Monday, June 29, 2009

Lana as a Bride

Lana as a Bride, originally uploaded by alington.

Hollywood Suited Lana Turner has finally been redressed. I should have done it a while ago--if only to take off the black leather gloves--but her hands look fine, fortunately! She's wearing the Blushing Bride ensemble from Dressmaker Details, which I picked up at a steal from My Favourite Doll at a great price (and their usual great customer service, also).

The gown is gorgeous--well made, excellent fit--with a sturdy bodice--more for a winter bride than a gorgeous June bride, but it fits with Lana's classic look, I think. The short train and full gown can be bustled up in back to show off the pink tulle petticoat, which is just a fun detail.

Also included are a white bouquet, white lace gloves, pearl necklace and earrings, whit shoes, panties, a blue garter, a ringbearer's pillow and rings, stockings, and the cathedral length veil with sparkling sequins sewn on. It's a gorgeous outfit.

Check out a few more photos on Flickr or her full photo shoot my Mobile Me gallery. Also, check out the new group on Flickr--Dressmaker Details--for more of these delicious outfits in real life.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Anya in a sundress

Anya in a sundress, originally uploaded by alington.

Here is first semi-successful attempt at sewing for Anya! The dress is from a pattern from the June 2008 issue of Haute Doll, and it's a Zolala pattern, originally designed for U-Noa BJDs, but it fit her with little alterations.

What I learned: pin tucks are not my thing. Next time I do them, I will do corded ones with my sewing machine's special foot. Other than that, the pattern was pretty easy to follow. I'm not thrilled with how the gathering on the flounce came out, but it looks fine from a galloping horse.

I used quilting material for the dress and lining, and for a back closure, I used the eyes from a hook and eye set and a ribbon tie, so hopefully my Goodreau girls might be able to share.

Full photo shoot on my Mobile Me gallery or on Flickr.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Secret in Roxie Wig

Secret in Roxie Wig, originally uploaded by alington.

Secret, my MSD-sized (17" tall) resin ball-jointed doll by Goodreau Doll, is trying on a new wig I got by Monique. The wig is called Roxie, and it's a sassy short style in peach blonde. I love it! It really brings out Secret's dark blue eyes.

Secret is still dressed in the Alice in Wonderland OOAK outfit created by Michele Hardy. Here, she's nervously playing with the heart necklace charm.

You can see the complete photo shoot on my Mobile Me gallery, or a few select photos on my Flickr photostream.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anya as Alice

Anya as Alice, originally uploaded by alington.

I've redressed Anya and taken more photos of her. She's such a fun little doll. (I don't know how I'm going to avoid splurging on another Kim Lasher doll!)

Here, Anya is wearing my Peak's Woods wig, and she's squeezed into the Alice dress from Curiouser & Curiouser, my Effanbee Classic doll. It's a bit too snug at the bust and waist to snap closed, but from the front, you can't tell.

You can see the full photo shoot on my Flickr album or Mobile Me. Enjoy!

Barbie Foosball Table?

Leave it to my dear husband to find the strangest doll-related links. Check out this one at Neatorama. French Designer Chloe Ruchon redesigned the traditional foosball table, using Barbies as the foos men. The end result--slightly disturbing!

Tim Burton's new movie -- Alice in Wonderland

Scheduled for release in March 2010... can I wait that long? And also, can I be so good to hope that one of these doll companies will pick up the rights for the doll likenesses and terrific, fantastic costumes?

I am loving what I see so far of the Queen of Hearts (Helena Bonham Carter), the White Queen (Anne Hathaway) and Alice (Mia Wasikowska--I know her as Sophie, from the cable series "In Treatment").

Check out to see more fantastic set photos as well. It's pure eye candy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Anya by Kim Lasher

Anya by Kim Lasher, originally uploaded by alington.

My long-awaited resin BJD by Kimberly Lasher has arrived, and she's just lovely. Her name is Anya, and she's 16" tall (about MSD sized), and she's adorable.

She has a child/tweenie body, and she came with blue eyes and a blonde mohair wig. She also has the most amazing hands and feet, and hand-painted face-up, also done by Kim. Her outfit was also included: a cream-colored hoodie with a winged heart on the front, a princess-pink tulle skirt, black striped tights and black mary jane shoes.

This doll is really photogenic, and she's lots of fun. You can check out the rest of her photo shoot on Flickr or Mobile Me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sooki and Rufus

Sooki and Rufus, originally uploaded by alington.

