Saturday, April 23, 2011

Meet Cue... in Val Zeitler

Peak's Woods Cue resin BJD.
Meet Peak's Woods white skin Cue, whose head was included in my fantastic order which has been anticipated for months. (I've been collecting bodies on Den of Angels--though another one of my doll friends said that sounds a little gross.)

Cue has a special face-up, which was a special request, to use pinks and purples. Here, she's wearing a wig by Dollzone, an Haute Doll exclusive outfit designed by Val Zeitler and produced by DollHeart called "Tweedle Dee," and a hat by DollHeart. You can see additional photos on Flickr.

What I love about this sculpt in particular is her pointy chin. There is also a wake-up version of her as well, with her eyes half-closed--and she looks so much more haughty and dramatic that way. (I love that sculpt also; but with her eyes open, she's so innocent and sweet!)


  1. She's great. I so wish I'd bought Tweedle Dum, the pink version of this, I ummed and ahhhd for too long and it sold out! :o)

  2. Wow, everything is really beautiful! Especially the eyes. ♥

  3. Thanks, Rosida!

    Yve, I love the pink version, too. SOmetimes it pops up for sale on DoA, but it's so expensive now! ;)


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