Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ultra Basic Daphne available now at Tonner Direct

A limited edition of 300, Ultra Basic Daphne is available for order now at TonnerDirect. She will come to you with long brunette hair (yay!) and brown eyes, and a basic body suit.

I know Daph is one of the more popular Tonner sculpts, and this brunette is quite lovely. So if you're interested, snap her up while you can!

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  1. Considering how well this doll sells, I'm actually surprised that Tonner put the edition size this low. Of course, I still have sour grapes over the UB Stellas and Mei Li I missed out on. I just wish that a new, low size edition release of a doll would coincide with when I actually have money to spend on it. Maybe I should ask Tonner for a "Hold it for me until I have a doll budget again" privilege?


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