Monday, August 2, 2010

Heart throb of the moment -- Are you attracted to funny looking dolls?

Have you ever encountered a doll and had your breath taken away? Even a chance encounter online, can be like falling in love, for me. A large part of the joy in collecting is building my wish list, which more than likely will never be fulfilled. Just the idea of looking at beautiful faces and being swept away by their beauty is often enough.

What happens, however, when you are swept away by the unusual or unique, or heaven forbid, even funny-looking face? I recently came across a photo in Flickr of Leeke World's Florence. She's 40 cm (about 15.75") tall, takes 20mm eyes (other BJDs in this size often wear 12-14mm), and wears an 11" wig (other BJDs this size wear a 7-8" wig).

I confess, I have a variety of dolls in my collection. Florence would really go well with my big-head dolls, such as Pullip. And I have a fondness for Kim Lasher BJDs also: both Simply Alice and Anya have larger heads, and are just a tad on the non-realistic-looking side.

But really, when it comes to spending my hard-earned money on a doll, what can be said about this sculpt in particular? It scares me, I have to say, to confess how passionate I feel about her. Why? What makes her so special to me? I've never even seen her in real life. But seeing owner photos is actually what drew her to me in the first place. I adore her.

I hate to sound crazy, but it feels like love at first sight. There is just something about a particular sculpt that awakens a feeling in me that says, "Take her home. She needs your help." More than that: "Think of what you could do for her." It's that "sucker" sticker that's stapled somewhere inside my soul that all the neighborhood stray cats (and kids, for that matter) can see. Maybe I should have chosen another sort of tinkering hobby? Working on cars? That might have paid off in the end! Maybe this one will, too--eventually.

This one, well, I'm not sure I could tell my husband how much I like this sculpt. She's so... different. He already thinks my hobby is a little obsessive. And I was surprised by this one, I have to say. Sure, most of us doll collectors have something just a tiny bit obsessive or compulsive about us. (Unfortunately, cleanliness is not mine.) But honestly, Florence is not helping me narrow my collection's theme.

What about you? How do you decide you like a doll? Do you have a chance to decide? Have you ever fallen in love with one? Has it ever surprised you?

Does your wish list outstrip your budget by leaps and bounds, or do you limit it? Is it frustrating for you to have a giant wish list and not enough funds to cover it, or do you find enjoying other people's photos and imagining those dolls in your collection part of the joy of collecting?

The bottom line, I'm asking, "Are you as weird as I am?"

Photos property of Leeke World.


  1. Well, I recently got a Helen Kish doll. Now that really surprised me since her style wasn't something I liked. But this particular doll, Gilded Spirit Electra-blonde, caught my eye last year and I kept thinking about getting her until she went on sale and she was the last piece available^^ She looks strange and out of place in my collection but I kind of like that strange face-up she has.

    So to answer your question "No, you're not alone." *grins*


  2. OK--I had to go look her up, and I confess, I have looked at Electra sculpts before. I think the one I was looking at was a purple convention doll--a purple fairy of some sort.

    When I first saw a Kish doll in person, I have to say, I was more than a little smitten. So far, I've managed to resist, or at least be over budget when I've seen them in person! LOL! :)

  3. Yes, many times I've had that feeling. What is really magic is when I do take her home and the magic continues. I have her in my hot little hands or look at her on the shelf and she still just gives me a shiver. Perfect.


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