Thursday, August 12, 2010

Specials at Barbie Collector and Louboutin shoes...

What are they trying to do to me? Did you all see this crazy cute new shoe pack--promo photo finally released--by Christian Louboutin for Barbie? It retails for $69.95 and is scheduled to ship August 26. Want, want, want. It's killing me! (If I said I didn't pay that much for a pair of shoes for myself, I would be lying! But aren't they adorable?)

And check out Barbie as Cleopatra ($100), available September 9, and some fantastic Barbie Shanghai fan club (oooh--I'm about to join!) exclusive accessories, and a brand new embossed wallet ($30) and matching handbag ($65) available August 26.

Plus, now through September 3, you can save $10 on orders $50-$74.99, $15 on orders $75-$99.99, and $20 on orders over $100. And specials gift with purchase items are available while they last:

  • Buy two Barbie Basics™ and get a free 4x7 doll sketch for free
  • Buy any Christian Louboutin doll and get a free 16-month calendar diary.
Have fun shopping! We'll see if I can make it through the next week without a fan club membership....


  1. What's the code to save $10. etc. on purchases?

  2. I tried it over at the website, and no coupon is required for this promotion. The discounts are automatically calculated for you. (Can you believe the generosity?) ;)


  3. The code provided on the checkout page is A29097. While the code isn't provided anywhere else that I know of, I found that if I didn't go through the email BC sent out, or if I didn't go through the page on the BC site that advertises the sale, you won't get the discount.

    Also, even though BC advertises the calendar as a gift with Louboutin doll purchase, it also applies to the Louboutin shoe purchase. Additionally BC used the value of the calendar to calculate the savings I received when ordering the shoes. The calendar puts the total value at just over $100 which gave me $20 off the shoes instead of the $10!

  4. Oops! Sorry, they caught the extra discount with the Louboutin shoes. I guess it was just a glitch. Now the discount is only $10 even with the free calendar.

  5. Whoops--Val is right about the code. My computer must have saved the cookie with the click-through code from yesterday. :)

  6. *Note: How many FDR contributors' comments does it take to figure out a promotion? ;)


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