Monday, August 2, 2010

Hitting Midnight, Cami&Jon outfit

Hitting Midnight
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A new outfit, Hitting Midnight, arrived, and it's well-made. It's too slim for Tyler. The camisole is a satin bodysuit. The pants are slim, the belt attached, back closure. The outfit includes sparkling gray pantyhose, which peak through the cage boots.

The cardigan really makes the outfit. It's perfectly made with chiffon ruffle trim, miniature sequins and a wonderful drape.

The oversized chunky necklace and bracelet were a nice finishing touch, though I wouldn't have minded earrings also. Still, I'm impressed. I like the quality. More photos on Flickr.

Model is Antoinette Obsessed (hence the mirror). I actually ordered the outfit for my BJD Bobobie Lan, who is Alice at the moment. I'll try it on her after my girls are finished with their current Alice in Wonderland phase.

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