Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday gift ideas for doll collectors - Billy shelving from IKEA

Photo property of IKEA.
Affordable doll cabinets are hard to find. My fellow doll collector and friend, Kathie, introduced me to the Billy line of shelving from IKEA. These fantastically versatile shelves will fit in any decor and are versatile, easy to install and customizable for most doll sizes.

You choose the color (birch, black/brown or medium brown, and in some stores, the less expensive white and black are on clearance right now) and the shelf size. Height extensions are also available. You choose from a variety of doors, which is great to keep the dust off your collection.

The unit shown retails for $239.99, and measures 31.5" wide, 11" deep, and 93.25" tall. It's composed of a bookcase, a height extension unit, and glass doors.

Some things to consider first: these shelves are designed to be mounted to the wall for stability, and the center shelf in the tall units is not adjustable.

Lots of options, including a corner units, slimmer units for DVD storage, different door styles, glass shelves, and storage boxes are also available. Check out the entire line here. I can't imagine a better gift for a doll collector with open shelving!

Peak's Woods limited edition Lottie

Lottie Real, full-set limited edition. Sold out at Peak's Woods.
Photo property of Peak's Woods.
Lottie Real is the latest addition to Peak's Woods Christmas event. She's a normal skin, large bust Fairy of Color, and is nearly a full-set doll, including her eyes, wig, default face-up, wig, extra hands, and outfit (but no shoes). Unfortunately, she has already sold out. But you can still buy the basic doll.

And actually, I have just found out some news! Lottie Real is actually a new, permanent addition to the FOC line. Just like Briana has two face-up options, so does Lottie. She is now available as Lottie Ani (the original face-up) and as Lottie Real (this one).

If you're itching for a limited edition, the full set Naomi is still there--she is so cute.

I have to confess, I did order Lottie (the original) when she was first available with free shipping. I don't have her yet, but she is beautiful! If this is her default face-up, I can't tell you how excited I am! Wheee!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lady in Waiting Dania Zarr

WClub members are receiving their first club exclusive doll, Dania Zarr.  This time Dania comes with a thick gorgeous head of two toned hair and for the first time ever, she comes on a NuFace body (smaller busted) as opposed to her normal FR size body.  Personally I'm loving her - she's got a much more youthful appearance now with that hair & body!  It's a nice change and I hope they do that off and on with future characters. 

She came dressed in a strapless satin dress with ruffle trim, red strappy high heeled sandals and silver "rose" earrings and matching necklace.  (purse show in the pictures is from LaBoutique and is a Valentino replica)

New LE Naomi fullset at Peak's Woods!

LE Naomi full set. Photo property of Peak's Woods.
And she's just adorable! She's Peak's Woods YoSD size equivalent at 26cm tall (about 10.5"), and this version is a limited edition of only one doll. She's a normal skin version, and includes the limited face-up, the brown eyes and wig shown. She also includes magnetic ears and two extra posing hands.

The limited edition outfit is made by Sadol, and the shoes (probably DollHeart) are also included. Oh, am I tempted!

Cyber Monday sale at ToysRUs

Mars doll, from the Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls collection.
Photo property of Art Impressions.
Several fun doll-related deals are happening at Toys R Us online today, as a result of Cyber Monday:
Plus, you can get free shipping when you spend $49 in the free shipping store. They seem to have an eclectic selection of dolls there.

New sale items at TonnerDirect!

Artemis. Photo property of Tonner Doll Company.
New sale items have been added at TonnerDirect. In the Fashion section, the special items added today only are:
In the Pop Culture section, you'll also find these specials for today only:
Additionally, this is the last day to save an additional 20% off your entire order (including these sale prices) and get free shipping with the TURKEY10 promo code. International shoppers save $9.95 toward shipping and 20% off their entire order with the code TURKEYINT.

Cyber Monday sale at Wilde Imagination

Photo property of Wilde Imagination.
Save 15% off everything at Wilde Imagination (including Ellowyne Wilde, Pop Goes Oz and Evangeline Ghastly), and get free shipping when you use the promo code HOLIDAY01 at checkout.

