Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Melin, originally uploaded by alington.
My newest BJD has arrived--and she's a Christmas gift. But I had to open the box to make sure none of her fingers were broken and to make sure she was complete.

And while the box was open, I went ahead and tried on her outfit--just to make sure everything was included. And since she was already dressed, I took a few quick photos. Hey, I can always package her back up and wrap up the box, right?

Her name is Melin, and she's another Doll-Zone resin ABJD. She's MSD-sized (about 17") with pink skin (or perhaps normal--it's very lovely). Her eyes are nearly shut: you can see the golden yellow just barely through her lashes. She's got a double-jointed body, also, so she poses like a dream.

Her outfit is amazing. It's inspired by Alice in Wonderland. It includes the chiffon dress with a sequin halter strap and crocheted overlay, a blue cotton and mesh petticoat, matching floral chiffon bloomers with ribbon trim, a ruffled choker, hair bow, pink hose, and adorable platform shoes.

You can see more photos on my Flickr photostream. Enjoy!

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