Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Steffie of the day: Couture Kelley

Couture Kelley, originally uploaded by alington.
A recent Frankendolly of mine--I believe this is a 1970s era Quick Curl Kelley, who was scalped when I received her. She might be Yellowstone Kelley, but her hair plug holes are awfully far apart on her head--plus I think Yellowstones are harder to find. Input? Ideas? Leave me a comment!

She needed a new body, which she received. I've wigged her for now, using a Goodreau 4-5 wig, and she's wearing a modified Generation of Dreams dress, and some other current Mattel accessories. More photos, including full-size, can be seen on Flickr.

I think she came out quite cute, if a little over the top. I kind of like having a wigged Steffie from this era!

She came in a huge lot of TLC dolls and bodies for $20 from eBay. I'll be sharing the other project dolls I've made over the next few weeks.

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