International customers, use the code HOLIDAY01INT and save 15% and a $9.95 shipping credit.

This offer is valid today, November 29, 2010, only, and expires at midnight EST.

By the way--this means the Pop Goes Oz Dorothy, Glinda and Wicked Witch dolls, which are already on sale, are now just $84.15 with shipping!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quick update from Peak's Woods

LE Cue, from Peak's Woods Christmas event.
Photo property of Peak's Woods.
Just a quick update on Peak's Woods Christmas event:

The lovely limited edition Cue is still available. She's got a special face-up, and was made in only a quantity of three. This doll is also on my wish list (I have the Wake-Up version, and I'd love to own both for some sister play). She's just adorable. She's another tall girl--a Fairy of Color, 58 cm or about 23"--so make sure you have room. And she will ship as soon as you pay. She retails for $580.16, and she's a normal skin girl with a large bust.

Also, another list of items is also available: new wigs for the Fairies of Fairies (Hucky and Naomi) have been listed. There are four styles available, and they range in price from $19.50 to $26.00. They are sized to fit a 6/7 head.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Madame du Barbie

Madame du Barbie, originally uploaded by alington.

One of my grail dolls, I recently acquired my first Bob Mackie doll, Madame du Barbie, in a trade. I absolutely adore her.

She's the tenth Bob Mackie doll in the original series, made in 1997. I received her NRFB, but--as you can see--she is no longer in her box. The box was pretty on the outside, but as my trading partner helpfully pointed out, it wasn't very pretty to look at inside. My dolls just don't seem happy in their boxes!

She's such a glamorous Marie Antoinette. So many sparkles and sequins, and hair high up to the heavens. See more photos of her and her lovely gown on Flickr.

Christmas presents, only early!

LE Skiya, Christmas Event, originally uploaded by alington.

Wow, wow, wow! I was so thrilled to greet our postal carrier around ten yesterday morning when she arrived with a giant express mail box. My Christmas gift had arrived, and of course, I had to make sure that Skiya had made the journey from South Korea in one piece. She's more than perfect. I think this is the very doll from the promo photos.

Skiya is a limited edition of only two dolls, and is a white skin, large bust doll. She arrived with the new pose hands attached. They are posed with spread fingers--elegant, of course. But I may change the left one to other pose (which are also included). See deboxing photos here.

The outfit is by Sadol, and is just adorable. The strapless dress fabric is a shiny jacquard, print reversed on the other side. The bolero is a short-sleeved number with silver pearl trim on the neckline, and included long white stretch velvet sleeves. The combination of pale peachy pink, cream and white reminds me of cotton candy (as a kind commenter on my Flickr photo stream made), and it matches her gorgeous face-up perfectly.

The shoes are super-cute, and are by DollHeart. A period style, reminiscent of Rococo design, I may replace them with a more 1950s era pump or peep-toe at some point--but they are adorable. And the wig! Eeek. I love it! More photos of her dressed here.

So... I tried to put her back in the box (after dressing her, since I needed to make sure all the pieces were there, of course), but she wouldn't go back in. Maybe my husband will be all right if I just put a big bow on her and pose her by the Christmas tree? We shall see.

I am simply smitten. Go to Peak's Woods and check out their other limited editions. (There's a gorgeous LE Cue on there who is just wonderful!) And don't hesitate if you see one. It's so cool not having to wait! (It's frighteningly easy to order, too.) Good luck!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Doll Market specials

The Doll Market is having some really great sales today. Check out their entire sales page(s) here, or you can see them in alphabetical order here as well.

The ones I found most intriguing are their Momoko sales: You can choose from Darling Denim Angel (shown here), Cosmos Sweetheart, or Honey Wild for just $99.97.

Or, if you're looking for a gift for a Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe fan, check out the fantastic prices on the dressed Coronation series dolls by Tonner: Peter is $39.97 (retail $124.99), Susan is $29.97 (retail $124.99), Edmund $21.97 (retail $114.99), and Lucy just $24.97 (retail $114.99).

Vogue Collectibles sales

Vogue Collectibles in Canada is having some specials sales today as well. They will be adding more items throughout the day, so check back often.

