Saturday, April 23, 2011

A candid of Viyol, in DollinStyle

The lovely Viyol, a white skin resin BJD by Peak's Woods.
The lovely Viyol is another head that I received in my recent mega order from Peak's Woods. She is a white skin doll, and has a special request face-up from the company as well. This is a re-make of the white skin The Glamour version that was a limited edition face-up for Briana (and also Sky) last summer. (Scroll way down to see the lovely white skin version.) Her outfit is by DollinStyle.

Viyol is definitely an underrated sculpt. She's seen rarely, but I find her gorgeous and unique. Her open mouth gives her an almost a vacant look. I think she'll be a glamour model for me, and I believe she needs some couture and edgy clothing.

She's got a heart-shaped face--pointed chin and full cheeks--and very large eyes (these are 18mm, but she'd be better with 20mm). Her eyelids are sculpted heavily, and her eyes sculpt droops slightly. Her face is also sculpted angularly, so she's an interesting doll-subject to photograph.

Perhaps she'll require a Lady Gaga outfit? I've already pre-ordered the platinum hair-bow wig from DollHeart, which I think will be cute on her.

I'll include another profile shot, just for some detail. (these are candids taken in my doll cabinet, while I was putting my dolls away.)
Profile shot of Viyol with The Glamour face-up.

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