Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dynamite Girls: Chill Factor Collection

On the heels of the release of the Vintage Vinyl collection comes the fall/winter collection "Chill Factor".  These 3 girls are super cute in their winter gear complete with mittens!  First up we've got Aria, who is one of the original 3, and she looks amazing with her brand new facemold!  Next up is Eltin, who premiered at the 2008 FR Convention, she shares a facemold with Sooki.  This collection also introduces a new character Neve, who is of mixed ethnic descent.  Neve shares the same facemold as Reese. 

(L-R) Aria, Eltin, Neve

**Photos are property of Integrity Toys**

These dolls are limited edition sizes of 300 and are retailing for $54.99. I see they are already up for preorder at several online stores. Marl & B has them up already and Maddie's Dolls also has them up, which is great for International customers.

I'm sure your favorite online dealer will post them soon if they haven't already. Just remember that quantities are limited at each dealer, and I think with this line we could possibly have a sell out on some of the characters, so if you love them then I'd suggest snatching them up quick!




  1. Ooh-- we are already going crazy for these girls over at my house! Thanks for the info!

  2. The Aria Doll's Outfit is Blue. But I have it in the same colors as Neve's. I have both. Did Jason Wu design Aria's outfit in two colors?

  3. Wow—excellent question! I’m not sure. I briefly checked out the only dynamite Girls reference I know about: and didn’t see it, but I know this happened to another doll, a Christmas limited edition, Jolly Jett, who was available in two colors, Red and blue. Maybe yours is a limited release? I’m interested!


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