They've included several items from the 2010 Dark Romance IT Convention, such as Fine Romance Eugenia ($275), Smoldering Monogram ($299) and Days Go By Poppy Parker ($199) right now, in addition to several additional fabulous discounts on already discounted clearance priced dolls.

Go check them out. (They are really sweet over there--and they do ship to the US.)

Thanksgiving sale at Angelic Dreamz

Angelic Dreamz is having their biggest sale of the year, from now through November 30:

  • Save 10% on all Department 56, Krinkles, Fontanini, Muffy Bears and Jim Shores
  • Save 15% on all Painted Poiny, Cow Parade, Alexander, Integrity and Barbie
  • Save 20% on all Tonner, Gene, Side Show, Franklin Mint and Urban Vita
  • Save 30% on all Rini, Josephin Baker, Fancy Nancy, Kio doll clothes and Toffee 
Plus, all orders of $75 or more get free ground shipping. Barbie orders over $100 get a free Jonathan Adler bud vase.

Friday and Saturday only, AD's exclusive Tonner Antoinette Angel Heavenly is on sale for $99.99 (retail $249.95).

Please note that the discounts are already applied to sale items, and are not included on pre-orders, special orders, store exclusives, or JAMIEshow products already on sale.

Happy thanksgiving, dear readers!

I hope you all had a very happy thanksgiving with your families. This season, I am very thankful to have all of you. Hope you enjoy this holiday weekend with your family! (And that you may find some good deals on dolls, as well.)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm Thankful For... #16

Winona Sydney, formerly Pessimist in Purple Agnes Dreary
Tonner's Agnes Dreary. It is thanks to this gloomy little girl that I am a member of the Yahoo! discussion group, Cheery About Agnes Dreary. I have met some of the most incredibly nice people, and I have learned a lot about dolls.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm thankful for... #15

My #1 Ponytail Barbie doll. Truly the crown jewel of my vintage Barbie collection. I'm thankful for her as well as the man who agreed that I really "needed" her.

Free shipping on all in-stock items at Dreamcastle Dolls

Tyler as the Queen of Swords LE300.
Photo property of Tonner Doll Company.
One of my favorite places to shop is Dreamcastle Dolls. For their Thanksgiving special, you can take advantage of their free shipping on all in-stock items right now.

Be sure to check out the Splits page. All items marked with an asterisk are in-stock--you can find some real bargains on nude dolls or outfits here, and these are great for a collector on a budget!

I also happen to see that Tyler as the Queen of Swords is up there in the Fashion Line, for only $120. Wow--what a bargain, especially for a secondary market sale.

Plus, check out the consignment corner. You can find a lot of great deals here, too, including a Lily White Tyler, three Tonner dolls for $25 or less, and the outfit from the Dreams doll.

Cherished Friends clearance sale

Real-life photo of Tonner Doll's Mirana, the White Queen,
from my collection.
Check out the clearance sale at Cherished Friends! From the Pennsylvania store, several great deals on Tonner Dolls:
  • Gwen Cooper $110
  • Sheehee $119
  • Tranquil Antoinette $119
  • Striking Antoinette fashion $64.99
  • Intoxicating Antoinette fashion $59.99
  • Determined Antoinette fashion $49.99 (Antoinette fashions fit the Jun, Lan, Fei and Mei Bobobie BJDs perfectly!)
  • Monica Galore fashion $49.99
  • That's All She Wrote fashion $59.99
  • Ultra Basic Suzette Raven $49.99, or two for $89.99, three for $119.99
From the New Jersey Store:
  • Iracebeth, the Red Queen (Tonner) $139.99
  • Mirana, the White Queen (Tonner) $129.99
  • The Waif (Tonner) $99.99
  • The Wicked Witch of the West (Tonner) $99.99
  • Glinda, The Good Witch of the North (Tonner) $99.99
  • The Coroner or Flower Pot Spectator $39.99
  • This Side of the Rainbow $59.99
  • Dorothy Gale (Tonner) $69.99
  • Basic Dorothy (Tonner) $49.99
  • Merry Ol' Land of Oz (Tonner) $29.99
  • Reading to Alice (Tonner) $69.99
  • 12" Alice in Wonderland (Tonner) $89.99
  • All original Harry Potter dolls on sale
  • Effanbee Flexipose dolls, dressed Curiouser and Big Eyes, $59.99, Goldilocks basic $49.99
  • Tiny Betsy McCall Red White and Betsy gift set, $69.99
  • Wave Rider Wardrobe set (Ginny) $85
  • India (Ginny) $25
  • Coloring books (Ginny) $30
  • Kish 12" Blues Hues Bethany from MDCC (only one available) $229
  • Senson 12" dolls: Tori, Lucy or Lori, $119.99 each

