Monday, October 4, 2010

Dark Alice in Whisperland by Joe MacPhale - Another Toy Shoppe exclusives

Photo property of Joe MacPhale.
Dark Alice in Whisperland is another Toy Shoppe exclusive resin BJD, as seen on the cover of Dolls Magazine, by Joe MacPhale. Thanks to Carolyn, who sent me this link. She apparently doesn't think I have enough Alice dolls.

She is entirely handcrafted and double jointed, and stands 12" tall, of creamy resin. She has dark Tibetan lamb hair with an oversized bow, and glass handmade eyes with an acrylic finish. Her face-up is hand painted and finished with freckles. Her outfit is crinkled chiffon silkwith cotton trim, turquoise tights and black boots. To finish her look, she's wearing a cameo pinned to her dress, brass key around her neck, and she carries her white rabbit friend with her.

Her retail price is $640, and she is available on the Toy Shoppe's layaway plan as well.

You can still see Alice in Whisperland, the adorable blonde version, also by Joe MacPhale, on the Toy Shoppe's website. She's a real cutie as well.

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  1. She's beautiful. And I love the mixture of textures and colors in this outfit - nicely put together.


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