Friday, August 31, 2012

Abbe Lane Superdoll exclusive from Marl & B

Save the date - tomorrow, September 1, at noon EST, Wolf Whistles will go on sale at Marl & B. This doll is an exclusive to Marl & B, and the first in the Abbe Lane collection from Superdoll.

She is a Ruby clone, #1102 (closed mouth sculpt) or #1103 (open mouth sculpt), in a sun-kissed skin tone. She includes a side parted red updo wig, leopard corset swimsuit, chiffon wrap, and leopard printed stilettos.

Also included are the beach bag and doll stand. Dolls are limited to 50 pieces each. From the production photos, it looks like sunglasses and earrings are also included, but that isn't actually stated. I don't have pricing for the doll yet, either. She sure is lovely!

Wolf Whistles - Superdoll Abbe Lane - Marl & B exclusive, photo property of Superdoll.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

New for-sale items posted on the Doll Page

Fuchsia "N Fur Francie
Please check out my latest listings on the Doll Page Show & Sell site - I've just added some additional items today.

Thanks for looking!

Steffie of the Day: Viky Passeio

Viky Passeio by alington
Viky Passeio, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Welcome home, Miss Viky! One of my grail dolls, Viky Passeio, has finally made it to my collection.

She is a Steffie sculpt made by Estrela, a Brazilian company, manufactured under license by Mattel in 1989. She was created for the 30th Barbie Convention, I believe though she may have also been for sale on the Brazilian market, and she is not as difficult to find as other Estrela dolls.

She has a pink skin tone, like a Canadian Standard Barbie, articulated wrists, green eyes, and red hair with light blonde streaks. Her outfit doesn't exactly scream 1989 to me--but I find it really interesting.

I got mine in a really amazing trade--and she isn't actually NRFB, which is even better for me (so I can take her out of the box without feeling too guilty).

See more photos of her on Flickr.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Twilight Barbie have been announced

Check out the new Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Barbies that have been added to Mattel's line. Angelic Dreamz is offering them for preorder.

Above, Rosalie is arriving August 30 and she retails for $29.99.

Jasper is also arriving August 30, and retails for $29.99.

Other dolls available for preorder, shipping dates to be determined, all listed at $29.99:

Photos are property of Angelic Dreamz and used with permission.

Dolls of the World and Birthday Wishes Barbie

Mattel has also released a new Birthday Wishes Barbie who I believe uses the Mackie sculpt with adorable side glancing eyes. (At first, I was sure this was Steffie, but upon a second glance, I'm pretty sure this is Mackie.)

She is currently listed for $39.99, and possibly may not ship till 2013. She is dressed in a lovely pink dress with puffy sleeves with a voluminous pink tulle skirt with silver glitter.

Several new Dolls of the World have also been announced as well. They are listed at $29.99 each, with shipping dates to be determined.

No photo is available yet for the new Dolls of the World Canada Barbie. Her outfit is inspired by the Canadian Mountie uniform, however, like the previous DOTW, only she will be dressed in a skirt. (I can't wait to see!)

Dolls of the World France also uses the Mackie sculpt. She is dressed in a black shirt, blue gingham skirt, and black beret.

Dolls of the World Spain is dressed in a lovely black polkadot dress with a red tiered skirt. I'm not positive, but I think she might use the new Skipper face mold.

Dolls of the World Philippines is dressed in a white lace blouse and long skirt with alternating gold and black panels.

Photos are property of Angelic Dreamz and used with permission.

New Barbies have been announced for early 2013, or shipping date to be announced. The Barbie Look has been designed by Bill Greening, and as you can imagine, I'm thrilled. It's Steffie!

Above, City Shopper Fashion Doll #1. Angelic Dreamz has her listed for $34.99.

Below, City Shopper Fashion Doll #2. She uses the Mbili sculpt, my second favorite sculpt. She is listed for $29.99.

Several accessory packs have also been designed:

 Tea Party Accessory Pack retails for $29.99.

Poolside Accessory Pack, retail $29.99.

Golf Accessory Pack - also $29.99.

Red Carpet Accessory Pack - $29.99.

All items can be preordered from Angelic Dreamz. No shipping dates have been determined yet, and prices are subject to change. Photos are property of Angelic Dreamz, and used with permission.

