960s era mod look. Poppy has gorgeous blue eyes that pop and bubblegum pink lips, which surprisingly look great with her orange hair. Darla's mauve lips and gray eye shadow make her make-up more muted, but also soften her look.

I haven't redressed either doll yet, but the sweaters are nicely scaled, and the jumpers are cute and have a working buckle at the neck. The fishnet hose is also a nice touch.

Like other flat-footed Integrity dolls, Poppy and Darla will stand alone easily. They pose well, and are fun to play with--in fact, I can't seem to walk by my display without re-posing them.

Darla is a new face sculpt for this collection, and she is really gorgeous. I hadn't been sure I'd like her nose, but she is just perfect. I think she's adorable and cute, and a great companion for Poppy. I've also pre-ordered Hit Single Darla, and I can't wait till she arrives.

Both dolls are limited editions of 400, and Youthquake has sold out. You'll have to pay quite a premium (I call it the Poopy Poppy Premium) for her at this point. You can still find Darla from some dealers. If you don't have her yet, I highly recommend adding her to your collection. She's just adorable!

Sweet Twist 'n Shout Darla Daley, close up
Poppy Parker Youthquake close-up
Darla can stand on her own
Poppy standing on her own, as well

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Monster High Gloom Beach five-doll set from Target!

Monster High Gloom Beach 5-doll set, including Ghoulia Yelps exclusive
Click to enlarge
At Target last week, while checking the doll aisles, I came across a few fun Monster High-related items, including this new-to-me Gloom Beach set. My daughters and I have been able to resist these adorable dolls so far--at least in their beach outfits.

However, this set was irresistible, as a) all the dolls are sold together, b) I discovered an exclusive of my favorite character, Ghoulia Yelps, and c) the price was $52.99, which, according to the pricing of the other Gloom Beach dolls, was like buying four dolls and getting one free. Additionally, the display of the box is just adorable--I was wowed by the different colors of the rainbow--so we had to take it home.

Cleo, Draculaura, Clawdeen and Frankie are all dressed in their original Gloom Beach outfits, and include fabulous shoes, purses and accessories (such as a Frisbee with a bite taken out of it, sunglasses, SPF500 for Draculaura, and a fan.

If you've been holding off on the Gloom Beach dolls, or if you're looking for duplicates for the sake of not deboxing, this might be the very set for you. It's a really fun presentation.

Gloom Beach Frankie Stein 
Gloom Beach Clawdeen Wolf

Gloom Beach Ghoulia Yelps exclusive

View 2 of Ghoulia Yelps - her umbrella is just a card stock prop, but cleverly done.

Gloom Beach Draculaura

Gloom Beach Cleo DeNile


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