Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She's Arrived! Poppy Parker Gift Set

Well, I'm back. Two conventions in one month got me so off track that it's taken me this long to return to some semblence of my usual routine. Not that I had much of a "routine" before, but I think you know what I mean. Anyway, the FedEx delivery man visited last week and I got quite a large box filled with Integrity Toys goodies. Today I opened two dolls, both of them the Poppy Parker She's Arrived! gift set.

"Two?" Is that what I'm hearing you say? Well, yes. I needed two because the gift set includes two complete ensembles but only one doll. Obviously I needed two sets so I could have two dolls, each wearing one of the ensembles. This is the kind of rationalizing that gets me into trouble. So today I spent about an hour deboxing and dressing my new Poppys. Or is that Poppies?

I'm so happy with this Poppy gift set. Poppy, the character, has become my favorite character, but this incarnation has such a sweet face and the clothes and accessories are fabulous. Poppy comes wearing a beautifully tailored raspberry colored skirted suit and hose. What you can't see is the white shell blouse underneath her jacket. Also packaged with Poppy is a two piece printed dress with rolled collar, a blue vinyl belt, and petticoat. Additional accessories include a second pair of hose, a white clutch purse, white pumps, slides with pink bows, a raspberry head band, one pair of gloves, "diamond" stud earrings, a "pearl" necklace, a pink and white striped shopping bag imprinted with Miss Teen New York, and a blue and white suitcase.

Now to find a suitable place to display my new girls. And the extra ensembles? They're up on eBay awaiting a new owner.

To see more pictures of this gift set, visit my Flickr page.


  1. Val, obviously! You crack me up! :) I have been suspicious of Poppy's name for some time now. An interesting correlation, I think, between her addictive nature, and the, er, addictive substance grown from real poppies....


  2. LOL, obviously! Glad you've got them both on display. Here's a fun fact for you: David Buttry designed the graphic pattern on the skirt/top ensemble!

    And I totally think the addictive nature is in Poppy!

  3. Ugh--I just discovered the Flickr Poppy Parker group. I'm hooked. I need some more. I'm in deep doodoo.

    Flickr Group for those who need a kick!


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