Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Disney Cinderella by Mattel

Four new Barbies have been released and are available for order very soon as part of Disney's latest theatrical release, Cinderella. The first doll, Cinderella's Royal Ball, features her typical fairytale presentation in her blue dress and "glass" slippers. I think this is a new face sculpt. She seems to retail around $70-75, per most dealer sites, but her MSRP from Mattel is $39.99, and she's currently in stock

The second version of Cinderella is called Cinderella's Wedding Day. She retails for $39.95 (dealer price) and is in-stock at Doll Genie. She's dressed in a pretty white wedding gown with sheer sleeves, a tiara, and coordinating jewelry. Also, she's available for just $24.99 from Mattel.

Lady Tremaine is another new addition to the collection in the likeness of Cate Blanchett. I love her sculpt and her hair, but I'm not crazy about the fake gloves or plastic feather. I do adore her dress, though.

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother is also available for purchase. She is dressed in a retro ballgown, in fabric similar to Crystal Barbie, only with a high collar. She includes wings, tiara and silver wand.

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  1. Just FYI -- I just checked mattel.com and the ballgown doll is in stock at $39.99
    and the wedding doll is in stock at $24.99
    The same actress, Lily James, plays Lady Rose on Downtown Abbey. I'll probably have to get all of them, sigh ... Love your blog, Susan

  2. Thanks for the tip! I've updated my post with your links. :) So helpful! (I love Downton Abbey, too. Wouldn't it be awesome to see a Downton Abbey line of Barbies?)

  3. We can start with Lady Rose! Yes, it would be wonderful if Mattel would do a line of Abbey dolls, but *quality* dolls and clothing. Did you see that Fairy Godmother is Helena Bonham Carter? So cool to have an HBC doll!

  4. Uggh I hate when they cheat and just mold plastic clothes (such as gloves) right on the doll!


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