Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tonner Tuesday is today!

Today's Tonner Tuesday is a special deal: save 20% off everything, and get free shipping from TonnerDirect.

Use the code TUESDAY at checkout for your savings to appear. International customers, use the code TUESDAYINT for a $9.95 shipping credit.

And, instead of only going from 12 PM - 5 PM EST, this offer is valid from 12 PM - 11:59 PM EST tonight. And the free treat specials are still going on--order $50 or more, get a free treat; $100 or more, and you get two free treats (while supplies last).


  1. That's a very generous offer. I'm deeply tempted^_^


  2. Are you taking advantage of any of the Tonner Tuesday deals? They really don't seem too discounted to me, but then I'm Mr. Cheap....

  3. I haven't yet personally--and honestly, only some of the newest dolls seem like the best offers.

    Especially with this one, I'd say for domestic shoppers, US dealers may offer the best discount. But for international buyers, this might be a good offer, as some US dealers don't offer international shipping.


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