Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 Reasons playing with dolls is better than cleaning house

  1. It's a lot easier to involve my kids in playing with dolls than cleaning house.
  2. I can share photos of my dolls with my readers, but you probably wouldn't be as interested in photos of my house.
  3. My cats are afraid of the vacuum, but they are entertained by my dolls.
  4. The dolls stay where they are after I put them away, redressed and all brushed and styled. My house gets dirty immediately after cleaning.
  5. Two words: instant gratification.
  6. It's a fun way to clean up the living room.
  7. It helps me plan future blog posts.
  8. It keeps me from spending money by enabling me enjoy the dolls and clothes I have.
  9. I'd rather spend my last day on earth enjoying art than mopping the floor.
  10. I'm not Martha Stewart.


  1. All so very true! I'd rather spend my last day on earth enjoying art than mopping the floor! It that in needlepoint somewhere? It should be. I met a man whose wife had die and he nagged her about cleaning. He still regrets that! He would tolerate the mess to have her back!

  2. Oooh--a needle point. Maybe that's what I need to get my point across. :) Thanks, Ms. Leo, for your comment and your idea! ;)

  3. #8......not so true for me! ;D Wigs, eyes, shoes, oh my!

  4. I think it might (kind of) depend on the current size of your eye/wig/shoe wardrobe--though, I admit, one can never have too many of those! ;)

  5. Great list! Funds are tight for me I really like #8 :o)) I'd rather play with my dolls and make diorams..they dont get untidy either.

  6. I was LOLing when I was reading your post :)
    I can put my name on each of your 10 reasons :)
    #4 is hilarious and SOOOOO true!

  7. 11 Playtime is fleeting, but housekeeping is ETERNAL.


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