Sunday, October 24, 2010

10 Reasons you should consider playline items for your collection

Dynamite Girl Feelin' Fierce Dani surrounded by Barbie playline furniture and accessories, and a Rement tea cup.
  1. The price is right. You can't go wrong with a $15 Barbie play set for your diorama display.
  2. Interchangeability: Did you know Liv doll clothes (nice quality) will fit Model Muse Barbies, for example?
  3. Accessories: Check out the purses included with Moxie Teens!
  4. Variety: Every girl needs a variety of clothing, shoes and accessories. Sort your dolls' wardrobe by color, and you'll be surprised what outfits you can put together!
  5. Thrift stores and garage sales: You're much more likely to find playline dolls here than collector dolls. Don't snub them--check them out, see if sanding or painting them would fix them up to your liking and style.
  6. Vintage Barbies were all playline dolls at one time!
  7. You never know what sorts of tiny items will be in that play set.
  8. Playline stuff is a lot of fun to play with--plus, you can pass it (or unused items) on to younger collectors when you're finished with it.
  9. If you break it, it's not a big deal.
  10. You'll have more money to spend on dolls!


  1. # 11 Playline dolls are not as likely to be sold out between paychecks.

  2. #12 Playline dolls are made to be played with, so they're more durable.

    #13 Since they're so inexpensive, you can practice face-ups, re-roots, etc. on them before moving to their more expensive counterparts.


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