Monday, April 25, 2011

Vintage Barbie fashion #987, Orange Blossom

Barbie's Orange Blossom fashion was on the market from 1961-1964. It includes:

  • sleeveless yellow cotton sheath with zipper (this is the piece containing the Barbie tag)
  • white lace overdress
  • yellow tulle hat (same style as the one from Gay Parisienne which was navy blue)
  • bouquet with yellow and white ribbon streamers
  • short white tricot gloves in the '61 and '62 version, long white gloves in the '63 and '64 version
  • white open-toe shoes
This fashion is easy and affordable to collect. It is often seen displayed on a Midge doll (always a bridesmaid and never a bride), but looks great on Barbie, too. Current market value in near mint and complete condition is about $75-$95.


  1. It's a very nice fashion. I'm curious. All these fashions you posted, do you keep them in their boxes and never dress the dolls in them?


  2. Hi Ariss, I leave all the vintage fashions NRFB (never removed from box) but I have no problem deboxing contemporary outfits. Kathie

  3. I didn't know there was a hat in this collection! Kathie, does this hat ever show up by itself? If so... I think I might need it! :)

  4. Alison, "we" will find you one! Kathie

  5. Kathie, that's almost too bad! I bet a lot of dolls would look lovely in such vintage fashions^_~


  6. Ariss, I think that's why you need to have two versions of the same fashion: One that has been deboxed already, and one that has never been removed.

    I have most of Orange Blossom deboxed. (I'll try to upload photos today!) But it's so unusual to find a NRFB fashion from 1961 that it would be a shame to take it out!

    Now for me, deboxing a doll from 1980 or later is no problem. Much earlier than that, then I'd have to consider how it looks in the box before considering, you know? ;)


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