Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Collecting Dolls

I have been collecting dolls for some time now, about 2 years on and off.  I first started collecting Dollfie Dreams then moved onto BJDs, and my current obsession is Fashion Model Barbies.  I do mean obsession!  I bought 12 in one month.  I always have one that I instantly bond with, and he or she becomes a favorite.   My favorite Barbie is Highland Fling or Tout de Suite.   Ok, they are all my favorite.  I have always been into dolls though.  As an only child for 8 years, and both my parents working, I kept myself entertained with my plethora of Barbies.  My mom never understood why I would count my 153 Barbies, 2 Teresas, 2 Skippers and one Ken doll. I had to make sure no one went missing.

Many people collect them to store them away, hoping that they will appreciate in value one day.  Some people display them in cabinets inside their boxes.  I, on the other hand collect them to have fun with them and tell photostories.  I am not worried about getting them dirty or messing up their hair/makeup.  I feel if I am going to spend this much money on my hobby, I am going to enjoy every minute of it. I tell my mom I am reliving my childhood.

So readers.  Why do you collect and what do you do with your collection? 

My new addition Highland Fling wearing her Black Enchantment Oufit


  1. Mostly as a hobby ^_^ But I always loved things I could dress up like video games barbie dolls as a little girl. But 2 years ago I started to have a interest in BJDs than a year ago I started liking Dollfie Dreams It really a expensive hobby and you can go a little over bored but its always fun in the end ^_^

  2. I started collecting because I was the guy who played with dolls when i was younger, I had no interest in playing with cars or trucks lol plus i was very close to my sister so we played with what we had, but i had fun, then i went through a phase where i thought toys and dolls were dumb and didn't want to touch them, but now i'm collecting them and it's part of my hobby and life style.

  3. I sort of feel that this is part of my lifestyle as well. I am going to play with them because they bring me joy.

  4. Great post, and welcome, Southern Belle!

    I think I use my collection, depending on which dolls, for a variety of purposes. My ever-growing vintage Barbie collection is actually a unique collection for me--it's a traditional collection, one that is precious because it is old. I don't redress the dolls frequently, and I value them because they are older, and they have a history.

    My fashion dolls--I love them to redress and style. I love them for their variety and their play-factor.

    My BJDs, well--they are just great for their customization. I love that I can play with someone else's work of art and make it into something uniquely my own.

  5. I don't know exactly why I collect them; just that I do. I loved Barbie when I was a girl, and in the 1980s, I "discovered" her again and began collecting. It really is all about the play value for me. I love dressing them and just being in my doll room with them. Makes not sense, I know. But, sometimes the things that bring us joy don't make any sense. It's just fun!

  6. I have a Kim Lasher button on my backpack that says "Dolls are not my life. They are much more important than that." I *play* with my dolls--I sew for them, change their clothes, set up little scenes, take one everywhere I go in case a great photo op appears. I don't do NRFB, and--this kills some collectors-- I throw out or reuse the boxes and packaging. I'm sure a psychologist would have fun with my Dolly Mama lifestyle, but I really don't care--I'm having too much fun with the dolls to think on it!! PS-- I did lose interest in dolls while I was raising my kids, but they're grown now, so my time and energy are actually mine now! ;D

  7. I collect coz they are pretty. I have a mix of in-box and out of box. Some of them just look too incredible in the box. Like the Barbie and Ken Tango set. I don't have the heart to take it out. They've been posed and sewn into the box in such a lovely way that I don't think I could mimic outside of it.

  8. I have a lot of play Barbies and I have some that are still in the box. I don't keep them boxed because I intend on sellng them. I keep some of them boxed because I don't have display cases for all of them and this is a way that I can still see them until it is time to debox them. I was recently diagnosed with an illness that almost took my life last year. Ever since them my play has increased ten fold. I have been deboxing more and more. The thought of spending years and countless dollars collecting these dolls and potentially never having the chance to enjoy them was pretty daunting. I have been utterly amazed at how so many dolls look so much better and different out of their boxes.

  9. I fell into this hobby by accident^_^ A friend was waxing poetic about her dolls and how relaxed she felt when playing with them. I've never had much interest in dolls as a child but I was going through a rough patch in life and wanted to try if dolls would really help with the stress and anxiety. They did.. much to my amazement.

    Now my collection has dolls of every size, type, and form. The only criteria is that they please me. They are all deboxed and displayed and played with. I've removed the doll's original hair style, cut her hair, and even scalped a few and gave them new wigs. It's all about playing with them for me. When that wasn't enough I started photography as a side hobby, taking pics of dolls.



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