Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Poppy Plays Dress-Up

I'm still working on trying to reduce my doll collection to a manageable size. For now that means gathering items, photographing them, and then listing them on eBay. I'm currently concentrating on parting with fashion doll clothing. However, I can never seem to manage to do any of this in a straight forward manner. Hence this post. Between stage 1, "Gathering" and stage 2, "Photographing", I seem to have snuck in stage 1.5, "Try the outfit on Summer Magic Poppy, take a picture, and then decide to keep the outfit."

The first picture in this post is Poppy in a Barbie Fashion Fever strapless dress and an orange net top which I believe is also Fashion Fever. In the midst of this little photography session, it dawned on me that I've never tried Fashion Fever items on any Poppy. I think a lot of that is because I was stuck in storyline mode, i.e. outfits needed to support Poppy's story of being a young, wide-eyed, mid-Western girl transplanted to New York City in the early 60's. Fashion Fever outfits, however, reflect a more current trend in clothing. While it's not a perfect fit, I think it looks cute enough to keep. Poppy looks very fresh and summery in the outfit.

Next up were outfits taken from the America's Next Top Model (ANTM) dolls by MGA Entertainment. These outfits just barely fit Poppy. Apparently the ANTM dolls have a smaller bust than Poppy. If you look on my Flickr photostream you can see pictures of the back of the dresses. You can see where the white velcro doesn't completely match up. Of course, the fix to that is, just don't look at Poppy from the back! I have to say, I really love Poppy in the bathing suit. Although, once again, don't look at Poppy from the back. She shows a little more of her derriere than she'd like. So, the two dresses and one bathing suit from the ANTM dolls are also keepers.  Good grief, aren't I going to get rid of anything?!

Lastly, I tried some vintage Barbie on Poppy. Once again, what took me so long to try this line on her, especially given her storyline? Here Poppy models Sorority Meeting from 1962 - 1963 and Peachy Fleecy Coat from 1963. These items fit very nicely. The bust of the dress is a little large for Poppy, but not a show-stopper. The coat fits amazingly well and is not at all bulky even though Poppy is wearing two additional layers underneath. I realize the hat is on backwards, but it's a little misshapen and seems to fit better this way.  Also, I kind of like the little flourish of the cording showing in the front.  It adds a little more interest to the hat. Once again, two outfits that will not be leaving my house. I do have an immediate use for them though.  Once Halloween is over, I'll start work on a Thanksgiving display and I think Poppy would look adorable as a dinner guest in her new togs.


  1. Hi Valerie, I love the Peachy Fleecy coat on Poppy. Oh you need the purse and pearls, too!

  2. shirleysoriginals@yahoo.comOctober 28, 2010 at 12:55 PM

    Hey Valerie, I loved your post! I too am working on 'thinning' my collection. What a feat, huh?! I will be looking for your posts in hopes of tips in this direction.You have sent me over the edge into 'Poppy Land'. I have been loving her and just wondering how she could fit other lines of about Tiny Kitty clothes, or..
    Anyway, I love Poppy and will have one coming my way soon.
    You enabler!!!( love ya!)


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