Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tonner Tuesday and shipping schedule update

Today is Tonner Tuesday, and today's special deals are a little different than last week. As last week, this is valid only today, form noon to 5PM EST. They've added six items under each category as follows:
  • $49.99: Hide and Go Creep, Horrific Hopscotch, Odd One Out, Ultra Basic Esme, Brilliant outfit, and Determined outfit.
  • $74.99: SoHo a Go-Go, Dorothy Gale, Heartthrob, Au Printemps Renée, Peppermint Twist, Tin Man
  • $99.99: Posion Ivy Deluxe, Amanda Evert, Moonlight & Magnolias, Tyler Signature Brunette, Death Becomes Her, Clark Cable as Rhett Butler.
Additionally, the shipping schedule has been updated as follows:

  • Princess Mia - middle of September
  • Queen Clarisse Renaldi - middle of September
  • Glowing Muse Basic: Bloom - middle of September
  • Bloom Mannequin: Blonde - middle of August
  • Cameo Mannequin: Strawberry Blonde - middle of August
  • Spice Mannequin - middle of August
  • Onyx Mannequin - middle of August
  • Captivatingly Coy - middle of August
  • Tyler Wentworth Wigged Basic - middle of September
  • Sydney Chase Wigged Basic - middle of September
  • Esmé Wigged Basic - End of September
No shipping dates have been determined for the rest of the 2010 Fall/Holiday collection

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