Two new Dynamite Girls are in the house--Sooki and Rufus Blue.

Their hair is fabulous. Sooki has red highlights in her brown hair, and Rufus has black hair under her blue razor-cut style.

The outfits are very well done, as usual. Sooki is wearing a micro t-shirt dress with a belt, faux fur jacket, long fingerless gloves, fishnets and boots. Rufus has an orange jacket over a layered tank, plus a faux zippered skirt, short fingerless gloves, blue fishnets and pink pumps.

Both have great face-ups (and I love Rufus' freckles). I got them on a great sale at My Favourite Doll in Canada (by one of these ladies, get a Wave I or II for free (we're trying to save those Wave I dolls for gifts for friends--let's see how long that lasts).

You can their full photo shoot on Flickr or Mobile Me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sky as Mod Alice

Peak's Woods Sky as Mod Alice, originally uploaded by alington.

I also figured I'd try Nancie's outfit on my Peak's Woods resin BJD, Sky. Still one of my most favorite dolls, this is an SD sized doll, about 23" tall. She's a large bust model, but not as curvy as the American Model, so the outfit is slightly large on her. But on the plus side, she does have her own shoes.

She's wearing the "random wig" that was included with her. (I was so lucky!) I love this outfit on her. She's actually still wearing it!

You can see her full photo shoot on my Flickr photostream or on my Mobile Me gallery.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tonner convention dolls at Tonner Direct

And they're going fast--a few are sold out already, but you can pick up a few (at retail cost plus shipping) before they are gone. Here's what's left now:

Ashlyn as Mini Mod Alice

Ashlyn as Mini Mod Alice, originally uploaded by alington.

In addition to the American Model outfit, Nancie at Nankatts also made an outfit for my 5" Goodreau resin BJD, Ashlyn (a Bearzabout exclusive). It matches the American Model outfit perfectly, and I adore it.

The outfit includes panties, socks, and the dress. The price was really reasonable, too. Check out her website for more outfits (and she does custom work, too, which is what these were--based on a photo and my own descriptions--and they came out exactly like I imagined!).

Ashlyn is wearing a Monique wig called Trix in snow. You can see her full photo shoot on my Flickr photostream or my Mobile Me gallery.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

La Belle Grande as Mod Alice

La Belle Grande as Alice, originally uploaded by alington.

I've redressed American Model La Belle Grande by Tonner Doll in a OOAK outfit as a mod Alice in Wonderland.

This one of a kind outfit was created by Nancie from Isn't it fantastic? She made it for me based on a photo and and some (vague) verbal changes, and it came out exactly how I imagined! And her prices are really reasonable. I highly recommend her services!

The outfit includes this cotton dress, panties, striped stockings and earrings. (Shoes are on the way from another source, but I couldn't wait to take the photos.) I also had a matching one made for my 5" Goodreau--more photos coming soon.

See the full photo shoot on Flickr or Mobile Me!

Tonner Convention dolls for sale at Dreamcastle

Pretty good prices, too--you should definitely check them out.
  • Antoinette Treasured $220
  • Tyler Bride $240
  • Sydney Maid of Honor (nude) $85
  • Wedding Centerpiece (with the bride and groom) $450
  • Dy-Dee Book $10
  • Tote Bag $30
  • Janet's PJs $15
Plus, you'll get great service from Dreamcastle!

Goodreau Doll - Whisper

Whisper, originally uploaded by alington.

She's officially been added to my collection, and I love her! I wasn't sure I'd like her mouth--the teeth had me worried at first, from promotional photos, but I find them quite adorable. They make her look youthful and innocent.

Whisper is a 17" resin ball-jointed Goodreau Doll that I picked up at a great discount from Still Plays with Dolls. She's dressed here in Come Home Alice, also by Goodreau, and a Kai wig (in snow). She can stand on her own (even when not wearing shoes), and she's really fun to pose.

You can see the rest of her photo shoot in my Flickr photostream or on my Mobile Me gallery.

Tarnished Ellowyne Wilde from Tonner Convention

Available now from Wilde Imagination, Tarnished Ellowyne Wilde is available now (left from the convention in Lombard last weekend).
This lovely auburn-haired, blue-eyed beauty is wearing a lovely floral skirt in appliquéd tiered organza, a coordinating mauve sweater jacket with floral embellishment, sparkling stockings, and strappy pink shoes with ribbon ties. She's available now for $149, and she's a limited edition of 325.

