Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vintage Vinyl

The Dynamite Girls newest collection arrived at my home today!  This one is titled "Vintage Vinyl" and features new facemolds for the girls along with new knees!  They are just a tad taller than the older versions, but the body is the same and can share clothing still.  This set includes Gavin, Rufus Blue, Reese & Sooki.

I am a huge DG fan, and was a little hesitant about the new faces, but now having deboxed them, I adore the set!  Even Reese who's never been my favorite, is just so sweet!  The outfits are all well made and I love the styling of this set.  The shoes are fitting a little funny for me though.  The girls that have socks, well their shoes dont' fully go on around the back of the heel and the girls without socks, well their shoes are a tad big and tend to fall off when moving them around. Other than that I think they're superb! 

Oh, I should also mention that hair gel is used quite a bit in their hairstyles (except for Reese) and therefore they have "crunchy" hair.

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  1. Beautiful! I can't wait for my Sookie to arrive! Lovely photos!


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