Sunday, April 24, 2011

Steffie of the Day #2: Canadian Standard

Canadian Standard Barbie, from the mid 1970s.
Finally, a decent photo shoot of another lovely addition to my Steffie collection, a foreign issue doll from Canada. This doll, the Canadian Standard Barbie, was manufactured between 1974 and 1976 for the Canadian market.

Her hair is very soft and thin, and her body plastic is very light and hollow (actually, her body feels just like the current 2011 collection Renaissance doll, which surprised me). She has straight legs made of the same hard plastic as her torso and arms. Often, you can find leftover seams of plastic left on the doll's fingers and toes, but my girl doesn't have these.

She is the Steffie mold, though after about 1976, Superstar faces were also available and seen as standard dolls as well.

My girl's vinyl head is a terrific match to her pink body--these dolls are a pale pink shade--and her face has only one small fade spot on her forehead. I am mesmerized by her face and face paint--I love her bright eyes, and her soft lips. Her outfit was included, and is a Mattel outfit. I'm not sure of the name, but the fabric has been used before for some pajamas for Ken, I believe.

I was able to pick her up for a very good price on eBay, in a lot of other dolls, and I was able to frankendolly several others from the lot, including a second Standard, who went to JennyGrey, who is Canadian, and frankly, wasn't born yet when these dolls were produced. ;)

See more photos on Flickr.

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  1. thanks again for my very own canadian standard. she's been telling me all about those late 70s years in canada, before i was born. sounds like she and ken had some wild times. ;)


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