Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Liv Dolls

Hi everyone. As for my second post, I will show you a few pictures of my Liv dolls, who I have just recently collected. You may not recognize them because they are wearing each other's wigs.

I know who they are by their skin and eyes, and in which order I got them. I got Alexis, Daniela and Katie from Target, and Sophie from Las Vegas (but she didn't come with any clothes). Although a month after I collected them all, the back to school Liv dolls came out!

You are probably wondering where the outfits came from. Well, it turns out, I made them! It took me about four hours to make the first one, then thirty minutes for the other three. For the shirts, I used only yarn. I tied a knot, then I kept wrapping it around her. Then I crossed it over and wrapped it around her neck to keep it in place. For the skirts: they are wraps, really.

I don't have any photos of the back to school Liv dolls, but you can see them at Target. There is a new Liv doll whose name is Hayden. I was thinking to get two of Hayden and making one like mine in this photo. For the other one, I'm going to just leave her the way she is.


  1. Very nice job on the outfits, KittyKate--and clever design. Lucky for you, Nico and Lily let you keep your fingers while you were winding the yarn around your dolls (at least this time)! ;)

  2. I love the outfits. The yarn top is a very creative idea. I just may have to borrow it!

  3. All right! A person after my own heart - I used to make doll dresses this way, too, for my Barbies. Sadly, they didn't turn out looking quite this cool.

    As for the new line of dolls that came out after you collected the whole set, well, I guess you have just discovered one of the Murphy's Laws of doll collecting.

    Your mom can probably tell you ALL about that!

  4. Nice outfit! btw.. please check out my blog.. it's all about sleepovers for girls... tips and things to do when you have a sleepover!!


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