Last update--several more fashion items from Tonner Doll

Last, but not least, two more Fall/Holiday items from the Tonner Doll release.

Miss Briarwood is another stunning outfit (from the Gowns by Anne Harper collection, I believe), and it's available and in stock now. Retail is $149.99, limited to 150, I bet this outfit will sell out quickly. It includes a cream bodysuit with a blue bow, blue and red striped skirt with attached petticoat, matching jacket with white lace trim, blue belt with gold buckle, matching hat and shoes. The brown saran wig is also included in this outfit.

Mademoiselle is another fabulous outfit for the 22" American Model. It's limited to 150 and retails for $174.99. This outfit includes a velvet skirt and embroidered jacket with faux fur trim, white bodysuit with cream lace collar and cameo, white petticoat, matching hat, pearl earrings, and matching shoes. Shipping date is to be determined.

American Model clothing often is a close fit to SD13 sized dolls--only some is just a bit loose about the bust. This would be a great outfit for my BJDs! You can order these outfits now from your favorite Tonner dealer.

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.

More new character figures from Tonner's Fall/Holiday release

More new character figures from the Fall/Holiday release from Tonner Doll Company:

Tangled is a new Disney character figure who uses the flat-foot Ellowyne Wilde™ body with green eyes and long blonde rooted hair. She's adorable, limited to 1000, and retails at $189.99. (Yay for you, Charlie--will Martie have a new friend?) She includes ballet slippers, not shown with her flat feet. (Ellowyne collectors--do you imagine a renaissance faire Ellowyne in this outfit?)

My Tara is currently in stock and is limited to just 350 dolls. A new addition to the Gone with the Wind collection, this doll uses the Vivian Leigh sculpt, retails for $199.99, and has rooted brown hair and green eyes. She is dressed in a green dress with faux pearl accents. She includes a straw hat, petticoat, matching shoes, and hose.

Deathly Hallows Ron Weasley is limited to 500 and retails for $159.99. He has a non-removable wig, grey blue eyes, and is dressed in a plaid jacket, jeans, plaid corduroy shirt with ribbed collar, and brown shoes.

From the Marvel collection, X-23 retails for $159.99 and is limited to 300 (a small edition size for a Marvel character, I think). She uses a raven Breathless sculpt with green eyes (with rather gorgeous facial screening), and she's on a 16" cameo heroic body. She includes a set of cameo skin tone hands as well as her black fist/claw hands. Her boots also have attached resin claws.

Dorothy™ is a new addition to the Wizard of Oz collection and limited to 500. She retails for $179.99, and she's steampunk themed! She has the Judy Garland head sculpt and something called a Cheerleader body (I'll have to get back to you on that!). She has brown painted eyes, saran hair, and a fantastic outfit. I just love her.

There is also a Scarecrow, with photos coming soon. Limited to 500 and $189.99, he uses the Matt O'Neil head sculpt and body. He'll have black hair and blue eyes, and also a steampunk style outfit, including a sword. The names of these dolls are subject to change, per the licensor agreement.

 Photos of Huey from the Memphis collection are available, and his outfit is to die for! I love it! Surprisingly, I think his molded hair is okay, too. He's $174.99, limited to 750. He's wearing black and white pants, a multi-colored shirt (check out the collar), and a black and red polkadot jacket with leopard print lining. He also include a charcoal grey hat, faux leather shoes and black socks.

These dolls are available for preorder now. All except Scarlett have shipping dates to be determined.

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.

New 10" Patsy from Effanbee

Effanbee's 10" Patsy® has had a makeover! She now has inset acrylic eyes and applied lashes, and bending knees, and she's adorable. Above, Patsy Basic #1 retails for $89.99 and is an open edition. She has a brown non-removable wig, a white shorts bodysuit, lace tights, hair bow and black shoes.

Patsy's Town Coat is an outfit limited to 300, retail $89.99. It includes a pink coat with belt, pink hat, pink and black tights, and black shoes.

Patsy's Best Dress is a dressed doll limited to 300, retail $139.99. She is dressed in a green dress, white slip, white tights with attached panties, and green shoes.

Patsy's Favorite Color retails for $139.99 and is limited to 300. She is dressed in a purple ruffled dress, white bolero, purple tights and white shoes.

