Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My "what NOT to do" tip of the day

Who knew that styrofoam and spray paint don't mix? Apparently not me.

I thought I'd be both thrifty and environmentally conscious and create an armchair for an 11" doll out of a styrofoam Jamba Juice cup. However, once I sprayed on a light coat of enamel spray paint, the styrofoam began to disintegrate until the seat was no more!

Am I the first one to ever discover this? Probably. I imagine that most people just throw out their take out containers: not try to make them into doll furniture. :)


  1. Eeek! How did that smell, by the way? And at least you didn't heat gun it, Jen. ;)

    Great photo, I have to admit.

  2. luckily, it just smelled like spray paint, but i had a mask on, so hopefully that filtered out any toxic fumes. ;)

    heat gun it? i'll have to remember not to "try" that.

  3. Oh my, it's a little bit scary... maybe you can use it for a Halloween set hehe... Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience, it looks like something I would have tried eventually...

  4. I can't tell from that picture that there was ever a chair there. LOL. I briefly worked at a Hobby Lobby and this was a common mistake. The chemicals in spray paint is what causes the foam to disentegrate. You have to use water based products. Here is a link with a few suggestions.

  5. I'm a little late in reading this but it cracked me up.


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