Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sonja - redressed.

Sonja, originally uploaded by alington.
On the topic of Haute Doll and Val Zeitler, this is Sonja, a Peak's Woods white skin Wake-Up Goldie with a Val Zeitler face-up. I think she is just lovely, if a little on the spooky side, with her dark eye shadow.

I've redressed her--just to see how and if she could pull off Rococo--it's a requirement in my household. And sure enough, she can.

In fact, with a brunette wig, she looks almost soft. And so elegant and regal. Maybe a little haughty, but much softer. And her nose is just too adorable to be really haughty.

Wig by DollHeart, gown by Soda. A couple more photos on Flickr, but these were a hand-held doll cabinet shoot, so don't expect too much.


  1. Alison, it is hard to read the words on your blog. Once it fully loads, the light background behind the words, disappear, making it very difficult to read.

  2. Vanessa, I'm sorry to hear that--you're the only person I've heard who seems to be having problems. What browser are you using? Are you using a dial-up connection?

    I actually recently changed the background photo to a Google default, and I'll change the default background again--and perhaps this will help. Let me know.

  3. Dial up? LOL. No I have a high speed wireless connection. I use IE. It just started doing that about a little over a week ago. I didn't say anything because I thought maybe you were just making changes.

    I did recently install new Window updates. That's the only changes I've made. You never know what those updates can do.

  4. Is it fixed now? I changed the background color to white, so if the floral background doesn't load for you, it should be white, under transparent, under white. If you hit refresh or clear the cache, does that seem to fix the problem?

    I don't use Windows, and I don't use any Microsoft products--except for the xBox in the living room, and the GPS in my Ford. ;) I can't seem to reproduce the problem.

    Maybe it's an issue with Google and MS? Blogger is a Google-owned site, so I'm not sure.

  5. Don't worry about it. It must have been something with the Windows updates. It stayed white longer, but then the white went away after a few seconds. I wouldn't stress about it unless you hear from someone else. I rarely ever do the Windows updates. I'll troubleshoot it later.


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