Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010 Fall/Holiday Line from Tonner

The new fall/holiday line is out and available for pre-order from your favorite Tonner Doll dealers. Here's  a recap, though you can see the full collection and descriptions on Tonner's site:

REVLON® Fashion Doll Collection and ReImagination
A brand new collection of 13" and 10.5" vintage Little Miss Revlon dolls is pending licensor review and approval. No descriptions, photos, names or dates are available yet. Also, there is a teaser about Jacqueline Frost™, from the ReImagination line, whose "collection is on hold for a later date."

Based on the popular SciFi series by Joss Whedon, two new dolls will be available. Photos of Jayne Cobb (LE1000, $179.99) are available now. His new sculpt is based on the likeness of actor Adam Baldwin, and  of course includes his mother-made orange knit hat. First mate Zoe Washburne, based on the likeness of Gina Torres (LE500, $169.99) will also be offered, but her promo photo is still pending review.

Lord of the Rings
Finally, Legolas Greenleaf's promo photos are available on the website. Based on Orlando Bloom, he's a limited edition of 1500 dolls and retails for $159.99.

Cami&Jon™ Collection
Event Planner Andy Mills (LE500, $179.99) has been added to the line. He is a new head sculpt on a Matt O'Neill body. He is dressed to the nines in a pinstriped suit with red tie. The glasses are an interesting touch.

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
Nivens McTwist, the White Rabbit (LE500, $99.99), is a 7" tall resin jointed figure with hand-painted features. He even includes an oversized pocket watch, blue vest and velveteen jacket.

DC Stars™
Tonner is introducing a new size of characters for this line. Wonder Woman (pending approval) and Supergirl both feature new head sculpts and 13" fashion bodies. Limited editions of 1000 and retail of $139.99.

DeeAnna Denton™
Beyond the Sea (LE250, $189.99) is a gorgeous new dressed DeeAnna Denton doll with brown eyes, applied eyelashes and auburn hair. I love her shimmery chiffon gown with an asymmetric silver sash.

Holy cow. A gorgeous new basic doll and outfits designed just for my collection. I'm in trouble. Glowing Muse basic for $124.99 in a new lingerie set with some fun new wigs. Two new dressed dolls--Charmant (LE 150, $209.99) and Jolie (LE150, $199.99)--with reimagined historical (Victorian, I feel) inspirations. Four new blank mannequins (including Onyx! Hooray!), and two new outfits (gorgeous!). Antoinette™ clothes fit Bobobie BJDs (the orginal MSD sizes--Lan, Mei, Jun--perfectly!

Gone with the Wind™
Three more Scarlett dolls--all different sizes. Portrait is 16" (LE500, $169.99) in a lovely blue velvet gown, Christmas in Atlanta (LE300, $89.99) is an 8" Betsy McCall cutie, and Katie Scarlett (LE300, $349.99) is a 22" American Model.

Tyler Wentworth®
She's back--and she has a boutique! Three new wigged basic dolls (and though Syd has always been my favorite sculpt, Tyler's wigs are the best, I think)--all LE500 and $114.99. The Ready-to-wear collection (finally, Mr. Tonner!) is really cute, I think. The theme is Urban Legend, and all pieces are LE300, ranging from $29.99 to $69.99 (for the gown).

Harry Potter™
The new line of articulated wrist 12" body sculpt has been released for Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Both retail for $99.99. But to me, the most impressive is the 16" Professor McGonagall, $189.99, in the likeness of Maggie Smith. I just wish she came with her cat-self. She's now on a Tyler Wentworth body.

The Wizard of Oz™
And just when you'd think Tonner had done all it could for Oz, check out the three new Antoinette bodied dolls! Beauty and Brains is a scaled DeeAnna Denton sculpt ($199.99), Heart on My Sleeve ($189.99) is the Duchess sculpt, and Hear Me Roar is Antoinette ($199.99). I hate to say it, but the scarecrow looks a lot like Lorena, Bill's maker, on the HBO series True Blood.

Gowns by Anne Harper
Part of the Hollywood Legends collection, this new line features two new basic dolls (Carol Barrie and Anne Harper), three new dressed dolls, and five new outfits, all celebration the fashion of the 1940s.

The Princess Diaries
Another movie Tonner has picked up is the Princess Diaries. Two new dressed dolls make up this line so far: Princess Mia (LE500, $174.99) features the Anne Hathaway sculpt on a 15" teen body, and a lovely printed organza ball gown and tiara. Queen Clarisse Renaldi (LE100, $174.99) is a blonde Julie Andrews sculpt on the Emme body, and includes all the fineries of a queen.

So what you do you all think? Like any of them? I think the new Antoinette line is going to put me under. I can see a huge argument about money ensuing about money very soon. And I'm so glad to see Tyler Wentworth back in town. And I'm kind of fascinated with the Oz dolls. They are really fun. I love DeeAnna's face sculpt! She's hot!

All photos property of Tonner Doll.


  1. I like the Antoinette outfit Precocious, and one other LBD for Tyler, but that's about it. That should fit my budget this year!

  2. An absolutely awesome line! The new Oz dolls are an absolute must for me! Also liking the new sized Harry Potter (so glad I waited) and many, many more. And I STILL have dolls on my list from 2009!

  3. The new Antoinette line is going to be the death of me! And those new Oz dolls are awesome. Arrgh, I can see the dolly budgeting plans from here.


  4. I'm loving the Oz dolls too!


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