Monday, April 18, 2011

Barbie Basics update...

If you aren't on the website, you may have missed the latest updates and sneak peeks at the new Barbie Basics. As a BFC member, I'm not permitted to post Mattel copyright images. Here are some updates on the rest of the Barbie Basics lines to be released this year with some links to photos.

I apologize in advance for the photo links. At this point, they are for BFC members only.

First, Target will be releasing three new Black Label exclusives and an accessory pack. If you're a BFC Member, you can the thread here. The dolls are dressed in white jeans (or pants, anyway) and red tops. Let me just state here that I am not a sculpt expert, but I will guess on these.

#1 Mackie sculpt with a platinum bob (no bangs) hoop earrings, asymmetric red shirt, white belt, long boot cut jeans, two red bracelets. Try this for a photo.

#11 Teresa (I really need help with this one!) sculpt with brunette highlighted shoulder-length hair, hoop earrings, red tunic, white belt, white skinny jeans and red pumps. Try this for a photo.

#3 Steffie sculpt with hoop earrings, dark brown ponytail and bangs, puffy sleeved asymmetric tunic, skinny capris, white belt, red and white bracelets, and cage sandals. Try this for a photo.

The accessory pack contains cute red and white shoes and booties, sunglasses, a Target-print shopping tote, silver belt, two magazines, and a rather fantastic red patent "leather" jacket.

My favorite of the three dolls is the Steffie sculpt, of course. But she also reminds me of Katy Perry, who has been an odd inspiration to me, of late.

Now, the news about the metallic collection from Barbie Basics Collections 2: Model #14 (Louboutin sculpt), Model #4 (Goddess sculpt) and Model #8 (Mbili sculpt) will be on the articulated body, not Model Muse. (You may already know this from the Toy Fair release.) Two accessory packs will also be released. The first includes a tuxedo style jacket, gold sequin top, several pairs of gold and black shoes and boots, and a magazine. The second includes lots of fun shoes, jewelry and purses, in bronze, silver and gold.

Second, and this is a rumor, these dolls will be limited edition. I have heard these dolls will not be Black Label, and that they will be available from and select dealers only. The edition size will be cut down significantly, so if you see one available for sale and you'd like to add it to your collection, buy it.

All right. I've done enough fear mongering for the day. Thanks!


  1. Thanks for this news, Alison! I am not a BFC member this year.

  2. Thanks for the news! I want to get Model.14 at least.


  3. "Rather fantastic black patent 'leather' jacket"--not so fantastic!

    Please be advised the Black Patent Jacket, Black Label: Look No. 01, Collection 002 left, what seems to be, an indelible stain on the arms of my favorite, childhood)“Pat Pend” Bubble Cut. A clear black imprint (parallel lines about the wrist) from the elastic in the cuffs, is now perfectly imprinted. The jacket was worn for only one hour in a high desert biome(dry). There are also arbitrary black stains up to the shoulder joints. This lot reads “Made in Indonesia.” Very sad!

    •Any suggestions as to how to get out the word?
    •Any suggestions as to how to remove what looks like India Ink stains?

    Mattel most certainly needs to intervene.

    Thank you everyone,


  4. Yikes! Have you contacted Mattel directly about the staining issue? I'm sure they would be the best resource.

    If you haven't already posted photos of your doll to the the Barbie Collector board, that's probably the best way to see if anyone else had had similar issues. Writing to Mattel isn't a bad idea, either.

    I know for general vinyl doll stains, there is a commonly used benzoyl peroxide and aluminum foil treatment that can be used to remove stains, but you may want to contact a professional doll repair hospital for vintage work first. I'm so sorry to hear it was one of your childhood dolls!

    Also, I have had the same jacket on my model muse #3 since January, and I just checked her for stains. She is fine. I have to admit, the jacket is a snug fit for the MM body--I can't imagine it fitting on a larger doll--but if the ink wasn't set in the fabric, I'm sure it would have stained.


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