Monday, April 25, 2011

Discovering a blog about dollhouses

While working on my recent restoration projects of 1950s Mattel furniture, I came across some blog postings on "Leftcoastmini" that featured some of the author's collection of this same furniture.

One is about the living room set, while the other highlights the bedroom set.

The blog is about collecting dollhouses for dolls of various sizes - it's quite fascinating. I highly suggest checking it out.


  1. Hey! I recognize some of that furniture! That's pretty cool.

    I have to confess, I ADORE the lighting fixtures. Almost as much as I love doll shoes!

    If you're getting into this, you might have to check out the MiniTreasures Wiki. They have miniature projects for furniture, too.

    Here, for example. I like the curio cabinet. I'd like to get some miniatures Barbies and put them in there. ;)

  2. I definitely want to try making some table lamps and chandeliers - maybe even put little working lightbulbs in them!


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