Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Alice Project, Day 20

Limited Edition tan Briana by Peak's Woods as Alice.
Peak's Woods limited edition tan Briana (SD size, about 23") is wearing her default eyes and a Michele Hardy wig. I made her this "Alice" outfit out of an extra sock--as my washer and dryer has a nasty habit of eating socks. It's actually a light blue (maybe just a tiny bit periwinkle). We have a sock challenge at this week's doll meet, which was given to us last month by Monica.

You'll need: a single sock, I used an adult woman's sock, above the ankle, sewing machine with zigzag stitch, thread, needle, and trim if desired.
  1. Cut the sock off from the ankle down to just before the heel. The top of the sock will be the top of the dress.
  2. If desired, finish the top edge and/or bottom edges with a narrow zigzag stitch. (Really, this is optional.) I stretched the edge while feeding it through the machine to get a ruffled edge. 
  3. If desired, fold the top edge over and gather the front in a single stitch for a more fitted look. I did this while the dress was on the doll for a perfect fit.
  4. Add trim around the waist, as a belt, or empire seam if desired. Tie or add a snap.
My dress was pretty short, so I made a pair of hot pants from the extra part (toe end) of the sock. I finished the top and bottom edges as before, and tacked the crotch with a single stitch in the middle. Voila!

See more photos of Briana on Flickr. Here she is in the group:

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