Friday, April 1, 2011

1970 Twist 'N Turn Julia, Stock #1127

The TNT Julia doll was modeled after the TV character portrayed by Diahann Carroll on the series Julia. Julia was a nurse and so was the doll. The 1969 version came dressed in a two piece uniform, the 1970 version had a one-piece uniform. In addition to her uniform Julia also wears an R.N. cap, white nylon panties, and white pilgrim shoes. She has short brown unevenly cut hair which often oxidizes to red. (My doll's hair is still brown). Julia has centered dark brown eyes, black brows, and rooted lashes. Her lips are dark pink and she has hi-color cheeks. She has dark brown skin and her legs are bendable.

Her accessories include a purple and silver foil wristag, a living Barbie and Skipper fashion booklet and a clear X stand. Julia's box graphics depict her in the fashion Fancy Dancy. The back of the box has two promo photos from the TV show. There were several fashions created just for Julia including Pink Fantasy, the Simply Wow giftset, Leather Weather, Brr-Fur ( 2 versions), and Candlelight Capers.


  1. She is just beautiful, Kathie! Is her face sculpt different than Christie's?

  2. Christie and Julia have the same head mold. The only difference in their face paint is that Christie's eyebrows are set a bit higher than Julia's.


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