There is a current coupon code, but according to the latest mailing, it cannot be used for this convention doll. Use the code EBJ at checkout and save 15% off your order of $75 or more. (Offer expires at midnight on June 30, 2009.)
Photo courtesy Wilde Imagination.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In Yuzen Blossom Giselle exclusive

I'm not sure how I missed this one before, but BIC is offering a limited edition of 300 Giselle Diesendorf doll (on a smaller busted FR Nippon body) exclusive called In Yuzen Blossom. She is available for pre-order now for 19,950 yen (according to Google, this is about $205 dollars). She should ship in July.

Giselle is dressed in a silk kimono with a faux fur (not a real fur) stole, an Obi belt, and flat Japanese sandals.

According to the website, "Yuzen" is the traditional method used to dye kimono fabric in Kyoto, and the fabric is authentically from the Yuzen studio.

I don't own a Giselle sculpt yet--and I have to say, this doll is mighty tempting!
Photo courtesy Integrity Toys.

Monday, June 15, 2009

La Rondine Adele

La Rondine Adele, originally uploaded by alington.

Paparazzi Bait steps it up a notch, in La Rondine, by Dressmaker Couture. (I also picked this outfit up from My Favourite Doll at a steal!) I was surprised when the outfit came and the chiffon top looked black, but everything else was navy, but I still think it's pretty royal looking outfit. Adele seems pleased.

The outfit consists of a satin bra that hooks in the back (several sizes, to fit different dolls easily). The chiffon blouse opens at the wrists and in the front with hooks and thread loops that are not quite impossible to close. And the fit is perfect. The skirt is two pieces--the satin blue tiered ruffled piece, and a black petticoat for extra volume.

Accessories included are a pair of earrings, a ring, a chiffon scarf or wrap, and a pair of plastic navy slingbacks. Possibly the shoes fit Barbie feet a bit better than FR feet, but we did make them work.

Check out the rest of Adele's photoshoot on Flickr or on Mobile Me. She's feeling so glam--on par with the rest of the royalty ladies today.

Luchia in Aria

Luchia in Aria, originally uploaded by alington.

This is Bewitching Hour Luchia (a Club exclusive doll) redressed in Dressmaker Couture's Aria. I found this outfit, which is very well made, from MFD for half-price, and I just love it on this doll. I also can highly recommend My Favourite Doll (even for US orders--they are located in Canada). It took about a week to get my order via UPS, and their customer service was great, and prices were excellent.

On to the details of the outfit: it's several pieces. The sequined bodice closes in the back with hooks and thread loops (a little difficult, but manageable). It has fun marabou trim at the edge. The full skirt is white satin with a short train, and there is a separate white tulle petticoat for extra fullness. The outfit includes some fun accessories, too: panties, nude stockings, earrings and a necklace, and a pair of white plastic pumps.

Luchia can carry off this look quite well--it goes nicely with her pale lips, and it makes her look surprisingly sweet. A fellow collector pointed out she hardly looks like a Fashion Royalty doll, as she doesn't look like she's about to pitch a fit, LOL!

You can see full-body shots of this outfit either on my Mobile Me gallery or on my Flickr photostream.

Tonner Convention Dolls Available at Angelic Dreamz

A few Convention dolls are available at Angelic Dreamz (for a pretty penny--but Angelic Dreamz is a great retailer and the dolls are probably pretty limited, and the prices include shipping within the US):
  • Tyler the Bride $325
  • Sydney Chase Bridesmaid $325
  • Matt Wedding Groom $300
  • Ava Gardner Tinsel Town $275
Before you buy--I just saw a note on Tonner's blog that a few left-over items may be posted for sale on Tonner Direct later on, so keep that in mind, unless there is an item you simply must have.
Photo courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Tonner Convention Exclusives

A couple of more exciting dolls to tell you about this morning. Check out some cool videos on the Tonner Convention Blog as well.
  • From Breakfast at Paradise Island: Tiny Betsy Wonder Woman (retail $60, LE 300)
  • Circe (LE 300, retail $175.00) and Wonder Woman - Athena's Champion (LE 100, retail $175). I believe I saw both of these ladies at the Tonner Direct store, though they are both listed as Wizard World Philadelphia Exclusives. (The silhouettes are very similar.)
  • From Matt and Tyler's wedding: Maid of Honor Sydney Chase (retail $150, LE 250)
  • Tyler & Matt Centerpiece with wedding cake (LE 50, retail $325)
  • I Take Thee Matt (Bride Tyler, $175, LE 200)
  • I Take Thee Tyler (Groom Matt, $130, LE 100)
  • Marley flower girl ($100, LE 100)
  • All That Glitters Antoinette banquet souvenir (Treasured, LE 325, $199)
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tonner Convention DOLLS