Limited edition Yeru is already sold out.

LE Yeru. Photo property of Peak's Woods.
But I have to post a photo of her anyway. I have this doll, and she is so sweet. This girl is part of the limited edition Christmas event that Peak's Woods is doing online.

Almost daily, they are releasing ultra-limited and complete BJDs--full sets, some parts, some with special face-ups--that will ship right after they are paid in full. Lay-away is available, starting at just a $50 deposit.

This limited Yeru has a special face-up, and she is a normal skin, normal bust doll. She included a random wig and random 20mm eyes, plus additional hand parts. The outfit wasn't included, but isn't it cute?

I'll include a photo of my Yeru below, so you can see her default face-up. Mine is also a normal skin version.

My Peak's Woods Yeru, default face-up. Her lips are fuller, mouth is painted open, and her brows are set higher.

TonnerDirect Thanksgiving Sale starts today

Gold Label Cami, LE250.
Photo property of Tonner Doll Company.
Starting today and ending Monday, November 29 at midnight EST, TonnerDirect is offering 20% off your entire order, plus free shipping, with the promo code TURKEY10.

International customers, use the code TURKEYINT for 20% off your entire order and a $9.95 shipping credit.

This is valid on new, in-stock orders only, and it can't be combined with any other offer.

My worst temptation right now--I just can't get her out of my head!--Gold Label Cami. I just love her hair color and her green eyes. Plus--Lan, my Bobobie BJD, would look great in that dress. And you know me. She's an exclusive. My usual favorite Tonner dealer won't have her. I'm such a sucker. And I'd better sit on my hands and freeze my credit cards.

BarbieCollector sale started early--last night!

According to another one of our bloggers, the 25% off sale at BarbieCollector.com started yesterday. So go pay the site a visit and see if there's anything you need for holiday shopping there!

Here are a few of the items I've noticed this morning:
  • Barbie Basics accessory packs for $13, and all in stock dolls (except for No 10, if you can believe it!) are $18. This is for 1.0 and 1.5 dolls.
  • Quite a few of the sold out Blonde collection is back in stock, including my favorite, Sealed with a Golden Kiss clutch.
  • $5 shipping seems to be in effect still. Very cool!
  • The 25% is taken in your cart off the entire order (check it out while you're shopping to see), so while those Door Buster deals don't look great, it does add up a bit.
  • Wow--is that Tribute Silkstone high up on my wish list! Including US shipping, she's $117.50 today instead of $150 retail.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm thankful for... #14

Eat Cake, OOAK, originally uploaded by alington.

Let Them Eat Cake, The Duchess sculpt on an Antoinette body by Tonner Doll. She was from the 2010 Tonner Convention, and I hear she wasn't very popular, and many people don't care for her sculpt. I do. I think she's lovely. I got her from Carol at Bearzabout at the IFDC Convention for a steal.

She came with this purple lingerie (she's wearing it), shoes and her hair in an elaborate Rococo style. I've pinned it up, added fringe and feathers, and also added earrings. I've also created some pieces to make her into Marie Antoinette. You can see a few more photos on Flickr.

I made a very large skirt, gathered with a wide band, which is tucked under the last row of the lingerie chiffon and bow. I also added an overskirt, which is worn tied in the front. I used decorative machine stitching to embroider the skirt, and added trim, in the same color thread as the lavender fabric. I happen to have a pannier for a larger BJD, which fits her perfectly.