Patsy's Glorious Garden is a limited edition of 300 and retails for $89.99. This outfit includes striped overalls, a floral shirt, straw hat with floral trim, striped socks and leather shoes.

Patsy's First Ballet Recital is limited to 300 and retails for $89.99. This outfit includes a pink and gold bodysuit with brocade and crinkle lamé bodice and pink tulle tutu, pink tights and shoes, and pink cuffs and ribbon choker.

Patsy is Picture Pretty is an outfit limited to 300 and retails for $89.99. It includes black tights and shoes, a white dress with drop waist and black ribbon trim.

No shipping dates have been decided, but these outfits are available for preorder. They can be ordered from Dreamcastle Dolls or your favorite dealer.

I'm not positive, but I know some of the smaller Effanbee outfits (including shoes) are a perfect fit for YoSD sized BJDs, including Little Fee dolls by Fairyland. I want to say it was Tiny Betsy. I'm looking at that First Ballet Recital outfit and thinking it's awfully cute! I wonder if I can find her measurements!

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.

Nu Mood new releases from Tonner Doll

Several new additions have been made to the Nu Mood™ collection as well. All of these dolls retail for $59.99, and include a white bathing suit. They are on the Nu Mood™ fashion body, and limited to 500.

Nu Mood™ Jess Fashion - Lily is a wigged doll with the Cinderella head sculpt. She has a cropped auburn wig and green eyes. She uses the lily skin tone.

Nu Mood™ Breathless Fashion is a wigged blue-eyed doll with a wheat blond wig, with side part. She uses the the Tyler skin tone.

Nu Mood™ Tyler Fashion - Lily is a doll with blue-grey eyes and a side-parted blonde wig. She uses the lily skin tone.

Nu Mood™ Sydney Fashion - Lily has brown eyes and a removable center part raven wig. She also uses the lily skin tone.

Also released are the Nu Mood™ Hands - Lily and the Nu Mood™ In Step - Lily to match the new skin tone dolls. These sets of three styles of hands and feet retail for $24.99 per set and are open editions.

No delivery dates have been set for these items yet, but they are available to preorder from Tonner or your favorite doll dealer.

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.

New Cami & Jon and Antoinette by Tonner

Several fabulous new additions to the Antoinette and Cami & Jon line have also been announced by Tonner Doll this morning. If you haven't yet discovered these doll for your own collection--the quality is just fantastic, and many of the outfits look just smashing on other fashion resin dolls, such as Sybarite and JAMIEshow.

I'm starting with my favorite, Shimmer. She uses a delicious honey skin tone with side glancing brown eyes and brown rooted hair, pulled back in a bump ponytail. Her facial screening reminds me a lot of Flourish (real life photos coming soon!), and her outfit will look fantastic next to Soho Sheer Cami. It's a draped lamé dress with laced up shoes, and gold beaded earrings. She's limited to 250 and retails for $174.99. I think she's amazing!

Manhattan Mood is an outfit which retails for $79.99 and is limited to 300. This mod style chiffon dress has open shoulders, and includes a white slip, black lace tights, silver earrings and a rhinestone necklace. Also included are the gunmetal grey faux leather shoes.

My oh my, I think I hear Sheilah from San Diego! New York Night is indeed a beauty. (She really reminds me of the original Cinderella sculpt for some reason--it's the outfit--it's a modern day Cinderella!) She's limited to 300 and retails for $159.99. Blonde hair, gorgeous green eyes, and cameo skin tone, she is dressed in a gorgeous white taffeta dress with light blue and silver overlay, petticoat, a white belt with rhinestone buckle, lace bolero, and white fingerless gloves, and silver shoes. Adorable!

Definitely Downtown is a new Gina head sculpt, limited to 300, retail $179.99. She has wigged brown hair with red highlights, green eyes, and the Tyler skin tone. She is wearing bronze faux leather pants, a white faux fur coat, gold stretch knit top, chain belt, and brown shoes.

Always Some Place To Go is a limited edition of 300, retail $99.99. This outfit includes a beige lace mermaid style gown with multi-colored lace accents and beaded details, rhinestone bracelet and earrings, and beige open-toe pumps.

Perfect Morning Jon is limited to 500 and retails for $119.99. She has rooted brown hair, blue eyes and the honey skin tone. She is wearing a one-piece jersey shortsuit with white taffeta bow belt and black elastic shoes.

