Friday, April 29, 2011

Tea cup display

Tea cup display, originally uploaded by alington.
How do you display your dolls?

I was looking at my display yesterday, and feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Personally, I like to be able to see all of my dolls--if I can't see them, and get to the easily, I feel like I have too many.

I like to display with themes, so currently, I have my Alice dolls together--well, most of them anyway. I have the IFDC dolls on another shelf, simply because they won't fit. I love how my display looks, however--I just wish I could display them all like this.

The not-fitting problem... well, that has caused me to do a little calculating. I looked at my pre-order list for the entire year, and I realized that I've overdone it--again. I have too many dolls coming for my display space, so I'll have to move some dolls in a major way. Ack!

Maybe it's just been an overwhelming week for me, but I have to find a better way to get my collection back to a manageable size. I didn't take my narrowing-down project into consideration when I was in the pre-ordering mood. So now I'm in for a real treat!

Words of wisdom for the day: Don't pre-order dolls when you're "in the mood"!


  1. On a purely selfish level, Alison, I love it when you downsize! *hugs my lovely Grail Doll*

  2. LOL! And by the way--Google name connection made, just today! Duh! ;)

  3. When, dear, do you SUGGEST we preorder dolls then?

  4. LOL! But it's so difficult not to pre-order dolls^_~

    BTW, I've got 3 dolls that need a new home. Interested?


  5. Oh, Ariss! I'm ALWAYS interested. ;) I'll see what I can swap you!

    And Blue, love your new icon. :) My suggestion is to pre-order dolls after planning for space. ;) I have no idea where or how Sweeping will fit.

    Did you see how poor squashed Um of Umbridge is "fitting" in my display? Sure, it's "fitting" that she's outgrown my display. But I don't think I can get away with that with Fire Opal Tyler or Sweeping. I just don't think they will put up with it! ;)


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