I also added sleeves (first embroidered), with gathered elastic at both ends. (Like all Antoinette-bodied dolls, she has removable hands for easy dressing.) Finally, I made a collar with a casing, through which I threaded a silver ribbon, which can be adjusted as necessary.

Let it be known that I really don't sew anything three dimensional, but if you have nice fabric (this is dupioni silk, on sale at the Yardage Town), lots is forgiven!

BarbieCollector.com Black Friday sale starts tomorrow

Starting Wednesday, November 24, at noon CT and ending midnight on November 29, BarbieCollector will be offering 25% off of almost everything on their site. Lots of surprise new deals will be offered as well, so check them out. Unfortunately, exclusive and club dolls are excluded in this sale.

Click this link for the full information.

Finds at Toys 'R Us

We started some Christmas and birthday shopping today at Toys 'R Us, and I found a couple items of interest:
  • Vintage sculpt Bewitched Pink Label Barbie for $34.99
  • Vintage sculpt I Dream of Jeannie Pink Label Barbie for $39.99
  • Brand new Barbie Fashionistas (probably four different (caucasian only dolls, $11.99 each) with swappable heads, and some rather strange looking heads ($4.99 each).
Liv Dolls were marked $14.99 with lots of new accessory sets, wigs and outfits.

I checked and asked the staff, but the only Monster High dolls in stock was the original Cleo De Nile and Deuce two-pack.

I'm thankful for... #13

The wild and wacky weather we are blessed with here in Washington State. I have had 2 outdoor sessions with my dolls today - short ones, it's bloody cold! - and have had two very different takes on the weather conditions.

First up is Tonner's Chase Model Kit, falling down like most of the people in this state. I am sure the folks in the Midwest are laughing uproariously at the reports of our "horrific blizzard" which dropped 2.5 whole inches of snow on us overnight.

Eek. 2.5 inches of snow. It's the apocalypse.

Our plucky, escaped slave girl, wondering if Conan is coming by soon, she's getting kind of chilly.

 The second picture is of Tonner's Blush and Bashful Sydney Chase, posing as the scantily clad love interest of the equally scantily clad hunky barbarian (whom I do not have yet!) inspired by pulp fiction novels I read while I was growing up.

Needless to say, both dolls are ticked at me, considering the temperature, but both are pleased with how pretty they look.

I'm thankful for... #12

Allan in American Airlines Captain. This was the childhood doll and gift of a friend. You can tell that he was well-loved because most of his hair is rubbed off. I've left him dressed just as he was when last played with.

Black Friday deal at Mary D's Dolls starts today

Mary D's Dolls & Bears & Such is offering Black Friday sales starting now.

Sale prices will be deducted manually at the time of purchase, and will be adjusted when you credit card is charged (not at the website directly), so wait for your order total if you're paying with Paypal.

Don't forget to check out the fantastic bargains in the Clearance section while you're shopping, and some fantastic prices on Jun Planning's Pullip, Taeyang, Dal, and Ai

Note that shipping will be calculated on the original order total, not the discounted price. All sales are final. And the offer expires November 28, 2010.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lilith models a JennyGrey fashion

I purchased this fashion from one of the contributors here, Jen, at our doll club meeting yesterday.  She was just barely putting it up on display before I made a beeline for it and told her I had to have it, LOL.  This outfit totally called out to me because of the mix of feminine with that hard edge, and a little bit of vintage thrown in with the floral pattern on the dress. I knew that Lilith would rock it once I took out the red in her hair.  If you're interested in seeing how easy it is to take the funky colors out of the twins hair, it's REALLY easy.  I have instructions on my flickr page here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/shuga-shug/

So now here is the fabulously edgy Lilith, modeling her JennyGrey fashion (http://www.etsy.com/shop/jennygrey)… Hmm... I think we need to name your fashions Jen!  Just like at Modcloth, LOL.

Tonner Tuesday will be taking a break through the end of the year.

Staring this week, Tonner Tuesdays will be taking a break. There will be special offers beginning this week, however, and lasting through the end of the year. Wednesday morning there will be a special announcement.

