Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Petworks Momoko: ae <ahcahcum>

A new Momoko designed by “ahcahcum” Masako Shinya,a fashion designer, is available for pre-order.  She comes all dolled-up in a variety of pink shades as well as red lips and black hair.  She comes with the cool face, not the honey face.  Petworks indicates that the blouse is slightly sheer and the fabric has an original "ahcahcum" print of sexy pin-up girls.

This doll will be produced on order with the pre-order period being from October 27, 2014 to November 16, 2014.  If she is ordered through the Petworks online store during the pre-order period, shipping will be free.  She will be delivered between July to August 2015.  Her price is 27,000 yen. 

Want some special designs for your dolls?  I provide lots of dolly attire and pattern books.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.  

Picture courtesy of Petworks.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Malibu Superstar Barbie


I was able to acquire my very first Barbie in close to mint condition at the last Barbie convention. My friend Kathie found this rather unique Superstar Barbie in a swim suit. I remember her, the vinyl doll case, and all her beach accessories from my childhood.

I'm almost certain this is the first Barbie doll I had and whose feet I chewed to bits as a child.

Isn't she lovely? I'm trying hard to restrain myself from chewing on her feet today. The fact that she's tied into the case with permanent plastic ties helps quite a lot.

Check out more photos of her on Flickr.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Seki Momoko: Flight Attendants and Monchichi

Sekiguchi released a few new Momoko recently.  Among the new ladies, we have a couple of flight attendants with a limited outfit from LAMMFROMM and a new wake-up doll with Monchichi. 

There are two different versions of the flight attendant, LAMM and FROMM.  Both ladies have the same haircut, but LAMM has strawberry-color hair and FROMM has blonde hair.  They both appear to have the exact same skin tone, outfit, and face including the dark eyeliner.  The dolls will be available in mid October for 15,800 yen.  You can purchase them from your preferred doll dealer.

Next up is the new wake up doll.  She's a special edition similar to some wake-up dolls offered in the past.  She comes with a Monchichi.  She also has freckles!  As with all wake-up Momoko, she comes with a basic outfit and no shoes.  She will be available this October for 7,800 yen.  She can likely be purchased from your preferred doll dealer. 

Want some special designs for your dolls?  I provide lots of dolly attire and pattern books.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.  

Pictures courtesy of Sekiguchi.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Did you miss the Karl Lagerfeld Barbie?

I did--and man, am I bummed. You can see her original listing from Mattel at the Barbiecollector.com website. Her original retail was $200, and she was made in a tiny (for Mattel) edition size of 999 (Platinum Label).

She has a new face sculpt with a rooted platinum ponytail, and is wearing a darn cool Lagerfeld style black jacket, white men's shirt with French cuffs, black cravat, and black fitted jeans. She also includes fingerless gloves, a bag, glasses and ankle boots.

If you're sad you missed her--since she sold out in under an hour--you can still pick her up from collectors who apparently changed their minds and would rather be swimming in cash. On eBay, she is going for about $1000 (only five times her original price), and Marl & B has one available for even more, $1999, ten times her original cost. 

I try not to say this on my blog, but in this case, I just can't help it: holy shit.

The photos are property of Mattel.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Secondary market items--prices lowered, shipping included, Poppy Parker, IFDC exclusives, Barbie Convention and more

I have posted several items for sale on the Dollpage Show and Sell--feel free to check out my listings. Prices include US shipping, but I also ship overseas. You can contact me for further information via email. My address is in each listing.

Above, it's Evening Ingenue Poppy Parker. I have two of these for sale. This one is the second listing here. She was the IT Direct exclusive, LE300, available for sale to attendees. She is $260, including shipping and insurance in the US.

Next, it's the African American version of Midnight Celebration. She is available for $350 including US shipping and insurance. I brought this doll home from the convention in Nashville, and her box isn't quite minty--I have photos showing the dings in the box. I'll ship her in an outer box, as she doesn't include a shipper. She is designed by Artist Creations.

