Saturday, October 23, 2010

10 Reasons you should attend a doll convention

  1. You'll have a lot of fun.
  2. You'll meet new people who love dolls and get out of your comfort zone.
  3. If you're not crazy about the convention doll, you can sell it to help cover your costs.
  4. It's worth it for the experience and the vacation.
  5. Two words: sales room!
  6. The workshops are a great time to increase your knowledge base and skill set. Even those of us who are less creative can learn photography skills and styling tips from the experts.
  7. Take your chances and enter a doll into one of the competitions--the prizes are great, and you'll have a great time.
  8. You can meet people you've only met on message forums and email lists. It's cool to put screen names with faces.
  9. Lots of door prizes and goodie bags will make it worth your while.
  10. That cleaning thing I mentioned earlier--well, it will be off your mind for at least a weekend. Isn't that worth it alone??


  1. Tempting ... I'll have to consider this now.

  2. Another reason I loved my first doll convention was the costumes! Both creating my own and enjoying see everyone else's!

  3. I want to go so bad in july to the IFDC and I fear flying but I may just drive to vegas. Anyone gone or plan on going? How about anyone NEW never gone before, like moi"

  4. Don't worry about being new to the IFDC. Everyone is warm and welcoming. You will make lots of new friends.

  5. SAGE, last year was my first year at IFDC, and I loved it! I'm going again this year, since it was so much fun. (Secretly, I'm an introvert, and I'm terrible at meeting new people. But doll collectors are totally different! You'll have a blast!) :)


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