Vintage Barbie Holy Grail Item: The genuine mink stole

Vintage Barbie's genuine mink stole was a Sears Exclusive available from 1964-1965. Very few were produced or sold making them rare to find today. The original purchase price was $9.99.
The woven black and white Barbie tag is located on the interior upper middle of the laminated tan silk lining. There is a metal hook and eye fastener which keeps it closed.
The mink is being modeled here by a blonde long-haired American Girl.

I'm thankful for... #11

Babe, you need a step stool.
Serendipitous doll movements. Usually, when a doll moves while I'm taking pictures, it's a disaster, because it is normally to fall flat on their faces. As I was snapping the picture, he moved forward just a bit, like he was about to give her a peck on the forehead.

I'm thankful for... #10

Goodreau's American BJD Secret, the other half of the TNT Flip trade. I thought with her beehive wig she really needed some mod clothes so I dressed her in a poncho that my grandmother made for my doll's on my 9th birthday. Thanks for another great trade, Alison!

Tonner factory warehouse sale!

Save the date if you live in the north east:

December 11, 2010

Tonner Doll's Factory Sale
Holiday Inn
503 Washington Ave
Kingston, NY 12401
    I've heard that Wilde Imagination will be participating with Tonner Doll Company for the first time in this event, too. You lucky East-coast doll collectors!

    Sold out editions from Peak's Woods...

    These two lovelies were released this weekend as part of the holiday specials from Peak's Woods, and they sold out instantly:

    Limited edition Skiya, full set. White skin, large bust, gray eyes, short blonde wig and adorable 1950s style outfit by Sadol. She's just too cute. (She was nearly my first SD-sized doll, but I chose poutier looking Sky instead. Surprisingly, my husband agreed to buy this doll for my as a Christmas gift, and she shipped today! Woo HOO!) There were two of these available.

    Super adorable Namoi (Fairy of Fairy) full-set. Normal skin, two extra hand parts, detachable magnetic ears, green eyes, limited face-up, little Alice wig, outfit by Sadol (Alice in Wonderland style) and shoes. Adorable! Only one was available.

    Photos property of Peak's Woods.

    New LE Wake-Up Goldie full-set from Peak's Woods

    Limited edition full-set Wake-Up Goldie.
    She's gorgeous. This limited edition full-set Wake-Up Goldie is a white skin, large bust doll with a limited edition face-up, black wig, gray eyes, outfit and hair bands. There is only one available, and she was still available at the time of this post. Retail is $617.35 plus shipping.

    Snap her up--she's gorgeous. (I would, but I ordered the LE Skyia, whom I will catch you up on in a second.)

    Photos property of Peak's Woods.

    I'm thankful for...#9

    1969 Blonde TNT Flip, originally uploaded by alington.
    1969 Blonde TNT Flip Barbie. Another great trade from Kathie, I love her sweet vintage face!

    Doll clubs are great, because you can see new dolls in person that you never knew you needed in your collection. And the trades... oh yes!

    This girl hasn't had any retouching, either. I'm almost afraid to take her out of the box! (Well, almost.)

    Oh yes--did I mention I'm thankful for Kathie, too? [wink]

    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    IDEX Online Registration Open

    Next year marks the 20th anniversary of IDEX and they're celebrating with the theme "20 Years of Friendship".   It will be held at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida from January 27 - 30, 2011. Some of the exhibitors expected to attend include Tonner Doll Company, Alexander Doll Co., Inc., Lasher Studios, Berdine Creedy Originals, Inc., and Maggie Iacono. Additionally, the 5th Annual Debut of Dolls/DOTY and the 2nd Annual BJD Mixer and Meet-Up will be held at IDEX.  Each of those events incur a separate fee.

    For more information or to register visit Twenty Years of IDEX.

    Friday, November 19, 2010

    I'm Thankful For... #8

    Wake up, sweepy head!
    Where is the snooze button on this kid, anyway?

    Father and daughter duo Wyatt and Alyssa, alias Lysse. Wyatt is a Tonner Peter Parker, while Lysse is a Skateboard Riley by Helen Kish. This was the first ever shot I took with my camera on a tripod, using the timer function, and it is the clearest photo I have taken so far.

