Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Alice Project, last week's group photos...

Day 22. New doll is Mod Alice by Berdine Creedy, in the first row, pink hair.
I know I was a little behind in posting the group photos last week, so this post will catch you up on the group's progression. I like showing the dolls together as a group, so you can see the size differences as well. Each day has its own photo.

Click on the photos for larger sizes, or visit Flickr to see the original sizes and notes (eventually, when I get to them. I'll work on them as soon as I'm finished here!)

Day 23. New doll is Adeline Joy by Goodreau doll. Center front, blonde/lime green hair. 
Day 24. New doll is Goth Alice by Goodreau. Black/yellow/red outfit on the right.

Day 25. New doll is Mame-Momoko. She's the tiny Alice in the front holding the speech bubble. 
Day 26. New doll is Pullip Lala. She's standing on the left with the big head and salmon pink hair. 
Day 27. New dolls is FR Nippon Misaki. She's on the right behind Mod Alice, wearing the royal blue and tulle dress.

Day 28. New doll is Integrity Toys NuFantasy Curiouser. She's sitting next to large Elf Doll Ryung, with the blonde ringlets and black and pale blue outfit and tall black boots.

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