Another gorgeous Poppy Parker from IFDC is Glamorous Darling. She was also limited to 300 dolls, and I'm asking $325 for her, including US shipping and insurance. I think she's just gorgeous (I kept mine)--one of the prettiest souvenir dolls from IFDC yet!

I have a fun 16" Gene repaint for sale, as well, for $75 or best. I don't know anything about this doll (or the artist), I'm afraid, as no paperwork was included with her. She was a win at IFDC.

Also NRFB, I'm offering the caucasian version of Midnight Celebration for sale as well. She uses the Lara sculpt and is designed by Artist Creations. She is priced at $325, including US shipping and insurance.

Phyliss Pizazz Gabor was a surprise box win at the Premiere IT convention last year. I thought I might start collecting this size, but I just don't have room. She didn't include a box, paperwork, or shoes, extra hands, or her accessories (or instrument). She's priced at $60 as she is, including shipping.

I'm finding myself a tad overwhelmed with dolls, as you can see. Mahem in Monte Carlo Poppy Parker is so pretty, but I just have too many dolls. I'm offering her for sale at a price of $165 including shipping and insurance.

Last but not least, it's Code: Arm Candy Chip Farnsworth III. He comes dressed in a fantastic suit, with all his original accessories, including a really cute little briefcase. I should mention both he and Poppy are NRFB--all of the dolls are, in fact, except Gene and Pizazz. I'm asking $150 for Chip, including shipping and insurance.

If you live internationally, contact me for a fair price quote. I often ship first class, as well, as InsurePost offers good prices on insurance for first class shipments now. Thanks for looking!

New from Integrity Toys: Poppy Parker Fashion Teen

I'm surprisingly delighted with the announcement of the latest Poppy Parker Fashion Teen line. These 16" dolls from Integity Toys, designed primarily by David Buttry, are adorable. The inspiration behind this collection is: Paris on a grand scale!

Sunny Splash is a basic dressed doll, limited to 300, for $120. She will be arriving soon--the second week of October (hooray!). She has lavender eyes with rooted lashes, and brown rooted hair in a side wrapped ponytail. Her two-piece bathing suit is adorable--with ruffles and a high-waisted bottom. And her accessories are fabulous: a beach bag, hat, sun glasses, beaded sandals, beaded bracelets and earrings (because Poppy doesn't go anywhere not decked in jewelry--that's why we love her!), and a towel. The color scheme is super cute!

Fashionably Suited is also limited to 300, $140, and will also be arriving in the second week of October. She has light ash rooted brown hair and brown eyes with applied lashes. I adore this outfit! It's a pink tweed two-piece tailored suit, with a navy blue camisole and a matching scarf. She's also wearing navy hose, gloves, hat, and pumps. Her statement necklace, bracelet and understated earrings keep her from looking too overdone. Of course, no outfit is complete without the perfect purse--which looks like a tiny Chanel chain purse.

Ma Chérie is limited to 300, retails for $140, and will be arriving the second week of October as well. This look reminds me a little of Foto Fab, only in a taller size. She has strawberry blonde hair in a braided updo, and green eyes with applied lashes. Her outfit is a satin cocktail dress with black lace overlay, belted at the waist with a bow. Finishing touches include gloves (not shown), drop earrings, a bracelet, clutch, veil, and t-strap shoes.

Last but not least, Floating Dream retails for $140, is limited to 300, and is arriving the second week of October. Poppy has her platinum hair styled in a 1960s era partial updo, with blue eye and applied lashes. This big event gown has a fitted corset style bodice and a ball gown skirt with multiple layers. Her jewelry is understated--pearl drop earrings and an unusual pearl necklace and matching bracelet. She completes her look with a clutch and matching pumps.

I'd like to note that these dolls have the same size body as Tulabelle. They are slightly smaller than FR:16 dolls. And I've found that the fashions fit Fairyland Chicline dolls rather perfectly. I am thrilled with this release!


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