Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vintage Barbie & Skipper equistrienne carrying case

Here is a rare Barbie and Skipper trunk which depicts Barbie in her Riding in the Park fashion and Skipper in her Learning to Ride fashion. The graphics of the case extend along 3 sides. Manufactured by SPP, this case was issued in 1964 and was available in blue, tan, and yellow.

The interior of the case was either white or a floral design and contained 2 accessory drawers, 2 clothing racks, a hard-to-find zippered garment bag, and two spaces for dolls. This is one of the crown jewel cases in my collection.


  1. I have this case in Tan and it's mint condition I mean MINT any idea as to whats it's worth I just cant seem to find another one

  2. This case in mint condition has a value of $250-$300. If you are in need of a reference book for vintage Barbie licensed products I highly recommend Laural Schwing's "Encyclopedia of Barbie doll family and friends licensed products" Kathie


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