How I missed them, I do not know--but here's a recap of the first few ladies:
  • Opening night--the set of three dolls for the center piece. Left is a red-haired Joan Crawford (Walk of Fame, LE 100, retail $150), the new Ava Gardner sculpt (she's gorgeous! Tinseltown is the name, LE 250, retail $150) and Bette Davis (Grauman's Premiere, LE 100, retail $150)
  • Event Souvenir doll is an Ultra Basic Ava Gardner doll (LE 40, retail $50.00)
  • Hollywood Tiny Betsy Companion was available for purchase separately (Starlet, 8", LE 200, retail $60)
A couple of other items (no photos available)
  • Janet Lennon PJ Party (Baby Doll outfit) $7, LE 350
  • Snow White Breakfast Wishing Well ($150 LE 50
  • Snow White Wishing with Well $250
  • 8" Snow White $60 LE 400
  • Wilde Imagination Tarnished, LE 325 $150
  • Thank You Doll (Merci!) Emilie sculpt (no retail listed) LE 125
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Tonner Convention this weekend...

Don't forget--the Tonner Doll Convention is this weekend. If you can't be there in person, you can follow all the events on their blog. Check out the cute registration bags this year! So classy!
(I just can't wait to see the dolls!)
Also, when you visit the blog, be sure to sign up under the first post for the free drawing.
Photo courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New UltraBasic Suzette from Cherished Friends

Brand new exclusive UltraBasic Suzette is available now from Cherished Friends. Two are available--a gorgeous raven-haired Suzette with unusual violet eyes (who is in stock now), and the other is a sable-haired beauty with lovely gray eyes (half the order is in stock now, and the other half will be delivered in July).
I absolutely love their soft non-red lip colors. These ladies don't include stands or shoes (since they are ultra-basic models), and you can order some terrific clothes for them at great prices at the weekly sale. The prices are truly the best I've seen, starting at just $6!
And while you're shopping, be sure to check out some other amazing sales on the Tonner Dolls, including:
  • Sunkissed Sophisticate Shauna for $79.00
  • Fifth Avenue Fever Layne for $69.00
  • Bella Donna Sydney for $79.00
  • Princess Aurora (Lana sculpt) for just $99.00 (wow!)
  • Briar Rose for $79.00
  • Cynders (Renée Devereaux sculpt) for $79.00 (I have this doll and she's just awesome)
  • Chambord American Model for just $149.00 (so tempting)
And many, many more. You must check them out. Cherished Friends has great and reliable customer services, reasonable shipping charges, too. I can highly recommend them!
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Barbie Furniture

Another photo from my current display, this is Eden from The Heist, partially redressed in a few of Luchia's (from the Bewitching Hour) accessories. I have her posed in my shelving unit, with a new Barbie playline furniture set, which I found used on Ebay for $7 (plus shipping). A few of the silver pegs that hold the legs on the desk and side table are missing (which wasn't disclosed on the auction), and that's a tad annoying.

Eden is pretty hard to photograph in this setting, so I'll have to get some better photos of this set. My camera wants to focus on her dress instead of on her face. The furniture is just really cute and modern. It includes two chairs, a "lamp" (it would be really fun to modify it so it really lights up--I might actually do this at Christmas time), a side table, a desk that slides open, a computer, a magazine, a flower decoration and a box of tissues. I also have Eden posed with a Rement tea set as well--she's a little crabby since she hasn't had her coffee yet.

New convention exclusives posted at Tonner Direct...

Silhouettes posted, but no real photos yet. I found these posted at Alyrenee's Copious Spare Time this morning (she's got a really fun blog--you must check it out!).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Duchess - an historical costume

The Duchess, originally uploaded by alington.
Inspired by a costume in the movie The Duchess, based on Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire, this outfit was designed and crafted by my friend and talented seamstress Jen Eugley. It's worn by the lovely Elizabeth Swann sculpt Tonner Doll, a former Abandoned Bride, inspired by actress Keira Knightley, from the Pirates of the Caribbean line. I just love how it turned out.

