Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Collector Barbies That I've Never Seen

For my first post, I'll talk a little about a few Barbies I've never seen in person but would love to add to my collection! (I have never had problems shopping online for dolls, so far.)

The first doll's name is, well, I don't know her name but I know that she's a collector Barbie. She's the second doll in the 2001 Collector Edition. I really want her but she's similar to the Angel of Joy Barbie, who I also have in my collection.

The second is a Holiday Visions Barbie. I don't know if she's officially a Collector Barbie or not. Her name is Winter Fantasy. I also want her, but I already have several holiday dolls. I guess I'll have to start a holiday doll collection!

The last Barbie is one I already have and some readers may recognize her. Mine is in really good shape. This is the first time I've seen her official photo. But I really like her the way I have her right now! She is the 1998 Happy Holidays Barbie.

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  1. Nice post, KittyKate! I think that first doll is indeed called "Barbie 2001 Collector Edition 2nd in Series," but perhaps one of our more experienced collectors could elaborate. Very nice selections, I have to say. Impeccable taste. (Are you going to have to look up "impeccable"?) ;)

    This gives me some ideas on upcoming birthdays and Christmas. Maybe you want to up the ante a bit. ;)

  2. Hi Kate!

    Best of luck with your collection!

    Collecting can be fun and addictive. Did you know I collected U2 records?

    I'll look forward to your showing me your doll collection as it grows.


  3. Hi KittyKate!

    That's a great blog post! I look forward to reading more. I'll be sure to have Sarah start reading this blog as well. She and Michelle like dolls more than me. But this is an excellent way for me to learn more about you doll collectors!

  4. I dont know if you even check this anymore but I have the winter Barbie and am willing to sell her. If you havent gotten her yet. My email is nikolaosgothier@yahoo.com

  5. Hi there, my daughter has the 1998 happy holiday barbie it's in immaculate condition & actually still boxed, so has never been played with or opened....... what is the best way of making sure it goes to a good home to be treasured as she has done ? and any idea on the value of doll ??

    1. You know, many of the holiday Barbies were made in very large quantities--and it's difficult to know how many were made. It really helps a Barbie's value to be in a box without any creases, though.

      To determine the worth, I'd look up the doll on eBay and see what it has been SOLD for--not the current list price, but what it's actually selling for. First--is this the doll in the rounded box, wearing the black and silver gown with pink cape? If so--she ranges from about $5-28, when she is in NRFB (never removed from box) condition. You might be better off holding on to her a bit longer. She may go up in value as she ages a bit more--as long as you can keep her box in pristine condition, that is.


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