    I'm thankful for... #7

    Tonner's Sydney Chase, Stroll in Central Park. It's hard for me to pick a favorite Sydney doll but I think she is it.  She is just so pretty.....

    Sideshow Collectible's Mr. White: Trying Out Action Figures, Part II

    Meet Mr. White, urm...Harv
    I've really been enjoying taking Mr. White, also known as the actor Mr. Keitel or Harv as I like to call him, out for a spin. Since I've never owned an action figure, I really didn't know what to expect. Oh, I've read about the figures and I've seen promo photos of them before, but would real life mimic the articles and photos? Yes and no.

    In case you missed my first post, I've provided a close up of Harv's face.  There is definitely a lot more detail that goes into sculpting an action figure's face. At first I thought the detail was due to the fact that Harve is a licensed likeness; but that can't be it because fashion doll companies have also gained licenses to create likenesses of celebrities. Maybe in the fashion doll world it's more about the essence of the person as opposed to an actual representation. Suffice it to say, Harv definitely looks like Harvey Keitel.

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    I'm thankful, too! #6

    Okay, I have to confess, I am shamelessly stealing this idea from all you other bloggers here on Fashion Doll Review. What the hey, it is a great idea, considering the upcoming holiday, to remember something for which we are thankful.

    I am thankful for Super Stripes Angelina Ruiz, who has become Eshalya Petotheus, my journeywoman Atlantean sorceress. She recently received a BW breastplate, and is now SOO much easier to pose. Here, she is depicted with one of her magic focus jewels, an aquamarine.

    Eshalya herself would be grateful if I would get the lead out and get some decent clothing for her boyfriend, so I can take couples pictures of the two of them like I do with the other couples in my collection.

    Sneak Peek at the upcoming FR2 line

    At the official WClub luncheon, we were treated to a sneak peek at the upcoming FR2 line of dolls. We were told that along with future new characters, we'd be seeing some of the facemolds that aren't used as often in the mainline move into this line.  So this is why we see Elyse Jolie here and why we will see Dominique moved over here too.  I'm wondering if we'll see Isha or Ayumi move here too.

    I'm telling you, this line was VERY well received and now that people have Dasha & Elyse in their hands, they are loving the new bodies.  I honestly think when this line becomes available for preorder, that it will be sold out VERY quickly.  We were told that this line will have some great fashions and that we'll finally see the amazing shoes, jewelry and purses that have been lacking somewhat in the main FR line.

    We were also informed that the FR main line will have a better price point next year (and I think that's because they may be more basic dolls and the FR2 line will be the more "souped up" line with all the bells and whistles that we're looking for).  I'm guessing price points for FR2 will be $150-200.  So here are your sneak peeks >>>

    I'm thankful for... #5

    Momoko Marrons Glaces. Super cute and perfectly dressed for fall. One of the few Momoko dolls with an open mouth. The French translation of her name is "chestnut confection".

    Dark Romance Giselle

    And finally we've got the official souvenir doll from the convention.... Dark Romance Giselle.  A gorgeous platinum wavy haired Giselle just topped off this whole convention for me!  She came dressed in an amazing overflowing ruffly black gown with beaded top, red jewelry and she has violet eyes.  I LOVE THIS DOLL, LOL!  And of course, I redressed her quickly.

    Convention Review: Head for Glamour Agnes

    This year when we opened our registration bags, there was an empty doll box!  This meant that we were building a giftset and would be getting pieces to add into the box at each event with the doll being the last part to add in.  So the first piece we received was a beautiful fuschia and black piece of lingierie and some fabulous gold jewelry.  Then we received a fuschia and black mini dress with an interesting train that is on the front in the same matching colors and a great pair of black lace short boots.  The final addition into our giftset was Agnes herself!  A favorite character for sure and one that is exclusive to these conventions.  She came dressed in a black lacy pair of bra and panties  She is platinum blond with sideswept bangs and hair that is pulled back into a rolled ponytail.  Many are saying she looks similar to "Dressing the Part" from several years back. 


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