A few details about the gown--it's crafted from silk dupioni and edged in antique ivory lace. The bodice snaps in the front and is lined in white to prevent staining. The skirt is a single piece that snaps at the waist, and its underskirt is attached and cut in almost a full circle. Jen crafted a pannier for historical accuracy and to create the foundation shape for the drape of the skirt as well. This was made from boning and snaps separately over the dolls hips.

You can see the original inspiration piece online under Costumes, called the Drunken Dress. I'd still like to create a cameo necklace, similar to the one shown there, in addition to a small white rose decoration, and Georgiana still needs some shoes. But I'm really pleased with how she's turned out so far.

Visit my model's photo shoot on my Mobile Me gallery or on my Flickr photostream for additional views.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Updated shipping schedule at Tonner Doll

New dolls have arrived and the shipping schedule has been updated as of June 8, 2009 at Tonner Doll:
  • The Woman is Certain (Bette Davis) - middle of July
  • Poison Ivy Deluxe - middle of July
  • Dreams of Tomorrow (DeeAnna Denton outfit) - in stock
  • Antoinette: Rouge Shoe Pack - in stock
  • Mineral Shoe Pack - in stock
  • D'Or Shoe Pack - in stock
  • Cosmic Boots - in stock
  • Sandstone Boots - in stock
  • Antoinette Cameo - in stock
  • Antoinette Bloom - middle of June
  • Antoinette Honey - in stock
  • Antoinette Spice - end of June
  • Idyllic - in stock
  • Hypnotic - in stock
  • Symphonic - middle of July
  • Obsessed - end of July
  • Dramatic - middle of July
  • Sensual - middle of July
  • Emphatic - middle of July
  • Enlightened - in stock
  • Optimistic - in stock
  • Serene - middle of July
  • Influential - middle of June
  • Frivolous - middle of June
  • Sinuous - in stock
  • Brilliant - middle of July
  • Posh - middle of July
  • Posh - middle of July
  • Prim - in stock
  • Star Crossed - in stock
  • The Sun - middle of June
  • Supergirl Deluxe - in stock
  • Deluxe Tyler Wentworth Giftset - in stock
The following items are still to be determined:
  • Pretty Piggy Wig
  • Goddess Piggy Wig
  • Miss Piggy Takes Manhattan
  • My Fair Piggy
  • Clark Gable as Rhett Butler
I'm delighted to see that some of the Antoinette items are going to be spread out a bit over June and July. Whew! (All of my pre-orders were scheduled to ship in June originally, and that was going to be painful.) Also, several of the Antoinette dolls and outfits have sold out (to dealers) already, so if you're interested in these dolls, don't delay!

Idyllic Antoinette

Idyllic Antoinette, originally uploaded by alington.

Here she is--she's finally arrived. Of course, it's not the end of summer, as promised by Tonner Doll, which may very well kill my dolly budget, but she may be worth it.

And I must confess, I am a little surprised to see exactly how close Idyllic is to her promotional photo. She is darn close! The only thing I would change about this doll is adding applied eyelashes to her--she doesn't even have painted lashes, though her face-up is very lovely just the same. I dig platinum blondes with smokey eyes and dark lips.

Her gown is meticulously made--incredibly so--and it's super soft and falls exactly where you want it. I just adore it. Even if you're not crazy about Antoinette's sculpt, you may want this doll just for her gown. I have seen it on AvantGuards, and it looks great! (Though again, Tyler cannot share her clothes, since Antoinette is less busty than Tyler, and smaller framed overall.)

Compared to Tyler, Antoinette poses very nicely--not as nicely as a BJD--but all the same, a joy to photograph and very fun to pose. She can touch both her elbows (just about), but not quite touch her face. I love that she can arch her back. And she does not need to swivel her waist. You don't miss that joint at all. When you have the two dolls side by side (I display them so), you notice not Antoinette's delicate neck but her larger hands first. But on her own, they don't seem out of proportion.

All in all, I think this doll is lovely, and she is very fun and well made. I can't wait to see more--and more will be arriving at my house soon. This one will be staying in my collection (almost unfortunately), so we'll see what the quality of the other dolls are like as they arrive, as well.

Check out the rest of her photo shoot on my Mobile Me gallery or my Flickr photostream.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Ashlyn, originally uploaded by alington.

