Friday, April 8, 2011

Grant A Wish Convention 2011

One of the bulletin boards
announcing room sales
This year's Grant A Wish convention theme is Romance on the High Seas and it is being held in Livonia, MI at the Marriott Hotel.  On today's agenda is lots of room shopping. For those of you unfamiliar with room shopping at a doll convention, it is a blast. As you shop from room to room you make new friends and search for items on your dolly wish list.

Here is a shot from Hilda Westervelt's room sales of Bellissima couture. Hilda is selling a number of silk and brocade sheaths, suits, and fashions for silkstone Barbie dolls and Fashion Royalty. The sofa and backdrop in this display were made by Maryann Roy. You can shop for Hilda's fashions here and Maryann's doll furniture here.

One of the treasures I've found while room shopping is this Momoko doll and fashion, Danse Rouge, a OOAK by Rob Thompson. She is very sweet. Her hair has been rerooted in red and she has tiny braids on both sides. Her two piece fashion is frilly and very feminine. She's also had a complete repaint. You can shop for Rob's dolls here.


  1. Looks like you're having fun already! And is it just me, or is "Danse Rouge" pinned up on the room sales bulletin board...?

  2. Yes, Jen you are right. Miss Danse Rouge did check out the room sales board. :)


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