Monday, April 25, 2011

Holy Grail!

Pink Splendor, originally uploaded by alington.
I was somehow able to snatch up one of my holy grail Barbies for a song on eBay while I was on vacation in Palm Springs. It felt too good to be true! But sure enough, she arrived in her full glory and a gargantuan box.

Meet 1996 Pink Splendor: all that is pink and kitchy and sparkling about Barbie. At the time or her release, this doll had the highest retail price yet for a collector Barbie: $900. She is a limited edition of 10,000 dolls.

Her draping pink gown is made of silk satin and real gold thread, with lace overlay trimmed with ribbon, rhinestones and gold lace at the bodice. Underneath she is wearing silk panties, iridescent stockings and pink garters. Her gaudy jewelry is made from crystals, and is more than copious. Even her shoes are 14K gold leaf.

Check out my photos on Flickr for more photos of this doll in my cabinet. I'll do a more artistic one soon!

The eBay seller is oldeagleeye72461, and I highly recommend her. She is honest, ships when she says she will ship, and her items come when she says they will, in the condition they are described. She even gave me more information on this doll after I posted this blog post originally. (Thanks!) I couldn't be more pleased!


  1. Congratulations, Dame Alison, on thy successful conclusion of yet another Grail Quest! What doth Lord Mark have to say about this latest Grail in thy castle? Or doth he know yet?

  2. wow, she's so dramatic!
    (i think i see queen v in the background, saying: "if my hair was up in a 'do like that, i'd have a headache!"

  3. Congratulations in obtaining your Grail doll! She is lovely and I wouldn't mind adding her to my collection either.


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