This is Ashlyn, an exclusive 5" Goodreau resin BJD from Bearzabout. She has changeable eyes, and included this outfit as well. (The wig was extra.) She's very articulated and can stand on her own. She's really cute, especially when you see her next to an 8" Critter. I just love this little doll! She's so sweet.

Check out the rest of my photoshoot of Ashlyn on my Mobile Me gallery and on Flickr.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kyori in Dressed to Thrill

This is Fierce Subject Kyori in Dressed to Thrill. I can't believe I was also considering selling this lovely doll--but of course I can't now. She's just too much fun. I just adore the polka dots, and she can totally carry off this hat.

I think she comes across as very elegant and sophisticated in this outfit. I do still need to rinse the gel out of her hair--it feel really stiff. Maybe I'll do that today.

You can check out the rest of Kyori's photo shoot on my Flickr photostream or on my Mobile Me gallery.

Walk for the Cause BJD by Ashton-Drake

Available from Ashton-Drake Galleries, this new vinyl ball-jointed doll was created with a purpose. A portion of the proceeds form the purchase of this doll will be donated to the fight against breast cancer.
This doll was designed by Dianna Effner, and she is 12" tall with 11 rotating joints. She's the first in a series of collection plan--the others will be automatically sent to you as they becomes available. Each doll in the collection is dressed in pink with embroidered pink ribbons indicate their cause. Issue One also carries three balloons with the messages, "Hope," "Strength" and "Courage" on them.
Photo courtesy Ashton-Drake Galleries.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Something Cool Isha

Something Cool Isha, originally uploaded by alington.

Here is another one of my older Fashion Royalty dolls, Something Cool Isha. I was briefly considering selling this doll as well, until I started playing with her again.

Here, she's been redressed in an outfit from the Foreign Affair gift set, and even though her lip color doesn't quite go, it's still pretty fun. Isha is one of my all-time favorite FR sculpts--and her classy up-do is very fun.

You can check out the rest of her photo shoot on my Flickr photostream or my Mobile Me gallery.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Foreign Affair Veronique, geeking out

A Foreign Affair Veronique, originally uploaded by alington.

June is going to be a busy doll month for me. A ton of pre-ordered dolls are scheduled to arrive, so I have been going through my collection with the intention to sell some. I was going to sell this one, A Foreign Affair Veronique, who came in a fabulous gift set with three outfits, two pieces of luggage and lots of fabulous accessories.

After playing with her for a little while, I realized I can't part with this lovely lady. I really like her. (I think I will rinse her hair, however.) She's posing here (in her pajamas) with some Barbie accessories (the furniture and laptop) and a koi-themed tea set by Rement. You can see the other photos in the shoot in my Mobile Me gallery or on my Flickr photostream.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Free Dynamite Girls with purchase!

Get a free Dynamite Girl (Wave 1 or 2) with the purchase of a current 2009 Sooki, Rufus of Dayle from My Favourite Doll. You choose the doll you want in the comments section (and the Wave 1 and 2 dolls are on sale for just $21.50, retail is $39.99).
I found this sale when I was looking for Dressmaker Details gowns, which are on sale for almost half price. Check out their terrific sales, while you're visiting their site! Aria is listed for just $49.99 (USD) instead of $91 retail.
Photos courtesy Integrity Toys and Dressmaker Couture.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Curiouser & Curiouser

Curiouser & Curiouser, originally uploaded by alington.

A quick photo shoot of the only "traditional" Alice in Wonderland doll in my collection, Curiouser & Curiouser, an Effanbee Classic doll with the 16" vinyl Flexipose™ body. This Alice is very fun to pose.

She didn't include a stand, since she can (practically) stand on her own, as long as you're patient enough to balance her. She has blue acrylic inset eyes. Her outfit is pretty fancy and very well made. I also like her lace stockings--they are a nice touch.

You can check out the rest of her photo shoot on Flickr or Mobile Me. Enjoy!

Celebrating the doll--who was the first?

Like many doll collectors, my first fashion doll was a Barbie. I received her when I was only 7 years old as a gift. I believe she was a Malibu Barbie, but I don't remember for sure, and I now longer own her.
As I got older, I started my own collection. My sister and I saved up our allowance and babysitting money week after week to buy the latest and greatest dolls. A few of the proudest purchases we made (that I can still remember) were:
  • Loving You Barbie
  • Fabulous Fur Barbie
  • Dream Date Barbie
  • Spring Time Magic outfit
  • Oscar de la Renta outfit


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