Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grumpy Wake-Up Lottie

Wake-Up Lottie, originally uploaded by alington.
Meet my little grumpy girl, Wake-Up Lotttie. She's another new addition to my BJD collection, and another doll from Peak's Woods. I just adore her.

One of the things I truly love about BJDs, and about Peak's Woods specifically, is that you can truly customize the doll the way you want. Wake-Up Lottie was released with limited edition make-up originally: gorgeous grays, mauves and charcoal.

But I also have an open-eye Lottie Real. I wanted to make my new doll match her sister, so I asked. And sure enough, Peak's Woods came through with a special face-up for me, and it's just perfect.

In addition, I've made this new doll like her sister in another way. I've put her SD-sized head (scaled for a 58cm body) onto an MSD-sized body (scaled for 42cm). She's just a cute little thing.

You can see full-sized photos here on Flickr and photos of Lottie, her sister, here.

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