Perfect Morning Cami also is limited to 500 and retails for $119.99. She has blue/grey eyes and red hair on a came skin tone body. She is dressed in the same shortsuit as Jon. This doll will also be available as a brunette and as a blonde with blue/grey eyes, with photos forthcoming.

Shipping dates are still to be determined, but you can preorder these dolls from your favorite dealer.

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.

DeeAnna Denton new releases from Tonner Doll

Va-va-voom! DeeAnna Denton and Peggy Harcourt make a smashing entrance in this year's Fall/Holiday collection from Tonner Doll Company. I am having a really hard time narrowing down my selections, to be quite frank! All of the dolls are on the 16" curvaceous body with applied eyelashes.

Nitey-Nite Peggy is limited to 500, and retails for $109.99. She has brown eyes, applied lashes and includes a removable red wig. She includes a pink bodysuit with a chiffon robe, ribbon headband and plastic shoes. (I think she's adorable--look at her surprised expression!)

Nitey-Nite DeeAnna is limited to 500, has wigged brown hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a white bodysuit, white chiffon robe and matching ribbon headband, and molded plastic shoes. She retails for $109.99 as well.

L'Amour is limited to 300, and retails for $199.99. This is Peggy Harcourt with auburn rooted hair and green eyes, and she is dressed in a stunning pink ball gown with sparkling tulle overlay and a halter neck. She includes a petticoat, white gloves, faux pearl jewelry, and rose satin pumps.

Short and Sassy, (Mr. Tonner, are you out to get me? She is wonderful!) is limited to 300 and retails for $199.99. Another wigged Peggy with blue eyes, this lovely girl is dressed in an amazing black taffeta gown with an oversized pink and mint green bow. She includes pink stretch net gloves, rhinestone jewelry, and black taffeta pumps.

Sunset Cocktails is an outfit, limited to 200, which retails for $89.99. This gorgeous spaghetti-strap dress has a chiffon sash with beaded accents, a sheer orange jacket with white embroidery, gold beaded earrings and gold shoes.

Just wow.

These items are now available for preorder from Tonner or from your favorite doll dealer. I can recommend Dreamcastle Dolls with confidence. No shipping dates have yet been determined for these items.

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.

Vampires from Tonner Doll - Twilight and Vampire Diaries

Vampire fans, you should be delighted--several new items have been added to both the Twilight and Vampire Diaries collection by Tonner Doll Company.

Forever Bella is retails for $199.99 and is limited to 500. She is the Kristen Stewart head sculpt on the Tyler Wentworth body, in a cameo skin tone with brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a silver and blue rhinestone hair decoration with a white veil. She has a lovely white gown with lace applicqye and the back of the dress, nude hose, a gold ring painted on her left hand and a silver ring on her right hand, and she includes a bouquet.

No photo is yet available of Forever Edward, who retails for $189.99 and is limited to 500. He uses the Robert Pattison head sculpt with rooted brown hair and light brown eyes. He will be dressed in black pants and a black jacket, a white shirt and vest, white tie, black molded shoes and black socks. He'll have a silver ring painted on his left hand.

Stefan is limited to 500 and retails for $174.99. He has a non-removable wig and brown eye, and uses the Paul Wesley head sculpt. He has a red jacket with matching buttons, brown pants, white shirt, red dotted tie, and black boots with tan trim.

Damon retails for $174.99 and is also limited to 500. He uses the Ian Somerhalder head sculpt with grey eyes and a dark brown non-removable wig. He wears a similar outfit with a grey buttoned jacket, white shirt, plaid tie, black pants, and black and tan boots.

Katherine Pierce retails for $199.99 and is limited to 500. She is currently in stock at Tonner! She uses the Nina Dobrev headsculpt on a Tyler body, with brown eyes and brown hair. She is wearing a cream skirt with mint overlay, mint corset, mint and cream bolero, gold belt, white petticoat, white gloves, hat, jewelry and matching shoes.

These items are available for preorder from Tonner directly, or you can preorder them from your favorite dealer. Dreamcastle Dolls has a fun rewards program, which I highly recommend. Unless otherwise indicated, the shipping dates have not yet been announced for these dolls.

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.


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